The following is an index of published blog posts tagged “real talk.” These are anecdotal pieces in which I relay my feelings and experiences on the issues of my choosing. If there is a discussion idea which you would like for me to write about, you may contact me via email or on Twitter.


“Shower Thoughts” – This miniseries is a peek into the madness which tends to come to mind whenever a person becomes alone in their own thoughts. I am really not sure what else to say about it.
– “Shower Thoughts 1” – Published 2018/03/19
– “Shower Thoughts 6” – Published 2018/03/27
– “Shower Thoughts 12” – Published 2018/04/17

“Yamaku Files” – In this miniseries, I give my reactions to the many relationship paths present in the visual novel “Katawa Shoujo.” This visual novel can be found for free on Windows, Mac and Linux, and is definitely worth getting into. Heavy spoilers are present in these articles, so it is recommended that at least part of a character’s path is completed prior to reading them.
– “The Ghost” – Published 2017/10/27 – Hisao Nakai
– “The Sword and the Shield” – Published 2017/10/27 – Shizune Hakamichi, Misha Mikado
– “The Memory” – Published 2017/10/29 – Emi Ibarazaki
– “The Vector” – Published 2017/10/29 – Rin Tezuka
– “The Mirror” – Published 2017/11/01 – Hanako Ikezawa
– “The Key” – Published 2017/11/02 – Lilly Satou + Final Thoughts

Stand-Alone Works

“Proving the Illusionary World” – Published 2018/03/25 – This post presents a literary setting known as the “Illusionary World,” it’s real-life analogues, depictions in popular works (Clannad, Kanon, Angel Beats!, Stella Women’s Academy: High School Division C3), and the nature of memories in general.

“A Good Witch Stays Fit” – Published 2018/02/05 – In this post, I talk about some of the things which I consider to be physical barriers and the kind of health habits I use to overcome them.

“Evolve Your Writing” – Published 2018/01/22 – In this post, I discuss a few of the most powerful techniques I make use of when writing content for this blog.

“Latexa’s Ultimate Kink List” – Published 2017/12/16 – This is an update post to the “Fetish Fourteen” post I created back in July 2016. In it, I list as many of my favorite kinks as possible and my justifications for each.

“What’s on My Music?” – Published 2017/10/07 – In this post, I discuss some of my favorite music of all time. No, really, that’s it.

“Character Karma” – Published 2017/09/28 – In this post, I discuss how the karmic events which surround a character can adversely affect how genuine and believable that character is, as well as how the story itself can be adversely affected. Works examined include Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Venus Versus Virus.

“Activism vs. Movements” – Published 2017/08/12 – I give my thoughts on the recent tragedy which occurred in Charlottesville, VA, as well as my personal impressions surrounding movements and the acts performed under the banner of activism.

“The Hunie List” – Published 2017/08/02 – In this post, I talk about all of the lovely ladies present in the hit puzzle/dating sim known as HuniePop, and reveal which ones are my personal favorites.

“Characters and Motives” – Published 2017/04/18 – In order to illustrate the necessity for consistency in a character’s motives, I examine four works: “Danganronpa,” “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” “The Devil is a Part Timer,” and “Lucky Star.”

“The Truth About Theme” – Published 2017/01/25 – To discuss the relevance of theme in literary works, I tackle the ways in which it is misused and abused by tearing into the 2015 comedy anime “Ultimate Otaku Teacher.”

“On Butts and Allegations of Misogyny” – Published 2016/10/27 – In this post, I attack the claims of misogyny which surround the newly released anime, “Keijo!!!!!!!”

“When Catharsis is Not Enough” – Published 2016/09/26 – To illustrate the tricky issues of conveying catharsis, I bring up a series which demonstrates precisely what not to do. (Warning: Contains major spoilers for “Maria the Virgin Witch.”)

“A Changing World” – Published 2016/09/05 – I discuss the future of the blog, a new part-time job, and my take on the future of jobs overall.

“A Hypnosis How-To” – Published 2016/08/20 – This post outlines the processes and tools I use for my hypnosis sessions, from the creation of written transcripts to the recording of audio in “Audacity.”

“Combating Dysphoria” – Published 2016/08/12 – I relay some experiences and observations I have had since transitioning and my beliefs as to why body dysphoric disorders are so difficult to treat.

“Voice, Conveyance and Beauty” – Published 2016/07/16 – A commentary response to the visual novel “That Dragon, Cancer,” I discuss the many ways in which beauty is observed and recreated through writing, as well as frustrations I have when others take beauty for granted.


“Fetish Fourteen” – Published 2016/07/29 – As a milestone post for 500 followers on Twitter, I discuss my fourteen favorite fetishes and why I like them.