The following is an index of published blog posts tagged “real talk.” These are anecdotal pieces in which I relay my feelings and experiences on the issues of my choosing. If there is a discussion idea which you would like for me to write about, you may contact me via email or on Twitter.

“Characters and Motives” – Published 2017/04/18 – In order to illustrate the necessity for consistency in a character’s motives, I examine four works: “Danganronpa,” “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid,” “The Devil is a Part Timer,” and “Lucky Star.”

“The Truth About Theme” – Published 2017/01/25 – To discuss the relevance of theme in literary works, I tackle the ways in which it is misused and abused by tearing into the 2015 comedy anime “Ultimate Otaku Teacher.”

“Writer-Character Relationships” – Published 2016/12/16 – Tackling the subject of online smut roleplay, I do my best to explain the idea of “cross-literary relationships,” instances where a character and a writer fall in love.

“On Butts and Allegations of Misogyny” – Published 2016/10/27 – In this post, I attack the claims of misogyny which surround the newly released anime, “Keijo!!!!!!!”

“When Catharsis is Not Enough” – Published 2016/09/26 – To illustrate the tricky issues of conveying catharsis, I bring up a series which demonstrates precisely what not to do. (Warning: Contains major spoilers for “Maria the Virgin Witch.”)

“A Changing World” – Published 2016/09/05 – I discuss the future of the blog, a new part-time job, and my take on the future of jobs overall.

“A Hypnosis How-To” – Published 2016/08/20 – This post outlines the processes and tools I use for my hypnosis sessions, from the creation of written transcripts to the recording of audio in “Audacity.”

“Proof of Concept” – Published 2016/08/17 – To explain the process of refining a flawed product, I tackle the controversial new game “No Man’s Sky,” as well as its connections to “Minecraft” and “Burnout Paradise” of all things.

“Combating Dysphoria” – Published 2016/08/12 – I relay some experiences and observations I have had since transitioning and my beliefs as to why body dysphoric disorders are so difficult to treat.

“Fetish Fourteen” – Published 2016/07/29 – As a milestone post for 500 followers on Twitter, I discuss my fourteen favorite fetishes and why I like them.

“Voice, Conveyance and Beauty” – Published 2016/07/16 – A commentary response to the visual novel “That Dragon, Cancer,” I discuss the many ways in which beauty is observed and recreated through writing, as well as frustrations I have when others take beauty for granted.