The following is an index of blog posts tagged “hypnosis.” Posts contain an audio transcript as well as a voice recording offloaded to Google Drive.


“Toy Box” – Your body is transformed into a living sex doll, allowing me to tease and torment you in a variety of ways.
– Part One – Published 2016/07/20
– Part Two – Published 2016/08/19


Hypnosis: “The Iron Maiden (Mk. II)” – Published 2017/10/15 – In this fifteen minute session, your mind is transported to an illustrious castle. You encounter a secret room on the top floor, a room containing a device you have never seen before… and a creature which defies the imagination…

“The Forbidden Catsuit” – Published 2017/10/10 – In this eighteen minute session, your mind is transported to an illustrious castle. Inside one of its many chambers rests a catsuit which happens to be just the right fit…

“Anal Absorption” – Published 2016/09/16 – As I offer myself up for your pleasure, you notice your body changing, melting, as if becoming absorbed into my own… (Contains Vore)

“Spinning With Desire” – Published 2016/09/07 – In this assisted Double Transformation sequence, I merge with you and show you what it feels like to become a true object.

“Lustful Lingerie” – Published 2016/08/17 – Using my knowledge of transformation magic, I teach you what it is like to be worn as a pair of stockings.

“How the Other Hoof Lives” – Published 2016/08/11 – I bring you to a white room where a peculiar bath is waiting. When you submerge yourself, you are transformed into a rubber horse.

“Forces of Gravity” – Published 2016/08/04 – I give you an amulet that shrinks your body, and then I begin to torment your body slowly. (Contains Vore)

“The Goddess of Darkness” – Published 2016/08/01 – I introduce you to Esmeralda, the woman who changed my life in the story “Pseudonym.”

“Towering Over Reality” – Published 2016/07/22 – You put on a red kimono that turns you into a giantess. As you begin to terrorize the city around you, a hidden lust awakens. (Contains Vore/Unbirth)

“The Snake Woman” – Published 2016/07/11 – You enter a desert labyrinth and are seduced by a lamia. She consumes you with her ravenous body. (Contains Vore/Unbirth)


“The Iron Maiden” (Original) – Published 2016/07/08 – You discover a human shaped coffin with a bizarre creature inside. This creature, composed of many tendrils, intrigues you greatly.