The following is an index of published blog posts tagged “fiction.” These posts are for more general reading with less emphasis on erotic content.


“Star Maiden” – This is a novella which I had attempted to publish in 2015. Though it was an unfortunate failure, I have decided to breathe new life into the story. Follow the exploits of a powerful witch as she seeks to unearth the bizarre history of a civilization long forgotten.
– Foreword – Published 2017/10/16
– Prologue – Published 2017/10/16
– “Aki the Traitor” – Published 2017/10/18
– “House of Cards” – Published 2017/10/21
– “Wine into Water” – Published 2017/11/12

“Rhiannon” – A concept work about an ESPer and a Magician Girl who team up to fight against psychic disturbances. When a group of scientists try to steal a legendary artifact, the chase is on to collect its fragments before the scientists can use them for nefarious purposes.
– Draft 01 – Published 2017/01/17
– Draft 02 – Published 2017/01/29
– Draft 03 – Published 2017/02/14
– Draft 04 – Published 2017/02/25
– Draft 05 – Published 2017/04/10
– Draft 06 – Published 2017/06/25

“The Path” – Jade Cassia is an honor student living on rural Ganymede, a place considered to be backwater when compared to the metropolises littering Mars and Earth. Lack of direction leads her to turn to organized crime for fun and profit, and she soon crosses paths with Raiden Megaera, heir to the infamous Megaera Estate. This encounter causes her to fall in love with him and to start living vicariously through the lifestyle he represents.
– First Stage: “The Princess of Navaro” – Published 2016/11/12
– Second Stage: Cherry Blossom Fantasy – Published 2016/11/14
– Third Stage: “Least Common Denominator” – Published 2016/11/18
– Fourth Stage: “Feathers from a Broken Arrow” – Published 2016/11/25
– Fifth Stage: “Identity and Awakening – Published 2016/11/27
– Sixth Stage: “Insect Swarm” – Published 2016/11/29
– Seventh Stage: “Light and Dark” – Published 2016/12/02
– Eighth Stage: “False Flag” – Published 2016/12/13
– Ninth Stage: “Heiress” – Published 2016/12/18
– Tenth Stage: “Sworn Oath” – Published 2016/12/21
– Eleventh Stage: “Mutually Assured Destruction” – Published 2017/01/01
– Twelfth Stage: “Great Vengeance and Furious Anger” – Published 2017/01/10
– Final Stage: “The Library Shall Fall” – Published 2017/01/13

Stand-Alone Works

“Interwoven: Side A” – Published 2017/09/01 – A fated encounter between two young witches leads to a taste of romance and some rather magical experiments. This is the all-ages part one. For the adult-oriented part two, see the Erotica page.