The following is an index of published blog posts tagged “erotica.”


“Pseudonym” – In an age of cyber-personalities, is it possible for a person to hold two sets of memories? When Nicole and Latexa discover they occupy two halves of the same mind, questions arise about who is who, and whether one side might be more sinister than the other.
“Awakening” – Published 2016/07/22
“Symptom” – Published 2016/07/24
“Patient History” – Published 2016/07/26
“E.E.G.” – Published 2016/07/28
“Therapy” – Published 2016/08/01
“Complication” – Published 2016/08/03
“Freefall” – Published 2016/08/06
“Rehabilitation” – Published 2016/08/08
“Prognosis” – Published 2016/08/13

“Pseudonym SE” – Known as “Split Element,” this planned continuation of the story details everything which has happened a year and a half later, including Nicole’s return to the forefront of her own mind.
– “Case 1” – Published 2017/11/22
– “Case 2” – Published 2017/11/25
– “Split Element” – Published 2017/11/25
– “Case 3” – Published 2017/11/26
– “Resonance” – Published 2017/11/28
– “Phantom Limb Syndrome” – Published 2017/11/30
– “Dichotomy” – Published 2017/12/02
– “Duality” – Published 2017/12/04
– “Hyperextend” – Published 2017/12/06
– “Abstraction Sphere” – Published 2017/12/07
– “Law of Conservation” – Published 2017/12/07
– “One-to-One” – Published 2017/12/18

“Audrey Songbird Concept” – These are commissioned drafts for a work in progress which was started in Q3 of 2016. It tells the story of a Demonkin futanari who dabbles in the arts of magic and modeling respectively. When she comes down with a case of “wood which won’t quit,” she turns to a friend for advice and discovers there is more to her physical body than meets the eye.
– Concept 01 – Published 2016/12/18
– Concept 02 – Published 2016/12/18
– Concept 03 – Published 2016/12/21
– Concept 04 – Published 2017/01/13
– Concept 05 – Published 2017/01/13
– Concept 06 – Published 2017/02/15
– Concept 07 – Published 2017/02/15
– Concept 08 – Published 2017/06/11
– Concept 09 – Published 2017/06/11
– Concept 10 – Published 2017/06/11
– Concept 11 – Published 2017/09/21
Concept 12 – Published 2017/09/29

“Crystallize” – On a quest to derive beauty in all aspects of her life, Nicole soon finds herself at the Rosewood Technical School. She meets a young Chemistry professor and soon finds herself infatuated, but what will happen when she learns that his true teachings come in the form of a much more taboo kind of art?
– “Part One” – Published 2016/08/24
– “Part Two” – Published 2016/08/28

Stand-Alone Works

“Connection” – Published 2017/10/25 – While traveling, Nicole finds herself in the company of a beautiful girl with a lot of talent and a little something extra. Exploration leads to something incredibly valuable. Inspired by artwork from the artist “Lewdua.”

“Interwoven: Side B” – Published 2017/09/12 – Following the events of “Interwoven: Side A,” the two witches begin to explore even kinkier transformations.

“A Sister’s Web” – Published 2017/03/09 – When Issac buys a new office chair, his big sister Rachel hatches a little scheme. (Warning: Contains Incest)

“Snatched” – Published 2016/12/02 – You awaken to find that a woman has abducted you, one who happens to harbor a most peculiar kind of magic… (Tags: Inanimate TF, Mind Control, Transformation)

“Witches Welcome” – Published 2016/11/01 – I go on the hunt for a supernatural roommate and am blessed with a super sexy Halloween surprise. (Tags: Anal, Excessive Cum, Halloween, Supernatural, Transsexual)

“Our Souls Shall Mend” – Published 2016/09/30 – Two former lovers find themselves trapped at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Fighting for their lives, will they be able to reconcile their pasts? (Tags: Romance, Sacrifice, Tragedy, Transgirl/Transsexual)

“The Dark Hall” – Published 2016/09/22 – A mysterious slime creature crashes through the ceiling of a school building in the middle of the night. Only one person is around, and a confrontation occurs. (Tags: Anal, Slime, Transformation, Transgirl/Transsexual)

“All in Perspective” – Published 2016/09/04 – When a girl is hypnotized to awaken her sexual power, it becomes something far larger than she ever could have imagined. (Tags: Crushing, Giantess, Mind Control, Vore)

“The Strength of Wit” – Published 2016/08/31 – After a dragon terrorizes a nearby village, Captain Vera decides she will confront the problem herself. (Tags: Anal, Dragon, Giantess, Musclegirl, Sweat)

“The Water’s Reflection” – Published 2016/08/15 – An aspiring witch attempts to create her own slime clone. The result is better than anything she imagined. (Tags: Selfcest, Slime, Transgirl/Transsexual, Vore)

“Contractual Obligations” – Published 2016/07/18 – The pursuit of sexual abstraction leads one woman to offer herself to an otherworldly giantess with a strange power. What she discovers is a pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies. (Tags: Transsexual, Vore, Sexual Abstraction, Cockvore, Cumgirl, Supernatural)

“Rubbergirl Abstraction” – This is an erotic audio in which I vividly describe the act of sex at the molecular level, a feat which is common among rubber beings. (Tags: Merging, Rubbergirl)

“A Tale of Forced Evolution” – Published 2016/07/13 – Based off the Ingress Game. An officer of the Enlightened comes under attack by a member of the Resistance, only to discover it’s her long lost friend. A story of betrayal and submission. (Tags: Transgirl/Transsexual, Anal, Sweat, Betrayal, Mind Control, Oral Sex)

“A Different Kind of Rest” – Published 2016/07/09 – Three field researchers are returning home from a weeklong camping expedition. As the man heads back early, the two women use the privacy of a highway rest stop to take a break and have a bit of fun. (Tags: Exhibitionism, Filthy, Foot Fetish, Lesbian, Public Sex, Scissoring, Sweat)

“Malleable Spirits” – Published 2016/07/06 – A teacher and her former student have a chance rendezvous in a bar one summer night. They challenge each other to a game of pool with an alcoholic twist. Fueled by intoxication, the two share in a taboo romance. (Tags: Contortion, Teacher and Student, Transsexual, Anal, Autofellatio, Autocunnilingus)

“Medium” – Published 2016/07/04 – A college freshman struggles with her take-home exam which requires her to convey the emotions of something inanimate. Her dorm neighbor might have the answer in the form of a spell which transforms the girl into a pair of flats for 24 hours. (Tags: Foot Fetish, Inanimate TF, Lesbian)

“Memoir of a Rubbergirl” – Published 2016/07/04 – In the 19th century, a circus contortionist casts a spell which turns her body into rubber! As she spends time with a fellow performer turned lover, she discovers the joys of existing as living clothing. (Tags: Inanimate TF, Lesbian)