The following is an index of published blog posts tagged “erotica.”


“Audrey Songbird Concept” – These are commissioned drafts for a work in progress which was started in Q3 of 2016. It tells the story of a Demonkin futanari who dabbles in the arts of magic and modeling respectively. When she comes down with a case of “wood which won’t quit,” she turns to a friend for advice and discovers there is more to her physical body than meets the eye.
– Concept 01 – Published 2016/12/18
– Concept 02 – Published 2016/12/18
– Concept 03 – Published 2016/12/21
– Concept 04 – Published 2017/01/13
– Concept 05 – Published 2017/01/13
– Concept 06 – Published 2017/02/15
– Concept 07 – Published 2017/02/15
– Concept 08 – Published 2017/06/11
– Concept 09 – Published 2017/06/11
– Concept 10 – Published 2017/06/11
– Concept 11 – Published 2017/09/21
Concept 12 – Published 2017/09/29
– Concept 13 – Published 2018/04/16
– Concept 14 – Published 2018/06/14
– Concept 15 – Published 2018/06/27
Concept 16 – Published 2018/07/18

“Crystallize” – On a quest to derive beauty in all aspects of her life, Nicole soon finds herself at the Rosewood Technical School. She meets a young Chemistry professor and soon finds herself infatuated, but what will happen when she learns that his true teachings come in the form of a much more taboo kind of art?
– “Part One” – Published 2016/08/24
– “Part Two” – Published 2016/08/28

“Companion – In this two-part story, a weary traveler suddenly crashes into a snowdrift at the bottom of a steep hill. As he hunkers down for the night, he is greeted by a lovely and beautiful slime girl who quickly becomes smitten with him. As the two share a moment, is it possible for their companionship to evolve into something more?
– “Side A” – Published 2018/01/10
– “Side B” – Published 2018/01/15

Stand-Alone Works

“Connection” – Published 2017/10/25 – While traveling, Nicole finds herself in the company of a beautiful girl with a lot of talent and a little something extra. Exploration leads to something incredibly valuable. Inspired by artwork from the artist “Lewdua.”

“Interwoven: Side B” – Published 2017/09/12 – Following the events of “Interwoven: Side A,” the two witches begin to explore even kinkier transformations.

“A Sister’s Web” – Published 2017/03/09 – When Issac buys a new office chair, his big sister Rachel hatches a little scheme. (Warning: Contains Incest)

“Snatched” – Published 2016/12/02 – You awaken to find that a woman has abducted you, one who happens to harbor a most peculiar kind of magic… (Tags: Inanimate TF, Mind Control, Transformation)

“Witches Welcome” – Published 2016/11/01 – I go on the hunt for a supernatural roommate and am blessed with a super sexy Halloween surprise. (Tags: Anal, Excessive Cum, Halloween, Supernatural, Transsexual)

“Our Souls Shall Mend” – Published 2016/09/30 – Two former lovers find themselves trapped at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Fighting for their lives, will they be able to reconcile their pasts? (Tags: Romance, Sacrifice, Tragedy, Transgirl/Transsexual)

“The Dark Hall” – Published 2016/09/22 – A mysterious slime creature crashes through the ceiling of a school building in the middle of the night. Only one person is around, and a confrontation occurs. (Tags: Anal, Slime, Transformation, Transgirl/Transsexual)

“All in Perspective” – Published 2016/09/04 – When a girl is hypnotized to awaken her sexual power, it becomes something far larger than she ever could have imagined. (Tags: Crushing, Giantess, Mind Control, Vore)

“The Strength of Wit” – Published 2016/08/31 – After a dragon terrorizes a nearby village, Captain Vera decides she will confront the problem herself. (Tags: Anal, Dragon, Giantess, Musclegirl, Sweat)

“The Water’s Reflection” – Published 2016/08/15 – An aspiring witch attempts to create her own slime clone. The result is better than anything she imagined. (Tags: Selfcest, Slime, Transgirl/Transsexual, Vore)

“Contractual Obligations” – Published 2016/07/18 – The pursuit of sexual abstraction leads one woman to offer herself to an otherworldly giantess with a strange power. What she discovers is a pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies. (Tags: Transsexual, Vore, Sexual Abstraction, Cockvore, Cumgirl, Supernatural)

“Rubbergirl Abstraction” – This is an erotic audio in which I vividly describe the act of sex at the molecular level, a feat which is common among rubber beings. (Tags: Merging, Rubbergirl)

“A Tale of Forced Evolution” – Published 2016/07/13 – Based off the Ingress Game. An officer of the Enlightened comes under attack by a member of the Resistance, only to discover it’s her long lost friend. A story of betrayal and submission. (Tags: Transgirl/Transsexual, Anal, Sweat, Betrayal, Mind Control, Oral Sex)

“A Different Kind of Rest” – Published 2016/07/09 – Three field researchers are returning home from a weeklong camping expedition. As the man heads back early, the two women use the privacy of a highway rest stop to take a break and have a bit of fun. (Tags: Exhibitionism, Filthy, Foot Fetish, Lesbian, Public Sex, Scissoring, Sweat)

“Malleable Spirits” – Published 2016/07/06 – A teacher and her former student have a chance rendezvous in a bar one summer night. They challenge each other to a game of pool with an alcoholic twist. Fueled by intoxication, the two share in a taboo romance. (Tags: Contortion, Teacher and Student, Transsexual, Anal, Autofellatio, Autocunnilingus)

“Medium” – Published 2016/07/04 – A college freshman struggles with her take-home exam which requires her to convey the emotions of something inanimate. Her dorm neighbor might have the answer in the form of a spell which transforms the girl into a pair of flats for 24 hours. (Tags: Foot Fetish, Inanimate TF, Lesbian)

“Memoir of a Rubbergirl” – Published 2016/07/04 – In the 19th century, a circus contortionist casts a spell which turns her body into rubber! As she spends time with a fellow performer turned lover, she discovers the joys of existing as living clothing. (Tags: Inanimate TF, Lesbian)