I started this blog back in July of 2016 with the long-term goal of profiting off my work, for they say the American Dream is to make a living from the things you love. While I do also work part-time in the retail industry, my writings continue to be my primary focus and as such, I require your help.

In addition to the works I post here, I also engage in private commissions on a semi-regular basis. If I’m not posting here, odds are I am writing for someone else. If you would like to be one of those people, my standard rate is usually $5 per 600 words, rounded up or down as needed. (This means 2000 words might only be $15, but 2250 words might be $20).

All of my commissions are done through Google Wallet. Questions as well as payments can be sent to mkollersms@gmail.com. Alternatively, there is a GoFundMe campaign that I recently started as an option for those without a Google account. You can find information on it here.

Lastly, I encourage anyone who enjoys the work I do to donate any sum of their choosing, even if it’s just one dollar. Some of my long-term goals are to remove ads from the blog and allow direct uploading of hypnosis audio, but to do so requires an investment of $100 per year which I currently do not have. Your support would go a long way, and I would be incredibly thankful.


Latexa the Witch