“Star Maiden: Hollow Rocks”

Cheremosh Lowlands [AD 971]

From village to village I had wandered… for thirteen days…

They were few and far between – simplistic, primitive homesteads clustered about along the rim of an endless plain. These people knew not of who I was, and I knew not of them. They spoke in a language I had yet to encounter, and their flesh was far paler than my own.

How had I come to be in this place, and where had I come from? Where were the ones who spoke as I spoke and who used magic as I had used magic? I traveled fast and light, frantic in my desire to return home – or perhaps simply to remember what my home had been. I followed the rivers and the mountains west for more than one hundred kilometers but continued to come up short.

Then, on that thirteenth day, I became aware that somebody had been following me. Trailing from behind, camouflaged among the wild reeds and grasses, they had been mirroring my movements to the letter. I held no weapons with which to attack, nor had I the strength to defend. All I could do was to run, but I would not get far.

The nights had been far too cold, and the meager silks of my robe were quite clearly meant for warmer environments. It led to an exhaustion which affected all parts of the body – a struggle of breath, a feverish delirium. When it overtook me, I found myself welcoming death in open arms.

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Real Talk: “A History of My Phone Addiction”

I do kind of wonder whether this blog is more of a smut blog, a novel blog, a hypnosis blog, or a tech blog. I do enough of each to where there is not really one affinity over another, so it grants me a bit of flexibility when it comes to choosing what to produce and when. There are no quotas; I simply churn out whatever project idea is in my head on a given day or during a given week.

For a while now, I’ve been talking quite a bit about the phones I have and how I make use of them. When I purchased my first smartphone in 2014, I was surprised at how quickly it became an extension of myself, and I was even more surprised at how each phone upgrade amplified my productivity so to speak. Given that I probably won’t purchase a new one for another year, I thought it would be kind of fun to go back and recall every mobile device that I’ve ever had – going all the way back to about 2005.

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Real Talk: “Why I Pulled Pseudonym”

“Life is about embracing an acceptable degree of risk.” This expression is one which I have found myself using more and more frequently as the days have gone by. In trying to become the best that we can be, there are times when we must throw ourselves before the judgments and the actions of others around us. It’s perhaps one of the harshest realities of the world we live in.

When I did my final weekend of bartending study, I had my old man accompany me. The weather had been treacherous, and I didn’t feel comfortable making the drive alone. The Saturday course went exceptionally well; I managed to pass the written test (32 recipes, plus an outline of good practices all bartenders must follow). My practical exam was supposed to be scheduled for Sunday morning, but due to the roster being over capacity, the instructor made a judgment call.

The instructor had been watching me practice hands-on drink-mixing all of Saturday and had concluded that, were I to take the practical exam, I would pass easily. He chose to waive the exam and to give me a passing mark, telling me that my certificate would be received by mail. My father became concerned upon hearing this because he was worried that I had allowed myself to be taken for a ride. So I told him, “Life is about embracing an acceptable degree of risk.”

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Real Talk: “Building, Breaking, Minecrafting”

This probably won’t come as any surprise (or maybe it will, I don’t know), but I am an incredible nerd. I think that one of my most obscure hobbies as a child was looking at maps, and every time I went to the city with my family, I was always fascinated by how the freeways were designed and implemented. The signage was also really pretty to me for some reason; like I said, I was an incredible nerd, okay!?

I actually explored civil engineering as one of my majors during the year that I was university, the other being geographic information systems – mapping technologies, more or less. I got to play around with a software suite known as ArcGIS by a company called ESRI. The ArcMap program allowed a person to create a custom map using layers placed one over the other. The program could then analyze differences between each layer to calculate different parameters, such as the population density of an area, differences in elevation, or even the variations of sunlight in an area (provided the proper data had been uploaded into the map).

There are actually a lot of programs out there which allow a person to do really techy, engineering-type stuff. Trimble SketchUp (formerly owned by Google) allows a person to draw 3D models, so I would sometimes sketch interchange designs in my spare time. Google also has supplied various editors within their Maps application that are more consumer friendly; you can’t do all of the insane calculation stuff that you might be able to in ArcGIS, but you can calculate things like perimeter and land area, at least.

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Hypnosis: “Perfect Esmeralda”

Writer’s Note: I prepared this recording for the wonderful Esmeralda (FlareoWhite). You may remember her as one of the key players in the “Pseudonym” series. She has been my mentor for nearly two years, and it was she who inspired me to begin this blog. I owe so much to her, and I hope that you too shall enjoy everything she is able to provide.

Heavy words which weigh down your body… a wonderful lucid dream… augmented reality which the syntax has created… a woman has been sitting there… legs are long and slender… fingernails are a shade of scarlet… eyes are staring in two entirely different directions… its movements into the deepest reaches of your subconscious mind… fallen under her spell… committing her name to memory so that you will never forget it…

Please listen to my words, and commit what you hear to memory.

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Real Talk: “Worth It!? Sony’s XA1”

A few weeks ago, I was going on and on and on about how the Sony Xperia L2 was going to come out on February 16 here in the United States. I mentioned in that post how I was strongly considering ‘throwing my money in its direction,’ and now that I finally have a chance to, I… am not going to do that because I ended up buying an XA1 instead.


THE SONY XPERIA XA1 – Given that the XA2 was also set to come out on the same day as the L2, one of the Amazon vendor listings had the XA1’s price lowered to $228. There were only a handful available at that price, so I decided that I would go for it while I could. The XA1 originally retailed for $300 while the L1 was $200 (the L1’s price has now dropped to $150).

Taking their original costs into account, does this mean that the XA1 is 1.5 times the phone that the L1 is? Well… I’m not entirely sure. Having used the XA1 for a few days now, I can already see most of the ways in which the L1 was similar, things that the XA1 does better, and even a few things that aren’t as good as they are on the L1. Here is my comparative review of the Sony Xperia XA1.

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Real Talk: Being Real in Politics”

Writer’s Note: This article discusses the nature of gun violence in America as well as existing gun control policies. Reader discretion is advised.

It can be hard sometimes to limit myself when it comes to discussing politics on the blog. People do not come here with the purpose of hearing me complain; that is what Twitter is for. My content is required to be simple: to entertain others or to help in getting them hot-and-heavty. It isn’t my place to push an agenda on people who want nothing more than to escape the harsh realities of the world we live in.

Yet in discussing literature, we have to open our eyes to the fact that writers saturate their works with agendas of all varieties. There were political agendas involved in the writing of “The Path,” in the writing of “Star Maiden, and especially in the writing of “Pseudonym.” A political agenda is, by definition, the pursuit of a specific political outcome. It is, by definition, a means to get others to see the things which need to be changed – or even the things which need to be re-affirmed.

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