Hypnosis: “Writer Flip”

NOTE: The following recording was created with writers and roleplayers in mind. Any feedback regarding the authenticity of the effects would be greatly appreciated.

The shape of the character… divergences of memory… so incredibly blissful… a key resting in the palm of your dominant hand… they shall be given full control… memories shall be directed… the window from which you watched… transcend your original dimension… shall be exclusively your own…

Please listen to my words, and commit what you hear to memory.

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“Pseudonym SE: One-to-One”

23:30PST (Time Approximate)


“You know this. You know what this is!”

“It’s not coming to me, Iris… I feel broken…”

“Broken – why that word?” Focus on the word. What is broken?”

“I’m always supposed to know the answers… I’m supposed to know myself intimately… I promised…”

“What broke!?”

“Why don’t I know…?”

“What broke, Nicole!?”


“Your body! You think that your body has been shattered, and the further you push yourself, the more you try and escape the body which you are tied to. At what point do you no longer live in the world around you!?”

“I can’t do this anymore. I can’t listen to this anymore.”

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“Pseudonym SE: Law of Conservation”

22:30PST (Time Approximate)

“She’s dying, Lae… That can’t… That can’t be true…”

“She ended up in the hospital four times last year. The first can be written off as a traffic accident. The second was a severe migraine, the third an arrhythmia due to a thyroid issue, and the fourth a digestive issue.”

“Then… the steel rods…”

“She believes that she will end up in a wheelchair by the age of thirty.”

“A rush to fall in love, a struggle to escape her own body… The stretching, the falling into hypnosis for years!? She lives vicariously through objects because she knows one day she won’t be able to move!? FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! I knew! I knew but couldn’t say a thing about it! Fuck!”

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“Pseudonym SE: Abstraction Sphere”

21:00PST (Time Approximate)

“You two must really love each other. It’s comforting.”

“Thank you for saying so! How are you, Lae?”

“I’m alright, just trying to pick up where Nicole left off. Apparently, she had also been talking with Cybil just a little bit ago.”

“Oh, I hadn’t known about that. Tell me something… do you know what it is that I am?”

“Not overtly, no. According to Nicole’s memories, you appear to be an empath.”

“I’m a parasite, Lae…”

“The term probably doesn’t mean a lot to you, does it?”

“I’m like Eros. I feed off others. I’m… a disgusting person.”

“Something tells me that isn’t what has you worried. You’re mostly worried about her, aren’t you?”

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“Pseudonym SE: Hyperextend”

November 15, 19:00 (Time Approximate)

“Do you remember,” I asked of Iris, “the things you said to me back when Cybil had performed her group session? You told me that you could feel or sense the others on either side of you. When I interviewed everyone else, I found that only one other person besides you had ‘connected’ in a similar manner.”

Prior to the loss of her abilities, Cybil had begun to expand her hypnotism to include multiple participants at once. Upon attending one of them, Iris had found herself to be extremely sensitive to Cybil’s technique, and it caused her mind to break almost immediately after. Lae spent the next twenty-four hours helping Iris to normalize her perceptions, but the entire ordeal had left us with a number of questions into who – or what – my girlfriend actually was.

She never considered herself to be anything special, and to the average observer, she probably wasn’t. To the eyes of an aura reader, however, Iris presented all sorts of anomalies. No matter how heated or passionate she became about something, the shape of her aura never extended more than an inch or two from her body. Perhaps more shocking, her aura would occasionally turn purple, allowing her to absorb a person’s energy not unlike how Eros had done while still alive.

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“Pseudonym SE: Duality”

November 14, 22:00PST (Time Approximate)

It began with an urgent message from Cybil.

“Eros absorbed my hypnotic abilities and dominate energy… I can’t… I can’t dominate others anymore… I can’t hypnotize them… I just… I have no idea how…”

A part of me couldn’t believe it at first, or perhaps apart of me was praying that she hadbeenpretending to be hurt in order toget a rise out of me. That was when I remembered. “Cybil, is this what she’s been up to the entire time?”

“Yeah… For the past hour, she had me kept within a deep trance while she sucked all of it up…”

“I have a feeling that Myst’s request to hypnotize me this morning was a trap to hand me over to her.” That said, had Eros put Myst up to it? I couldn’t quite tell, though in the scheme of things, it hadn’t really mattered to me. “Your memories – are there any left?”

“I feel them all blacked out… Motor functions are impaired… My legs… They won’t… move.”

Something within me inadvertently snapped. I could feel my aura expanding, reaching out further and further by the second. “Stay away from me for a bit. I am about to do something that I know I am going to regret later.”

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“Pseudonym SE: Dichotomy”

October 8, A Conversation With Eros

“I swear, I must have just dodged a fucking bullet.”


“Cybil asked me to try burning her. Thankfully, the full force didn’t get translated into her body. These powers fucking terrify me sometimes.”

“Hrm… They’re probably less dangerous than mine, either way.”

“It’s like, every time I descend beyond a certain level, my mind becomes… obsessed with information like a damned supercomputer. You could name literally anything off the top of your head, and my mind would be one hundred percent conducive to it.”


“I’m a freak.”

“You’re not a freak.”

“I don’t want to be human. I said as much to Cybil, and honestly, I wouldn’t be so coveted by you if it weren’t for being able to handle sensations that no other human can- …Sorry. I’m just so frustrated… I can’t reconcile this – all of this, all of… me…”

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