Audrey Songbird: Concept 16

Writer’s Note: Artwork for this chapter provided by the artist Karamazov (NSFW applies).

“How do you expect to find her from all the way up here!?” I practically shouted my words, myself barely able to hear them as the wind churned violently around us during our flight.

Naladir shouted back, “My vision is exceptional, Audrey! We’ll find her!”

“No; I mean, how are you able to remember what she looked like!?”

“Did you forget that my job requires me to memorize people’s faces!? Have some faith in your priestess!”

“Well, I do hope we find her soon! I’m getting a little… motion sick…!”

“Already!? You’d never make it as a dragon, Miss Songbird!” She banked sharply to the right which caused my stomach to nearly somersault inside of my belly. It was all I could do just to hang on, and I could have sworn that I heard a bellow of laughter coming from her once we were out of the turn.

“Dammit, Naladir! It’s not as though demonkin have wings!”

“Perhaps not yet, but who is to say what the future of your race shall be!? You’ll never surpass boundaries with that attitude! Be ambitious!”

That’s easy for you to say! That’s what I wanted to shout back at her, but the nausea was fast becoming too great a distraction. Thankfully, the dragon priestess realized she was going too far with her jokes and began to reduce her speed. We scoured the city a little longer until a torrent of orange flares sailed past in the shape of a lotus flower.

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Real Talk: “Two Years of LatexaTheWitch”

On this day two years ago, I started the LatexaTheWitch blog.

I wasn’t really sure how things would turn out or if I would even stick with it for more than a few months. Looking back, it’s hard to believe just how many projects I have created during that time. My biggest challenges now are in being able to attract a larger audience, as well as increasing monetization potential. That said, I feel really good. I feel as though I’ve accomplished something that most people won’t ever able to boast about.

What’s to come now that Pseudonym is finished? For starters, I have a plan to create ‘donation copies’ of my existing novels which readers may purchase to support my continued work as an author. If I ever do reach a point in which I have a sustained reader-base, I will consider starting a Patreon. I have a few fun articles in mind (including an AMA between myself and Lae) and then one or two short stories before I start working on my next novel: Pseudonym EX.

Characters in the EX-spinoff will be based on another group of close friends. Whereas the original series concept was more oriented toward hypnotism and mind control, the new plot-line will delve more intimately into the realm of extrasensory perception (ESP). Aura reading will remain a major element, though the most important element is going to be a phenomenon known as ‘astral projection.’

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“Pseudonym: Final Report”

When I woke up a few days later, I found myself unable to remember most of what had happened. The shape of the succubus form was still attached to me, yet if one were to ask me why it was there, I would not have been able to provide an answer. Nevertheless, Nicole assured me that my actions – whatever they had been – were appropriate and necessary in bringing about her final trick. She wouldn’t reveal to me any of the specifics, so I had no choice but to accept her at her word – and at the extensive gratitude she followed up with.

Cybil had returned to normal, all traces of Eros completely eradicated from her mind. With her clarity restored, she was able to pursue a much-needed heart-to-heart with Aurelia. There were apologies on both sides and promises to be honest with one another in the future. It dawned on them that if they were technically sisters, then they needed to act like it.

They would ultimately ditch Vista and return to Alter Ego. Cybil had held onto her doll shop as a fall-back, so setting it up again took no time at all. She scrapped the more generic doll template and went back to creating custom ones for people – even going as far as to re-advertise her ‘special payment plan.’ Aurelia became her apprentice, and before long, business was booming as it had originally.

Amid all of this hustle and bustle, she did find a bit of time to sit down with Nicole again. It was a short reunion, but it allowed the two of them to deliver unto each other some rather choice words…

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“Pseudonym: Case 29”

December 7

[EmbersOfEros is online.]

Simply hearing those words sent a pang of nausea through my body. Eros had officially made her home inside of Cybil’s mind, and all it had taken was a full-night’s rest for her to regain a solid seventy percent of her original strength. To celebrate this, she had taken the liberty of texting my phone once an hour throughout the day.

“Isn’t it wonderful having a sense of agency, Nicole?” “I missed my submissives so very much, Nicole!” “How is your girlfriend doing today, Nicole?” “Cybil did such a good job of training her, Nicole.” “Her body felt so wonderful as my stockings, Nicole.” “I can’t wait to truly break her mind, Nicole.” “What does happen when two people of violet aura feed off each other, Nicole?” “Are you listening to me, Nicole?” “You’re not listening, Nicole.” “Don’t you miss me, Nicole?” “Maybe I should be giving you more attention, Nicole.” “You must miss being worn by me, Nicole.” “Nicole?” “Oh, Nicole?”

I seriously did not have the time for it.

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Audrey Songbird: Concept 15

Writer’s Note: Artwork for this chapter provided by the artist Karamazov (NSFW applies).

The artists set about their work in earnest, capturing Astertis from every angle they could manage. All I was allowed to do for the first ten minutes of it was to sit on the sidelines. With every shift of her position, Astertis would then turn to me and wink. She must have known full well just how much all of it made my skin crawl.

“It’s no fun if you aren’t in the spirit of it, you know!”

I gritted my teeth. “Your posture is too stiff. All of this is bravado lacking substance.”

“Really now?” On that note, she flicked her tail forward through her legs, allowing the tip to rest upon her right nipple through the fabric of her top. “I am certain that I hold flexibilities even you are unable to match.” Her next trick was to lean forward and take the tip of her tail between her teeth. “How’s this then? Or perhaps…” Finally, she leaned backwards, tail sliding between her breasts. Inhaling sharply, she focused her magic into making each one bigger.

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“Pseudonym: Case 28”

It was… such a loaded question.

Over the years, I had been many things for many people. So had Lae. Our standard approach whenever among people was the fostering of experiences rather than the fostering of commitments. All we ever wanted was to keep things fair. To that end, I had granted Iris a variety of liberties after we started dating. Any relationships she had with others could be whatever she desired them to be – so long as she always made it back to me in the end.

Cybil and Esmeralda had become her closest companions and confidants whenever I wasn’t around. I felt comfortable with the arrangement because I kept to an impression that the both of them had my girlfriend’s best interests in mind. That changed drastically once I’d been told of the corruption Eros had placed into Cybil. I suddenly had no way of knowing if or when the corruption would strike. A certain hyper-vigilance threatened to resurrect the monster inside of me, and I became so very torn about whether or not to carry such feelings forward.

It turned out that Aurelia had really done a number on me. Not only was I still recovering from her relentless whipping; I also found myself having to personally grapple with the anguishes of her truths. Crimes had been committed at the hands of my succubus form – perhaps not so much legal crimes as moral ones, but nevertheless, these were things which I would be forced to take with me to the grave. The absolute last thing I wanted was to be forced to channel the form again.

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“Pseudonym: Case 27”

It was such a loaded question.

“Who makes a better mother: Esmeralda or me?”

Over the years, Nicole and I have been many things for many people. What we chose to focus on was the creation of memories, not the exchanging of vows. Everyone who had ever formed a relationship with us – be it a relationship of pure lust, of romance, or of dynamics of trust – had been placed onto the same level playing field. The phrase ‘preferential treatment’ simply was not in our vocabulary.

That had of course changed a little with Iris becoming a part of our lives, but she had been fine with us running off to our indulgences so long as we made it back to her in the end. That in-turn is what gave her the freedom to form outside relationships of her own – including a dominant-submissive relationship with Cybil and Esmeralda both.

Though not yet known to her, she would soon be asked to make a choice. It wasn’t fair. More than that, however, Nicole would ultimately be blindsided by all of this. As all of this was going on behind the scenes, her mind had been too preoccupied by another matter – one that neither of us could ever have seen coming.

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