Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump… A moment, a murmur, a frame, a flutter… Arching, dancing, a weaving of bodies… To be posed so provocatively with a man, it felt so… Incredible…

“Hold!” shouted the alchemist as he tapped a wand to the imprinter’s golden key. Instantly, it began to spin in a counterclockwise fashion, a high pitched whistling resonating from the device’s inner lattice. Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump…

I was being suspended in midair above Marius, his hands firmly pressed against the small of my back so that my body curved like a wooden bow. Using my arms to steady myself, I had craned my neck just enough for our lips to touch. All that remained was to hold the pose until the imprinter could do its job.

Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump… I could feel the tip of his member twitching provocatively along the contours of my ass. If I so much as lost my footing, then it would force its way inside. If I were to slide backward even a centimeter, then it would fall forward and instead worm its way into my sensitive slit. The muscles and tendons of my body were screaming in agony, yet my cock was in heaven, fueled by the combination of heat and musk which surrounded us on the bed which was our stage.

There was an audible click, and the high-pitched whirring suddenly stopped. “Release!” I fell onto my side, Marius and I letting out a collective sigh of relief. Thump… Thump… Gradually the blood rushed back into my extremities, though the tension in both my chest and my cock remained.

Keep it together, Audrey…

The alchemist slipped his wand into the pocket of his robe and walked over to the finished tapestry. While it needed to be trimmed down and colored in, its recreation of the scene was more perfect than anything I had seen before. I watched from the corner of my eye as the alchemist rolled the tapestry onto a scroll wheel, sealed it, and prepared the next one.

“Need a break, Audrey?” asked Marius.

“I dunno; do you?”

“Not a chance.” He was clearly getting into it as much as I was. Helma directed us into the next pose. Laying flat on my back, I brought my right leg upward before stretching it across my chest, my foot next to my head. Marius rolled onto his stomach, grabbed my ankle and aligned his chest with my own, his cock rubbing sensually against mine.

“Hold!” Another click, another whir, another gasp of ecstasy. Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump… When it felt as though my body would quit, another rush of energy would pour across my body and propel me ever further. Soon the discomfort I felt had become a pleasure all its own, and it took all I had to prevent myself from moaning outright.

“Release!” The finished tapestry was stored and one more blank canvas erected in its place. This final scene would be perhaps the most taboo. Marius grabbed my other leg, crossing both behind my neck and wrapping his arms around me. He then stood up, my pussy balanced precariously over his dick, mine now wedged tightly between our chests, tip hovering but a hair’s breath away from our mouths.

For a split second, nobody in the room dared move a muscle. Keep it together… You’re a professional, dammit…

“H-Hold!” Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump… Tick… Tick… Thump… Thump… And then… “Release!” It was over just like that.

Helma clapped her hands together. “Excellent job, especially that last bit. Go get something to drink and then hit the showers. I swear I could smell the two of you from here.” She turned on her heel and began to walk toward the alchemist.

“Boss, wait.”

She turned. “Audrey…?”

“I can… I can go further than this.”

“You’ve done enough for one night. Take a break.”

“Let me do this!” Again, there was silence. I soon realized my temper and made to restrain myself. “What I mean to say is, please give me this chance to prove myself, madame Lede.”

I was waltzing on thin ice, and we both knew it. Were she to come forward and hit me across the face, I would not have been the least bit surprised. Instead, she let out a sigh and looked over to Marius. “Well, what do you say to that?”

Marius let out a chuckle. “I suppose I have no choice but to earn my pay on this. Very well, then! Let us see how this plays out!”

“Alright, you heard the man, people! Fetch some more canvases from the stockroom!” There was a flurry of movement as the staff went about the necessary preparations. Helma pressed her fingers to her temple, took a breath, and returned to her chair.

One of the staff members approached Marius and began chanting a contraception ritual. Almost on instinct, I brought my hands together in front of me.

“No can do,” chided Helma. “Procedure requires a third party to administer the seal.”

“Oh, right.” Lowering my hands, I spread out across the makeshift bed. Was this really the right idea? Well, no use backing out now… Holy fuck, am I horny…

The alchemist again shouted, “Keep clear!” as he realigned the imprinter with a new, fresh canvas. Lanterns were adjusted for optimal brightness and the stage props rotated about fifteen degrees. Marius positioned himself at one edge of the bed, and I took the other. Helma lifted her right hand in the air.


Like a bolt of lightning, my body surged forward. I grabbed Marius by the shoulders and pulled him atop me, my legs tightly anchoring themselves around his waist. His eyes widened for just a brief moment before he too gave into his carnal desires. Our lips locked, tongues meshing in a fit of passion, saliva dripping down our chins.

“Hold!” With each passing second, the heat of our bodies would magnify almost exponentially. Sweat dripped down our respective limbs, and I wondered to myself if it would show on the finished product. “Release!”

With another shot now behind us, the time had come to raise the stakes. Pivoting my ass toward the camera, I lowered my aching slit onto Marius’s manhood. Our bodies connected fully, and it felt so damn good I nearly screamed.

“Hold!” I fought to remain still, but the urge to move became too powerful to ignore. Slowly my hips began to roll against his own, our hands groping every inch of skin within reach. “Hold, dammit!”

I no longer cared about getting a proper shot. All eyes in the room were now on me, and all I truly wanted was to make jaws drop. My movements became faster, more erratic. I shifted sideways so the imprinter could get a glimpse of my cock, which was even larger than before. A surge of magic was rapidly collecting inside of me, yet I was already too far gone to do a thing about it.

“Audrey!” Helma stood from her chair, her glance alternating between our perverse sexual display and the unfinished tapestry. Though I tried to catch a glimpse, it rested just out of my field of vision, and I had far more important things to worry about for the time being.

Sliding my legs onto Marius’s shoulders allowed me to bend both of our heads down. Together, we began to kiss and suck along my tip, a thick precum staining our lips. The staff rushed frantically to swap out canvasses, though it was clear there would be no replicating a scene like this.

“Fuck, Marius…!”

“Fuck, Audrey…!”

“I’m gonna…!”

“I’m cumming, babe!” Just like that, a rush of semen poured from him into my womb, watered down only by the contraception magic. My orgasm, on the other hand, was more powerful than anything I could have imagined. With a throaty howl, I unleashed a torrent of wind magic, my cum pouring out like ropes of thick slime; coating our bodies, the bed, the surrounding floor, and even dripping from the ceiling.

“Holy shit,” breathed Helma as she finally took a step forward. “Will somebody get these two some towels, dammit!?”

“Y-Yes, ma’am!” Marius and I were splashed down with warm water and given towels to dry off with. A thick stench of sweat and semen lingered on our bodies regardless, and all around us the excess fluids had begun to solidify. We quickly put on our robes and sat down across from Helma.

“Looks like somebody got a bit caught up in the mood,” she quipped sarcastically.

“Yeah… Am I going to have to clean that up?”

“I’m going to make this your one free pass, but if there’s a next time, I swear I’m gonna gag that… thing!”

“Er… my penis, boss?”

“I’ve never seen someone blow a load like that! All the ejaculation spells in the world couldn’t hold a candle to what you just pulled!”

Probably best not to bring up the whole possession thing, I thought to myself. Though for what it’s worth, things could have ended a lot differently had she been around… Could all of this have been a part of her plan as well…?

“Audrey? You’re spacing out again…”

“Oh! Forgive me, what were we talking about?”

“For fuck… just forget it,” sighed Helma. “On a different note, I would like to take a moment and go over the results of our little test run. Surely you could spare a bit a time for that, right?”

“Y-Yes, boss.” Seems I really put my foot in it this time.

“Good girl. Let us start with this first one here.” Slowly, she unrolled the first tapestry, tracing her fingers along the lines of blue which had been cut into the page. “It truly is a marvel of magical engineering when you stop to think of it. With this, we should be able to produce dozens if not hundreds of duplicates.”

“Wait a minute; did you say hundreds!?”

“Once these are cut to size, we can use the imprinter’s one-to-one lens alignment to create perfect replicas. They’ll need to be colored, although in subsequent iterations of the product…”


“This is wrong,” Marius interjected. “Should something this ever hit the mainstream, the need for producers would be cut in half overnight.” Somehow, he’d managed to take the words right out of my mouth.

Furrowing her brow, Helma began to tap her fingers against the armrest of her chair. “Is that really your concern to begin with? Talent is, and has always been, subject to the whims of a fickle populace. Or would you rather that it be you who becomes obsolete?”

Wow… That was… harsh. Marius simply grunted his disapproval, leaning back in his chair with arms folded over his chest. Helma responded in kind as she rolled up the tapestry, moving on to the next one.

“Take a look at the creases here.” Minor indentations were littered across the page, as if the intensity of the light had been lowered slightly. “While far from perfect, it would seem the device was able to pick up on a few of the more subtle details.”

“Is the device capable of bending light itself?” I asked.

“It doesn’t need to. As light bounces off your sweat, it creates a contrast with the rest of your body. That contrast is more noticeable with every pass of the imprinter. One could call that the device’s party-piece. Of course, one must be careful not to cut completely through the canvas itself. Even with a cotton base, the maximum time limit is somewhere around ninety seconds.”

“Fascinating…” My interest continued to grow with every sample, but it was the final tapestry which really surprised me. “What’s the deal with this one, boss?”

“I told you that the device cannot capture movement very well. The vibration effect you see here is from its attempt to capture the movements of your hips.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it, ever.” Slowly, I traced my hands along the lines, feeling how shallow they were compared to the rest. The deepest and darkest lines were perhaps those of my face, which were contorted in an expression I had never before seen.

“Got something to say, Audrey?”

“I just… I can’t believe the person staring back at me…”

“Like you weren’t really you anymore, right?”

“Yeah…” My thoughts drifted back to those final, fleeting moments of ecstasy. I had been consumed by my own lust to the point that it felt almost infectious. The idea of spreading lust to an entire room of people crossed my mind, and I shivered in fear. I am not that kind of girl…

“It’s getting late, isn’t it?” Marius turned to me. “Shall I walk you home?”

“Thank you… Well boss, I guess I’ll see you when I return?”

Helma nodded. “We’ll pick up where we left off at a later date. Both of you take care, now.”

Once the two of us were out in the street, I found myself taking Marius’s hand. “You were really cool back there. Thanks for saying what I couldn’t bring myself to say.”

“Wanna tell me what happened, darling?”

“It’s just… earlier today, Karissa came to me about it. She was terrified of things to come, and I just wasn’t able to reassure her…”

“I was afraid of something like that. Audrey, I’m sure you’re no stranger to how this all works. As times change, we have to change with them. Those who can’t are going to be left behind, and it’s on them if they do.”

“I know that…”

“For what it’s worth, we can go through life asking questions of those changes and learning how best to orient ourselves around them. In doing so, we face our fears and become steadfast in who we are.”

“Admittedly, that’s rather profound of you. Thank you, Marius.”

“Though you cannot save everyone, your heart is definitely in the right place. Also, don’t worry so much about Karisa and the others. I’ll try to take care of it all while you’re gone.” He leaned in to kiss me one more time as we were approaching my tenement. “Sweet dreams, darling.”

I cleaned my body one more time before slipping into my bed. With all the excitement of earlier, I had completely hit my limit and almost immediately slipped into darkness. Though Astertis was nowhere to be found – and thank goodness for that – I could almost swear I heard her laughing somewhere above me while I wandered through the mazes of my dreams.

When next the sun graced these lands, a new journey would commence, and all I could hope for was the truth to be revealed – about my history, and about my body.



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