Ding-Dong! The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the house, alerting its occupants to the presence of a delivery man. Rachel was the first to answer, having spent the better half of her day lounging around on the living room couch. When she saw the size of the package in question, she couldn’t help but to raise an eyebrow.

“Brother! I think it’s for you!” She politely held the door open while waiting for her younger brother Isaac to come out of his room. Isaac quickly signed the proper forms, thanked the man, and lifted the box to his chest. Whatever it was, it must have been heavy. Rachel then shut the door, watching as Isaac haphazardly sidestepped across the living room en route to his humble quarters. Curiosity getting the better of her, she decided to follow him.

Whether or not they were willing to admit it, the two had always been rather close. Rachel was pushing twenty-four; Isaac recently had turned twenty-two. Both still lived at home, rooms looking opposite each other through a small hallway, doors normally shut for privacy. Even so, the two would spend time together every so often, playing games or watching movies. They didn’t always like each other, but they were still family nonetheless.

Rachel sat on Isaac’s bed, tapping her foot against the floor as she watched Isaac wrestle open the top of the box with a sharp house key. “So… What is it?”

Isaac merely grunted, pulling the flaps open and fishing out bits of bubblewrap. Next came the back of an office chair, then the seat, the wheelbase, wheels, and a pneumatic shaft. Last but not least, he removed the bags of screws, flattening the cardboard container and leaning it against the wall.

“I see… So, how much did this one set you back, bro?”

“Seventy-five,” he remarked flatly. “Shipping was free, and I needed it badly.”

“Why not just re-upholster your old one? I mean, you did so last year and still have the leftover stuff.”

“I didn’t see the point.” Isaac picked up the screws and began assembling his new item. With a sigh, Rachel shrugged her shoulders and returned to the living room to watch TV. Occasionally she would make out a bit of wayward cursing, though after about twenty minutes, it appeared the task had essentially been completed. When she heard Isaac’s door slam shut, she couldn’t help but giggle. He must be planning to break it in…

They were the type of siblings comfortable enough with each other to discuss such matters quite openly. Rachel knew things about Isaac’s sex life that would make their mother’s hair turn white, while Isaac was more than privy to her own secret double-life as a camgirl. The two had established a boundary long in advance that, so long as each retained their right to privacy, it really wasn’t that big a deal at all.

Yet there were sporadic moments where that oath had inadvertently been crossed. On more than one occasion, they had seen each other completely naked; and they knew the kinds of porn stored on each others’ hard drives – though that may have just been due to a certain laxness in how they stored it. For Rachel at least, it had begun to have a profound effect on her preferences. Before long, her love of exhibitionism began to gravitate itself toward him.

Even now, she had dressed herself rather provocatively in hopes that Isaac would notice. For what it was worth, the delivery man seemed to have enjoyed it, his eyes having fixated on her low-cut top and the snug-fitting rear of her yoga pants. It just wasn’t the same to her, and she knew something had to be done about this, even if it meant being a bit drastic. As she heard the muffled moans of her brother blowing his load, she suddenly realized that an opportuntity had just presented itself.

She tried her hardest to act normal throughout the night, careful not to arouse suspicion from Isaac or from their parents. The next morning, Isaac would leave for work by six, giving Rachel two hours to initiate her plan. Once the sound of Isaac’s truck faded in the distance, she crept into his room and turned on the lights.

Mom and dad are still in bed… let’s get to it! Already her heart was pounding, the thrill of her intended depravity washing over her. She placed her fingers either side of the elastic on her panties, removing them with her yoga pants and folding the mass of fabric carefully, setting it on the desk. A strong musk emanated from them, mirrored only by the wetness of her slit and the sweat which pooled between her thighs. She took a moment to immerse herself in the scent, letting it amplify her arousal threefold.

At the outset, she wasn’t quite sure how to go about her plan. The armrests were a bit too awkwardly shaped, and she wasn’t quite limber enough to straddle the top of them. She tried sliding her right leg between the seat and backrest, but she found herself unable to keep her balance. Frustrated, she stepped back and contemplated what to try next.

If only these stupid armrests weren’t in the way… Hold on a second… Rachel attempted to straddle the armrests again; only this time, she placed her thighs underneath them. It was a bit rough on her thighs, but by gripping the front of the seat, she could now slam her womanhood into the textured fibers which coated it. Success!

She reached for her phone, put on a slideshow of erotic pics, and rested it against a nearby water bottle. Each tender roll of her hips caused her chest to heave, saliva dripping from her lips as she struggled against the narrow gaps of the armrests. She discovered that she could move faster by gripping the chair legs with her toes, and before she knew it, she was slamming into it as if it were a dildo. Sweat dripped down her bare skin and mixed with the fluids of her sex, slowly oozing into the material beneath her. It was all too perfect, and she knew that she wouldn’t last long.

Not that she needed to, at any rate. A quick pulsation, a tension of her muscles, and the sensation of release became her. She bit her lip to stifle a gasp, the last of her fluids leaking out onto the fabric, her limbs shaking from the exertion. Every breath was labored, her heart pounding a hundred times per minute. She had done it.

That was when she heard it – the gentle slam of her parents’ bedroom as her father entered the kitchen for his morning coffee. Suddenly the fear of getting caught became all too real. She tried to pull her legs free of the armrests, only to feel them sticking to her skin. Frantic, she wriggled and squirmed with the last of her strength, crashing to the carpet with a thud. There was a wince of pain as she snapped upward to grab her clothes from the desk, but she fought it off just enough to slip them on before her father knocked. “Isaac, are you in there?”

“No, dad, just me! I was just getting something from his room. I’ll be right out.” Pulling herself to her feet, Rachel grabbed her phone and a nearby book, then opened the door. “See? I’m going back to my room now.” In her mind, she was crossing her fingers that her father wouldn’t discover the musk which surely covered every inch of her. Thankfully, he seemed oblivious to it and quickly returned to the kitchen. Upon reaching her own bed, Rachel flopped down on it and closed her eyes. Phase one is finished, and now to wait for phase two…


It had been a long day for Isaac. His job as a network assistant required him to operate in all kinds of tight spaces, leaving his muscles sore and his uniforms filthy. His first order of business was to grab a change of clothes from his bedroom and make his way into the shower. So brisk were his movements that he initially failed to notice the potent musk which emanated from his new chair; or rather, he was simply unable to pinpoint what it was causing this particular odor.

Once he had returned – all clean and freshly shaven – he became aware of it in greater detail. It was obvious that someone had been in his room while he was away, and he could only think of his sister as the culprit. Yet he had doubts; would his sister really be so daring as to masturbate in his room? If so, why would she do it?

Sitting down in his chair, he could just faintly make out the residue of his sister’s fluids. For reasons he himself could not explain, the aroma began to excite him, his cock hardening from inside his shorts. When he closed his eyes, it was as though his sister were there sitting on his lap, her arms over his shoulders and her breasts in his face.

“Fuck… I mustn’t…” Resisting the temptation was all but impossible, and with his eyes still closed, he slipped his right hand around the silhouetted shaft, letting the texture of his underwear do most of the work. The more scent he inhaled, the stronger the visions of Rachel became. He knew deep down that what he was doing was wrong, but the need to cum simply could not be denied.

“Dammit… Rachel…!” He could already feel his balls tightening up. If he wasn’t careful, he would end up tainting her gift with his own. He wanted desperately to make this last as long as possible.

“It’s okay, brother; I’m here.” Once he felt Rachel’s hands on his chest from behind, his mind stopped in its tracks. “Now then, would you be a dear and make your way over to your bed? Any funny business and I won’t hesitate to scream very, very loudly.”

“R-Right! Yes, ma’am!” He saw upon opening his eyes that Rachel was completely naked. It was clear that she must have come home while he was showering, snuck into his closet and stripped herself bare. His eyes glossed rapidly over her full figure, the softness of her skin and the lushness of her heaving bosom. Isaac began to wonder if she was as nervous about this as he was, though he was in no position to question things.

“And be sure to strip, bro.”

“Right…” His shorts and boxers hit the floor in an instant, followed by his t-shirt. He got onto the mattress and rolled onto his back. Rachel smirked and sashayed over to him, lifting her legs over his head so that her crotch lowered against his nose.


Isaac wasted no time, gripping her waist and pulling her down onto his face. His moans sent subtle vibrations into her womanhood, fluids dripping from her downward into his mouth. “Mhmmph…”

“That’s it, bro…” His breath was like fire rising up into her core, forcing her legs apart and making her flush scarlet from head to toe. Rachel reached for his cock, holding it firmly in both hands while grinding against his nose. “Have a taste of your loving big sis…”

He was happy to oblige, his tongue already tracing along the textured contours of her snatch. Precum oozed from his tip, dripping all over his sister’s supple fingers. It was as if Rachel were a pole dancer and he the platform for her brilliant exhibitionism. All he wanted was to lose himself in her dazzling beauty and that musk which threatened to drown out his senses completely.

Rachel, meanwhile, was experiencing pleasures she had never felt with any of her former lovers. She and Isaac were in perfect sync, his body supporting hers and allowing her to move even faster. Every nerve in her body ached, yearning for release, yet she wanted to draw it out as long as she could in order to cum when he did.

Surely, it would not be long. His moans became more ragged, fingers and toes curling and causing his cock to build up pressure. Sinking his teeth into the folds of his sister’s crotch, he arched his back and sprayed load after load onto Rachel’s exposed breasts.

“Ah, fuck! Little bro!” The cocktail of pain and pleasure sent an electric jolt across her spine, making her dizzy. Letting go of her brother’s cock, she gripped the wall to steady herself as a rush of fluids poured from her into Isaac’s mouth. No longer able to maintain her balance, she fell forward and collapsed between her brother’s legs.

When she came to, she found her head resting on Isaac’s hip and a blanket draped over her naked body. Most of the cum had been wiped away from her skin, though a white residue remained if one were to look carefully. Her brother had also taken the time to dress himself, an action which saddened Rachel a bit. Of course, she had to consider herself to be beyond fortunate for having such a wondrous opportunity in the first place.

“You’re awake,” chuckled Isaac.

“Yeah, I guess I am… Where are my clothes…?”

“They’re probably wherever you left them. I didn’t want to waste time searching.”

“I put them in the green tub you keep in your closet. Could you get them for me?” She put on her best puppy-dog face, which seemed to do the trick. Isaac got out from under the blanket and quickly returned with her outfit. She tossed the blanket aside and stood up. “You know, a part of me has always cherished your wayward gazes, bro.”

He blushed, stretching out on the bed. “In that case, why not allow me to gaze upon you further?”

“Well, if you won’t mind…” Leaving her clothes next to the bed, Rachel slid between her brother’s open legs, her arms around his shoulders. As the two kissed, she could feel their hips touching in that special way. For only a moment, she harbored the primal desire to give herself completely to him. It was but a one, swept aside as the emotions of love grew to be far superior.

I suppose I have all the time in the world for that… “Hey, Isaac?”

“What is it, big sis?”

“I think… I’m in love with you.”

“I think… I’m in love with you too.”

Nothing else needed to be said. They lay there several minutes more, until Rachel pulled away and dressed herself once more. She needed to be at work soon. Giving Isaac one final kiss, she slipped out the door and made her way to the shower. Isaac returned to his chair, immersing himself in the essence of his sister for just a bit longer.


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