Leaning against the inside of Cass’s mirror, I let out another sigh as I watched her finish putting on makeup. “Remind me one more time why we agreed to this stupid game of hers?”

“What was that? My hand wasn’t on the mirror.”

“What do you think I asked!?”

“Give it a rest already, will you?” she snapped. “This was the only way I could think to bargain with her. Plus who knows? Maybe if I rock her world tonight, she’ll ask to become my apprentice! How cool would that be?”

“Pardon my brashness, Cass, but are you getting some kind of a sick thrill out of this?”

“Not even in the slightest! Although, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to get back on your body.”

“I’m not even the one in it!”

“Audrey, don’t sweat the small stuff! Besides, I promise that when all of this is resolved, you can do whatever you want to me as payback.”

Anything I want, huh…? The woman certainly had a way of buttering me up. “Very well; let’s just get this over with so I can have my body back.”

“Aye, ma’am!” Cass looked herself over one final time before turning around and heading back into the workshop. Candles had been lit along the far edges of the room, their shadows swirling and dancing across the walls. A gentle breeze fluttered in through a gap in the window, carrying with it the pungent smoke of floral incense. She had even gone as far as to spread rose petals across her bedspread, something which I had never quite understood the purpose of.

A part of me was actually kind of impressed by Cass’s efforts. It had taken her almost two hours to paint her body with runic tattoos. These were now covered by a translucent bodystocking, yet that only seemed to amplify their color and glossiness on her skin. Openings had been stitched directly into the garment’s crotch, allowing unrestricted access to her most delicate areas. The tightness of the garment did well to compliment her thick curves, and though I hated to admit it, I found myself far too captivated by her attractiveness to really complain about my situation.

She walked over to a drawer and pulled out a handheld mirror. “Alright, Audrey; here is what I think. Our original intent for doing this was to siphon off any excess magical buildup which we know now to have been a side effect of Astertis entering your consciousness. Now that she’s in control, however, it’s likely that action would be unnecessary for her. Any magic she uses could very well be the result of a careful and calculated strategy against us.”

“Um… is that supposed to be reassuring…?”

“All I’m saying is if you do sense anything, try and find a way to intervene. You might be the only one who can.” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “That’s them.”

Astertis entered first with Josa timidly shuffling along behind her. She sported a two-piece bikini, one which I recognized from the modeling gig I worked roughly two weeks prior. I had a sneaking suspicion the woman had chosen it specifically, and I couldn’t help but be a little irritated at her craftiness.

“Do forgive the delay! Josa and I got to talking a little and lost track of time!”

“I hope we didn’t make you wait…” Josa stammered weakly. For a moment, I found myself wondering if this man even had a backbone. It was now painfully obvious that Cass was the man in her relationship, and I couldn’t help giggling to myself. Maybe once we resolve all of this… Dammit, Audrey! Not the time! Focus on Astertis!

Sure enough, the woman’s hands had already found their way onto Cass’s hips. “This bodystocking looks absolutely succulent on you! You really should consider joining the Agency. Hell, you’d probably give even me a run for my money!” Cass tried to play it off with a shrug, yet Astertis was determined. She gave Cass a very passionate kiss right in front of Josa, taking the both of them by surprise.

Despite her attempts to resist, I could sense Cass really starting to get into it as she opened her mouth mid-smooch. Astertis was quick to slide her tongue inside, swirling it around and forcing her breath down Cass’s throat. A rush of magical energy followed, and while Cass attempted to pull away, I could tell that the sensation was exciting her down below. Just what are you planning, Astertis…?

“Why don’t you ask me directly, my dear granddaughter? Heh heh heh…”

W-What was that!?

“Silly Audrey; could it be you weren’t aware that speech-to-magic spells existed?”

Is that what she’s doing…? Wait, does that mean she can read my thoughts in real time!?

“Oh, I have a feeling I am going to enjoy this…” Astertis gradually broke the kiss, her hands still gripping Cass’s hips and waist. “Let us have a bit of fun tonight. No holding back, no overthinking things – our instincts alone shall guide us. Sound good?”

“Y-Yes, Audrey,” Cass and Josa answered in unison. This was it, do-or-die time. I had already braced myself for losing all communication with Cass, though nothing could have prepared me for the thought-link Astertis had just initiated. It was likely that Cass herself hadn’t taken notice of it, meaning the elder woman’s true target was me after all. Very well, Astertis; show me what you’ve got!

“…As you wish.” Astertis leaned in for another kiss, the two women moaning softly as their hands moved onto each other’s breasts. As the demonkin stepped closer, she began to slither her tail along Cass’s right thigh, looping it around and pushing the tip against Cass’s womanhood. A powerful spasm rocked Cass’s body – and my mind in tandem – causing her to arch backward in surprise.

What the heck!? My tail can do things like that!?

“You’ll soon learn that your tail does all kinds of things, dear Audrey.” Astertis brought one hand to Cass’s back and one to her buttocks, squeezing firmly before plunging a few inches of tail inside. Her tail stroked Cass’s thigh with every thrust, causing the woman to scream against the tongue which filled her mouth. Cass’s arousal flooded into my thoughts and I found myself panting in lust, unable to speak.

After nearly a minute, Astertis would relinquish her dominance of Cass’s mouth. Bracing her legs, she dug her fingers into Cass’s back and carefully bent her backwards in a bridge position. “Say, Josa.”

“Y-Yes, Audrey?”

“Could you be a dear and strip down? I think your girlfriend would like something else in her mouth.” Her smile completely mesmerized the boy, and in a matter of seconds he was completely naked with a sizeable hard-on. Josa positioned himself in front of Cass’s face and placed his hands behind her shoulders, helping to keep her upright amid the strain of the backbend. Cass quickly took the hint, craning her neck enough to swallow Josa’s cock completely.

Josa began to whimper in delight, his hips moving back and forth slowly. Astertis, meanwhile, had begun to pivot her own long rod against Cass’s rear end. She whispered a quick lubrication spell before slamming in to the hilt, coaxing more tail into Cass’s slit at the same time. Cass was now completely immobilized, pushed from Astertis to Josa and back again, over and over until her body burned with an insatiable lust.

It wasn’t long before those sensations began to impact me as well. Wave after wave of pleasure assaulted my every perception, making it difficult to think. There I was, witnessing my best friend get double-teamed by her boyfriend and by my own grandmother! It was all kinds of gross and immoral, yet I had never been more aroused!

Astertis…! D-Don’t stop fucking her…!

“I wasn’t planning to!” Astertis increased her pace, Josa making every attempt to match it. Tears dripped from Cass’s eyes as she gagged on her boyfriend’s cock, her pussy absolutely soaked and asshole rippling uncontrollably. She was getting close, and by the looks of things, so were her two suitors.

“I can’t hold back!” moaned Josa as he squirted ropes of semen from his tip. Cass struggled to choke them down, some of it leaking out onto her cheeks. Astertis followed up with a climax of her own, depositing nearly a liter of sticky fluid into Cass’s bowel. I could only watch in disbelief; never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my body capable of such perverted things!

With all of this going on, I almost failed to notice that the runic tattoos on Cass’s body had activated. It appeared that climaxing had caused Astertis to purge some magical buildup the same way I had, but before I could inquire as to the reason, the woman had clapped her hands together.

“Let’s get you on the bed, sweetie. Josa, help me carry her.” The two of them unfolded Cass’s body and propped her up by the shoulders, walking across the room and then laying her down on the mattress. Astertis grabbed her ankles and brought them over her head, using another spell to immobilize her like this.

Cass gasped as the stretch sent a series of warm ripples across the muscles of her body. “Holy hell, I had no idea I could bend like this…!”

“They say thick women are actually the most flexible.” Astertis used her fingers to gradually open Cass’s asshole, careful not to spill any of the cum which sloshed inside. “So for round two… Josa, get down here.”

She motioned for Josa to place his face in Cass’s crotch and lick the cum from her hole. Despite his blush, Josa was rather quick to oblige, getting on his hands and knees with his ass arched upward. Astertis grinned wickedly as she guided her cock toward Josa’s ass, more than ready to take his anal virginity as well.

His eyes widened in surprise, yet he continued to slurp cum without interruption. Cass squirmed in pleasure beneath him, unable to move thanks to the magic which kept her contorted on the bed. “Oh fuck, Josa! I never took you for being such a butt slut!”

Indeed, Josa’s cock had already returned to full mast, leaking pre all over the bedspread. His back was arched seductively upward, as if to show that he was milking Astertis for all he could get out of her. His lips pressed flush to his girlfriend’s hole, and he began to slurp down cum by the mouthful, letting none go to waste.

All of this was too much for Cass. Letting out a throaty howl, she began to squirt her fluids onto Josa’s cheeks. Astertis, turned on by this provocative display of affection, soon reached her second orgasm, flooding Josa’s ass with an equal amount of spunk. The boy collapsed in exhaustion, rolling onto his side and panting heavily. He tried to speak, though what came out was less than coherent.

Just as we thought things might be over, Astertis revealed yet another shock. Keeping Cass immobilized on the bed, the demonkin knelt herself down and began to chant quietly. A blue light surrounded her cock in what I assumed to be a contraceptive barrier. She then closed her eyes and gripped her cock tightly, sending a powerful burst of magic into it. Imagine my surprise when she pulled her hand away only to reveal a thick knot embedded an inch from the base.

That… That cannot be real…

“You say that, though I do not recall casting a spell…”

Are you telling me I can shapeshift too!?

“Audrey, once this is all over, you’ll find there are no limits to what you can do…” I was getting rather tired of her cryptic messages but even so, the thought of trying that cock out for myself had me practically drooling. All I wanted was to get my body back, and if this was the torment I had to endure, then so be it.

Cass appeared to be equally excited, biting her lip and curling her toes against the back of her head. Her skin was flushed a hot red, her nipples poking up from under the fabric of her bodystocking. As the first inches of cock slid through her folds, she tensed herself from head to toe, as if trying to pull the shaft deeper inside.

“Fucking hell, Cass…! It seems you have some tricks of your OWN!” Astertis dug her fingers into Cass’s waist, shredding the fabric completely and forcing her knot all the way inside. “Fuck! Your body is so PERFECT!”

Like a dog in heat, Astertis began to grind her hips rapidly into Cass’s crotch, her knot now too bloated to be removed. Lying beside us and stroking his cock was Josa, completely captivated by the performance going on in front of him. Is he seriously going to blow his load a third time!? How does he have any left!?

“It isn’t wise to look a gift horse in the mouth, dear Audrey…!”

Astertis, please stop! I don’t know if we can take much more!

“It won’t be much longer… Now then, for your part in this, at the moment of climax, you must put yourself inside of Cass…”

I don’t… I don’t understand what you’re saying!

“Focus on Cass’s shape… Commit it to memory, and channel your spirit…”

Why are you doing this!?

“Not much… longer… Ungh..!” “Cass, I’m… cumming…!” Arching her back, Astertis began to unload a torrent of sticky fluid into the barrier surrounding her cock. The barrier then shattered, sending a powerful wave of magic into Cass’s body, bringing her to climax as well. With no time left, I decided to throw caution to the wind, dulling my own senses and focusing only on Cass.

The spell immobilizing Cass rapidly faded, allowing her body to unfold on the bed. The magic circulating through her body caused her skin to glow with a green aura, which grew more powerful by the second. The runic tattoos covering her body soon evaporated, unable to contain this powerful essence. A similar aura then enveloped Astertis, this one red.

I hurried myself along, memorizing the shape of Cass’s arms and legs, her hips and chest, her womanhood. I overlaid her shape over my mind’s eye, visualizing my proximity to it and my position inside of it. I didn’t know what to expect until moments later, a painful spasm in my crotch made me intimately aware of just what I had connected to.

“Think of it like spear fishing… Maybe you’ll learn it too, one day…” Astertis let out a yell as she pulled her knot free of Cass’s slit, forcing Cass to scream as well. There was a flash of light, a stream of magical energy which flowed in the air between their bodies. It lasted but a moment before exploding in all directions, bathing the entire room in blinding white light.

“Fuck… my head…” As I reached up to clutch my right eye, it suddenly occurred to me that I was back in my own body. Cass and Josa had been blown to opposite ends of the room and were currently unconscious. Astertis was nowhere to be found.

So… What now…?



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