It’s the holidays! For many of us, the end of a year lends itself to social gatherings, evaluation of future goals, and well… procrastination of said goals. I can’t say I was as active as I wished to be in the final months of 2016, though I am making progress! “The Path” will be completely uploaded around the start of 2017, and you will see more of the “Audrey Songbird” commission as details are ironed out!

You just won’t see those things yet because, well… procrastination. A lot of what was uploaded this month had been written months in advance, though all of it needed additional proofing before I could hit “Publish.” That takes a different kind of effort, a meticulousness which can be quite draining on top of my standard schedule. So today, I want to do something a little different.

I started this blog about six months ago, and while I have done a few personality pieces (ex: “Fetish Fourteen”), I haven’t really written a Q&A before. So, I went on the internet to brainstorm the most interesting questions I could, and I shall compile the answers to those questions here for your viewing pleasure! Let’s get started!

Question One: Did you go to College? What did you major in?
I was in the top ten of my high school senior class, so it was only natural that I rush into a four-year university. Looking back, it was honestly one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. My first major was civil engineering, which I hated once I realized how bitterly competitive the work environment was. My next major was Geomatics (GIS). I enjoyed the data aspect (I plan to certify in database fundamentals eventually), but finances ran out partway through the program. Low on options, I dropped into community college, graduating with a weak Associate degree I’ve seldom made use of.

I don’t necessarily regret the decision, as I was able to attain personal experiences specific to that environment. If I could do things over, I would have found somewhere much cheaper, left my major undeclared, and focused on getting my general requirements completed first. My youthful arrogance destroyed a lot of options I could have had, and I’m still struggling to fix things even now.

Question Two: What are your thoughts on piercings and tattoos?
When I wanted my ears pierced, I used a sewing needle. I wore earrings frequently for two years, and after the holes were permanently dilated, I wore them less. I had a friend pierce my navel (she has the proper training), though for some reason my immune system rejected the jewelry and it closed up. Body jewelry is cute, but it’s also incredibly cumbersome, so it’s lost its luster for me. As for tattoos, I don’t like the idea of permanent ink. Given the option, I would rather do body paints because then the designs could be changed out at will. More power to those who go the permanent route, however.

Question Three: Are you a smoker? A drinker?
I’ll have a drink one to three times a week. I prefer wine over beer, and I only drink hard alcohol on special occasions. If I’m in mixed company, I may indulge in a cigarette, though only one. Due to bad experiences around recreational drug users, I absolutely despise the stuff, even marijuana. If you do that kind of thing, I ask that you keep it away from me.

Question Four: How much “real world experience” do you have?
Pre-transition, I lost my virginity at seventeen to a girl who was on her period (“earning my red wings” so to speak). I’ve has flings with other women and even a few guys, though no guys have gone all the way with me. I don’t particularly mind; objects serve just as well in my opinion. I’m now able to take the wide end of a beer bottle, plus I can fold my body in all sorts of sexy poses. It’s the core inspiration for Latexa as a rubberwitch!

Question Five: Speaking of which, what has transition been like?
This isn’t the easiest question to answer, so I will try to be brief. I came out to my family at fourteen and began living as a girl at eighteen. In terms of hormones, I have only ever taken herbals (Red Clover, Black Cohosh, Bovine Ovary). They didn’t do a lot; most of my figure is a mix of genetics and physical conditioning. In 2017, I do plan to get on prescription T-blockers and estrogen. I likely won’t pursue surgery, as I’ve already become a lot more comfortable in my body than I was when everything began.

Question Six: What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
When I was a high school sophomore, our biology class took a week-long camping trip to the California coast. We were instructed to learn about the various organisms which occupy that environment. A friend of mine got a hold of a banana slug, and on a dare, I agreed to swallow it whole. There wasn’t really a taste to speak of; the texture, however, was a bit bizarre. I regret nothing.

Question Seven: Are you a gamer?
Growing up, I had a PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox360, GBC, GBA, DS and Wii. After high school, I sold every console I owned. There was a time where I did some PC gaming, though nowadays everything I do is on a 2DS (no folding, no problem). I regularly play Rune Factory 4, Puzzles & Dragons Z, a few Mario games, and a few indie games (Liberation Maiden, Iron Combat, etc.). I prefer games with simple mechanics but a wide variety of scenarios to play through. With Rune Factory 4, I have committed over 300 hours across two save files. No, I do not have a problem.

Question Eight: What is something you consider to be a guilty pleasure for you?
I hate to admit it, but I got myself completely hooked on Eurobeat music. For the uninformed, it’s this high energy genre blend of electronic, disco and synth pop. If you’ve ever watched “Initial D” or played the Dance Dance Revolution games, you know what Eurobeat is. It is complete trash with the bulk of it consisting of cheesy love songs, and for some reason I cannot stop myself from listening!

Question Nine: How long does it usually take for you to write your stories?
My typing has been clocked at 82 words-per-minute, meaning uninterrupted I could theoretically churn out close to 5000 words in an hour. Realistically though, I’ll average 1300 words-per-hour, provided I have an idea of what I want to write. When I do commissions, the client usually includes a general outline (500-800 words) which I’ll then craft into a 2400-3200 word story/chapter. When devising a story from scratch, I may create an outline for it or I may not. While I can bring a standalone project from start to finish in a single day, doing so isn’t exactly common. Writer’s block can extend that time anywhere from three to seven days, and anything beyond that is a sign for me to shelve the project altogether, at least for a while.

Question Ten: What do you look for in an online roleplayer?
Let me start by saying the terms “literate” and “detailed” do not necessarily translate to “sexy.” I have seen too many writers turn smut into a formality, effectively killing any and all passion there could have been. I enjoy scenarios where the other person is more than eager to explore their body and all of the potential kinks they never realized they were capable of. In some respects, I am the kind of person who uses sex to teach others. This means that arrogance and one-sidedness are huge turn-offs for me. If you ever want to roleplay with me, that’s something to keep in mind.

Question Eleven: What fictional character would you most like to have sex with?
This is kind of an odd answer that delves into fanlore, but I would go with a post-timeskip Violet Beauregard. There are stories circulating the net in which, years after her horrific “Blueberry Incident,” she devoted herself as a circus contortionist. A blue-skinned bombshell with impossible stretchiness and a biting, sarcastic wit? I would melt for a girl like that. Of course, if I could become Violet, then… Sorry, nosebleed. Next question?

Question Twelve: Do you ever get off to your own writing?
I tend not to make a habit of it. The act of writing a particularly smutty piece has caused my arousal to spike on many occasions, yet I can’t bring myself to truly lust after the things I create. It’s the same with roleplay; when I reread the conversation logs, I am more focused on the other person’s words than my own. Perhaps I am simply too desensitized to my own lewd thoughts, making it impossible to respond to them the way I would someone else’s.

Question Thirteen: Have you ever considered camming, phone sex or related work?
This is something I have been asked constantly over the years. People who have roleplayed with me know that I occasionally release erotic photos of myself behind closed doors. Additionally, the hypnosis recordings I’ve created can be construed as erotic audio. The real question is, “Will I ever charge money for people to see my body and hear my voice?” and the answer is no. My eroticism is deeply spiritual to me, and attempting to make it a part of my livelihood would kill any desire I have for it. Things are a little different with my writing, but even then, my original content remains donation-based.

Question Fourteen: What is the kinkiest thing you wish to try one day?
Provided I am not allergic to the material, I would give anything to be sealed from the neck down in a vacuum bed. The level of skin stimulation has to be out of this world. In the event that doesn’t happen, a close second would be achieving a 3-inch gape. If you don’t know what that is, Google it.

Question Fifteen: How many sex toys do you own?
I have two dildos which were given to me by a close friend. I also have a few stimulators which were gifts from my mother (best mom ever). I don’t use them much these days because all of them are too small for any real pleasure. A butt plug which I bought a year and a half ago is also too small (2.25”). I did purchase an anal bead set a few months ago, and each of the five beads is as thick as a soda can (2.65”). So far, I can only take three at most. If I want to go deeper, I need a toy which is able to reach into and stretch the bowel. Sadly, most of those are way too expensive to justify buying.

Over the years, I have tended to use household objects as improvised toys. While it is extremely reckless, I find them to be just as pleasurable if not moreso. I used squirtbottles (1”), pill bottles (2”), beer bottles (2.5”), and eventually actual soda cans (2.65”). Petroleum jelly was my lubricant of choice due to its aseptic properties. Oh, and I did slide an orange up there once. Not sure I ever want to do that again.

Question Sixteen: Has anything ever… you know… gotten stuck?
Minus a few false alarms, there was one instance involving a third dildo which no longer exists. If I recall, it was six inches long and barely an inch thick. It had a built in vibrator, and I decided to test how far it could go inside me. It slipped free of my fingers and wormed its way past the curve of my bowel while still on. I went to the ER, had them sedate me, and they pulled the damn thing out. I never saw it again, and the worst part? They charged ten thousand dollars (insurance only covered 80% so it took two years to pay off).

Question Seventeen: Do you ever worry that others will discover your private life?
I accepted long ago that being transgender already puts me under public scrutiny. Being a smut-writer or an exhibitionist would probably come as no surprise to those people anyway. Haters will hate, and I’m far more focused on those inquisitive souls who wish to become a part of my world. I take minor precautions for my own safety, but that’s about it.

I know how to conduct myself in professional circles, and I’ve held a few jobs where this kind of behavior might be frowned upon. In the rare cases where it has been called into question, I’ve always made it clear that the job comes first – no distractions, no conflicts of interest. I think most people understand it because they struggle with it in their own lives. Understanding how to properly manage business and pleasure is a necessary skill for all of us.

Question Eighteen: Is there anything specific that inspires you to write?
For me personally, setting is the most important factor when coming up with a story idea. If my characters are going to live and work in a particular place, then the place they live in needs things for them to do. “The Path” started as the story of a girl avenging her dead brother. Two families were fighting over a river’s water supply, and the heroine’s father made it look like the rival family had committed the murder. This idea was scrapped after I realized that the setting was better suited to a Romeo-and-Juliet style narrative. “Our Souls Shall Mend” has its setting taken from a Code Geass fanfiction I wrote years ago, where Kallen and C.C. reconcile following the events of R2. Other stories were conceived through similar circumstances.

Question Nineteen: Do you ever put people you know into your stories?
I have had a few friends ask me to write stories involving them, though most of the time I will use archetypes of other fictional characters to model my own. There are a few stories containing the likenesses of people I’ve met; however, I find doing so to be a bit awkward. I worry a lot about how others might respond to my impressions of them. Part of why I put “Crystallize” on hiatus is because it involves someone from my past who I think rather poorly of. I’m afraid that holding onto a grudge like that makes me a bad person.

Question Twenty: What do you hope to come up with in 2017?
I would like to create more varied hypnosis recordings, ones which use other settings for the immersion process. It would also be nice to host the recordings on-site rather than through Google Drive, though I need a bit of money for that. Story-wise, I would like to do one or two more non-erotic series after “The Path” is fully uploaded. While smut is my forte, it doesn’t leave much room for variety. If I wish to grow as a writer, then I need to perform well across all genres. Lastly, I want to follow up on a special project which has yet to be released. I can’t give away the details, but it’s something which may finally be published in the coming months. When it is, I’d like to prepare a sequel for it. That should be enough to keep me busy year-round.


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