The practitioners who represented Vayne’s Troupe tended to operate on an ad-hoc basis. News of upcoming expeditions usually spread between troupe members by way of messages delivered covertly in places where such actions aren’t easily noticed. Alleyways and taverns were the more obvious locales, though a personal favorite of mine was the small monastery on the far side of town.

I can’t say that I held any particular opinion toward those of the “good book” as they referred to it. However, it was impossible to deny the unique psychical wavelength I felt while walking those glorious halls. Doubts and distractions would fade to nothing, allowing me perfect clarity and focus with which to channel my power. Of course, I was far from the only one privy to this energy.

“Cast off ye sins, vile heretic! Repent your heresy- oh wait, I said that already.” Cass Wintermare rose up from a bench in the front row, a hand against her lips to stifle a fit of giggles. She was slightly taller than me, yet much curvier along her hips and her thighs. Her chocolate colored skin was absolutely flawless, and her rounded bust put my own to shame. While her hair had been once brown, she used her magic to whiten it – a symbol of her dedication to the arts of old.

“Spare me your hyperbole, you bitter wench!” I exclaimed with a sly grin. “Could it be your pursuits of divinity have reduced you to a prude!?”

The woman’s cheeks flushed a bright pink from behind her hand. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Such a claim is an affront to my character!”

“Yeah, yeah; it’s good to see you, Cass. Thank you for making accommodations on such short notice.”

“Really, it’s no trouble! Right this way, Audrey.” There were private rooms in the back of the monastery where weary travelers could seek salvation. Cass had prepared one for us, and she quickly shut the door once we were inside. “So, what was it you wished to discuss?”

“First off, do I have your solemn vow that this will remain between us?”

“Of course! With Heaven as my witness, I promise not to share this with a single soul.” She placed her palms together in an act of prayer. I nodded and sat upon the guest bed, crossing one leg over the other nervously.

“You see… I have something of a… dick problem…”

“Huh? What do you mean, Audrey?”

“I mean there is… something wrong with… mine…”

“Okay…? Is it some kind of infection or something?” She watched me shake my head. “Well, if not that, then the only thing I can think of is… wait, are you having trouble getting it up!?”

“THAT’S NOT IT EITHER, CASS!” When I realized my reaction was a bit too loud, my entire face burned a deep shade of scarlet. “W-What I mean to say is… the opposite is happening. I can’t get it d-down…”

Cass’s eyes widened considerably, her gaze traveling down my body. “Are you for real…? Then that means you’re hard even now… right? Wait, that’s not the issue at hand! Exactly how long has this been going on? Does it stay like that even after you climax?”

“CASS!” Taking a breath, I closed my eyes and lifted the hem of my dress. “It started during our last expedition. Remember how our party got ambushed in one of the labyrinths? I ended up using a lot of my magic at once, and for some reason my body just… reacted. Five days and seventeen orgasms later, I still can’t get it to go soft. I really have no idea what to do, dammit…”

Suddenly and without warning, I felt her pulling my face into her bosom, her fingers gliding through my hair. “We’ll get this figured out, Audrey. Getting worked up over it will only complicate things, so relax and allow yourself to put your trust in me, okay?” This side of Cass was one I really adored. She was mischievous by nature, but whenever times were tough, she adopted a more nurturing demeanor. There was no doubt in my mind that she would make a great mother someday.

“A-Alright, I trust you.”

“Good girl. Now, close your eyes and take a breath.” As I did what I was told, I could feel her fingernails poking gently at the bulging veins of my undershaft. I let out a soft grunt, careful not to exhale all at once. The pointed nails caused my cock to throb rapidly, droplets of precum sticking to the top of her skin.

Sighing softly, I opened my eyes. “This is a little embarrassing, to be honest…”

“You’re doing fine, dear. Now then, upon closer inspection, your cock does seem unusually warm.”

“Well, it’s supposed to be warm, you know? All that blood coursing through it…”

“I don’t mean it like that, Audrey. I don’t know if you noticed, but it also seems to be glowing a bit. I wonder about that…” She closed her fingers around the full circumference of the shaft, stroking up and down in rapid succession.

“God, Cass!” The pleasure was indescribable, and sure enough, the surface of my skin appeared to take on an unnatural brightness. The more she stroked, the more my fluids painted themselves on her hand. “D-Does doing this tell you anything useful…?”

“Actually, I think it might.” She brought the sticky residue to her lips and gave it a gentle lick. A look of satisfaction on her face, she then reached for her belt and unsheathed a glistening steel dagger.

“What are you doing!?” My own hands reflexively gripped my cock in fear. Cass simply smiled before bringing the blade to the skin of her right thumb. Barely a flinch escaped her as a trickle of blood oozed from the wound. The hand then moved mine aside, resuming its gentle caresses of my shaft. We both watched in awe as the wound sealed shut, the blood vanishing without a trace.

“I’ll be goddamned… You can cast healing magic… with your dick…!” Her fingers gripped a little bit tighter; clearly she was enjoying this more than she wanted to let on. As for me, the pleasure was starting to go to my head – no pun intended.

“S-So it would seem! What exactly am I supposed to do about it!?”

“Well,” she chuckled, “phenomena of this nature are generally the side effect of more offensive techniques… the sheer rush of adrenaline results in saturation… stimulating the magic core to its absolute limit…” Every pause was followed by an influx of strokes across my rod. My breath hitched in my throat over and over, my chest pounding as an intense heat radiated in all directions. “Yes, that must be it exactly…”

“Cass, please…”

“You know, it is said that this condition more frequently impacts the young. Perhaps it is a stroke of fortune – no pun intended!” The fingers of her other hand were now scratching against the folds of my womanhood. “Imagine how it would feel, were you to go all out in the heat of battle… the euphoria compelling you to rush deeper into danger…”

“Cass, I can’t hold it in!” Yet it was already too late. The arousal coursing through my body reached a boiling over point, and every muscle in my body tightened simultaneously. My eyes nearly rolled back in their sockets, a loud gasp filling the night air as my cock quite literally exploded over Cass’s body. The sheer amount of magical energy had knocked her all the way to the far wall. Cum oozed down her body from head to toe, far more than any human could hope to produce in a single orgasm.

Neither of us moved for what felt like an eon. The thumping of my chest echoed throughout the room, its intensity rising and falling in time with the erratic convulsions of my hips. My cock had softened just a little, falling against my right thigh with a bit of leftover cum leaking from its tip. As much as I hated to admit it, I found myself enjoying everything Cass had done to me in that moment of utter shamelessness.

The woman in question gradually rose to her feet, using a nearby desk to steady her balance. As she looked toward my body hungrily, an aura of dominance seemed to emanate from her spirit. Her lips contorted into a devilish grin, something I had never witness in all the time I had known her. Was this a secret side to her?

“Incredible,” she whispered. “I mean, I’d heard of channeling through one’s eyes or their hair but… holy fuck…”

“C-Cass…!? You’re kind of freaking me out, here…!”

“What? O-Oh! My apologies; I have no idea what came over me! So where was I…?”

“You were… You were going to tell me how to get rid of it, right…?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s exactly right…” Though she attempted to hide it, I could easily deduce that her desires were unchanged. “Your body has an excess of magic, so a regular expulsion of said magic should more than take care of the problem, no?”

Spluttering, I shouted, “But I can’t just cast magic all over the damned place! If I pump too much into a single soul, their body will start to decay! You should know that!”

“On the contrary, your very magic should be able to heal them and eliminate the risks entirely.”

“That’s unethical! I couldn’t bring myself to do it!”

“Okay, I get it.” She let out a sigh and cracked her knuckles. “What you need is a quick and immediate solution. Do me a favor and lay on your back.”

“Y-Yes…” Once I was comfortable on the bed, she walked over and positioned herself between my legs, her hand gripping my cock once more. “W-What is it, Cass?”

“Tell me, are you seeing anybody right now? Any covert affairs you haven’t brought to attention?”

“N-No, of course I don’t! Even if I was looking for something like that, I wouldn’t have the time for it!”

“Very well; I suppose that it would be of no consequence for me to casually suck you off, then?”

“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?” Was she actually serious? While it had been Cass who first encouraged my sexuality a few years ago, she had never in all of that time presented even the slighted hint of a personal attraction. Why was she doing so now? What exactly had changed in me and in her?

Before I had a chance to establish an answer, her hand was already tightly clenched around the base of my cock. “It really is a simple matter, Audrey. I shall take this… right into my mouth…” She extended her tongue, bringing it ever closer to the tip of my cock. As I sensed it slowly stiffening yet again, a small part of me felt almost excited for what was about to happen.

I just don’t know… This is so wrong, and in a monastery of all things…! Even so… I can’t hide the fact… that I’m so unbelievably turned on right now! Come on, Cass… Lead the way, I beg of you…!

“There we go…” She whispered seductively as she allowed her tongue to make contact. My breath hitched in my throat, and a powerful spasm of energy pulsated along my spine. I was completely at her mercy.

“C-Cass… I beg of you…”


“Please, t-take care… of me…”

Pulling back her tongue, she let loose a teasing laugh. “Aren’t you going to ask how exactly this benefits you?”

“I don’t… I don’t care, Cass… I just want to feel it… Please, Cass…”

“Very well, then.” It was almost as if she had been expecting this outcome. In an instant she had her lips halfway down my length, her tongue swirling across every sensitive vein without restraint.

“AH! W-WHAT THE…!?” I’ve never felt anything this good! Not even I can suck my cock like this! Has she always been so skilled!?

Cass bobbed her head back and forth quickly, the subtle vibrations of her moans tormenting me ever further. Relentlessly she milked balls, but just as I was about to hit my limit, she pulled her lips away and pinched with her fingers.


“You’ve much to learn, Audrey.” She waited several moments for my cock to relax before assaulting it once more with her lips and tongue. Again I felt the need to climax, and again she stopped me. She repeated this over and over, depriving me of release until my cock absolutely ached.

“I can’t… go on…”


“Please, Cass… let me cum…” Eyes practically watering, I bit down hard against my lower lip. It seemed to satisfy her, for she decided at long last that she should take pity on me. Her fingers suddenly loosened their grip, and her lips formed a tight seal around the head of my cock. My body responded on instinct, using this opening to flood her mouth with ounce after ounce of creamy white fluid.

Somehow, Cass was able to consume every last drop without so much as taking a breath. Not only that, but the sudden outflow of magic which took her by surprise before seemed to have no effect on her now. As my body convulsed, purging itself of the inhuman arousal which had plagued me for several days, all I could do was watch in awe. When she was finished, she stepped back a bit and used some of her magic to tidy herself up.

“That’s better. Now then, how are you feeling, Audrey?”

“T-That was amazing! I feel completely rejuvenated! How exactly did you do it, Cass?”

“Let’s see… As you know, my studies require me to be proficient in both White Arts and Black Arts. The latter tends to consume magic in much larger quantities, to the point where simply increasing one’s magical capacity is not enough. Practitioners instead make every attempt to replenish their magic by directly consuming the attack energy of their opponents.”

“So then, does that mean you literally sucked me dry?”

“Indeed, and from the source! Of course, I only took enough to normalize you; any more than that would start to endanger your health! The effects will hold for a few weeks, though given your initial buildup, there is a possibility of relapsing sooner than that.”

“In that case, is there a Plan B or a next step?”

“Well, I could do a more thorough extraction…” There it was – that devilish grin again.

“Although, I would need considerable time to prepare for something like that…”

“S-Something like what!? You couldn’t possibly mean…”

“You’ll just have to wait. In the meantime, I plan to hit the books and see if I can correlate some of these symptoms to other cases. Feel free to crash here tonight; the monks have already been made aware of your presence.”

She turned and walked toward the door. At the last moment, I placed a hand up to stop her. “Hold on a second. You’ve gone well above and beyond what anyone has ever done for me. I don’t deserve such kindness, and I am eternally in your debt.”

“Think nothing of it,” she replied warmly. “If it brings you peace of mind, understand that I do have plans to exploit this for my own ambitions.”


“You’ll understand in due time. Allow me my preparations, and allow yourself bedrest. The answers will come.” With that, she departed from the room, leaving me alone in the darkness. I fell onto my back and pulled the bedspread over me, lost in my own thoughts.
She was the first person to have been truly intimate with me. While I considered her one of my best friends, this act was one well and above what even the closest friends would do.

What did Cass Wintermare actually see in a dick-girl like me? Would these acts lead her to consider me more than a friend, perhaps? It appeared that only time would tell.

For now, my best course of action would be to take her advice and try to get some sleep. Unfortunately for me, I could already sense my arousal gradually building itself up again…



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