Halloween – depending on who you are, it can be a night of thrills or a night of mischief. For me, however, it had a tendency to bring with it circumstances of misfortune. As a teenager, I once had all of my candy stolen from me while trick-or-treating. During college, I was forced to hide from the cops during a Halloween party where – unbeknownst to me – underage drinking had taken place. Perhaps the final straw was the year I came home from a Halloween date to find a family member laying pass-out drunk on the back porch. Whatever novelty the night had held before was completely and utterly exhausted, so I decided from then on that I would write off the holiday altogether.

What even was the point of Halloween, anyway? Nobody actually believed that dressing up in monster costumes would ward off otherworldly spirits. Although, that isn’t to say that such paranormal entities did not exist; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. If I could foster within me the powers of a witch, then surely others in our society were secretly harboring abnormalities of their own. I wondered if they too felt my apprehension, thus I found myself more actively seeking such people out.

It turned out to be much easier than expected. I merely put an advert on the web seeking a new place in a new town. After two weeks, my inbox had been flooded by nearly sixty messages, all from potential roommates expressing with the utmost sincerity that witches were more than welcome. My sights finally settled on a woman who looked to be of Brazilian descent, a powerful athlete by the name of Bianca. She wanted someone who could help keep her apartment clean, and she agreed to cover seventy-five percent of living expenses should I accept her offer.

She lived in the suburbs of a city that was four hours away, so I took the day off from work in order to drive down. Bianca and I hit things off almost immediately. We shared many of the same hobbies, and each of us found the other to be insanely attractive. She seemed rather fascinated by my having begun transition, and while she herself was a natural woman, I could detect there were flavors of masculinity emanating from her at all times. Her muscles pulsated with each undulation of her supple chest, and I could see quite plainly that she avoided shaving at all costs. Patches of hair were visible anytime she lifted her arms, and the musky sweat which coated her skin made me struggle helplessly against the erection which tented my panties below.

A tour of the apartment was next on the agenda. I quickly noticed upon entering just how deeply her musk had infected the overall living space. Stifling a moan, I nearly fell to my knees on the spot. “Yeah, it’s pretty bad,” she remarked casually. She had no idea how absolutely wonderful it was for me at the same time. I was sold; we drafted a written agreement, signed on the dotted lines, and I was fully moved in the following week.

In those first few months, a kind of bizarre routine developed between the two of us. I would go to work for a few hours each day, and then I would run errands for her once my shift had ended. I would clean the apartment from top to bottom at least twice a week, and I would prepare quick meals which she could eat at her convenience. It surprised me just how much Bianca kept to herself, and there were some days in fact where I hadn’t seen her at all.

She explained to me that many of her days were spent in university courses or training at the gym. If that was all it were, then I’d have had little reason to press the issue. Yet there were other things I noticed which had not been accounted for. Any time I brought up the subject of what her unique ability might be, she would go to great lengths to dodge the question entirely. I also noticed that for three days every month, she would lock herself in her room and not come out for any reason. It generally happened around the middle of the month, though different days each time.

Perhaps most perplexing however was that, whenever I did the laundry after these periods, I could smell vividly the thick aroma of semen saturating her bedsheets. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. As far as I could tell, she didn’t have a boyfriend or really anyone for that matter; and beyond some very occasional bouts of oral sex, it wasn’t like I was the one causing it.

And so, more time passed in very much the same way until before I knew it, Halloween had befallen us. The city was packed with families making their way back and forth for trick-or-treating, something I wanted no part of whatsoever. Bianca found me lounging on the couch that evening, my cell phone in hand with a glass of wine resting on the nearby end table.

“Not going out?” she asked.

“Not really planning on it; I’ve found the holiday kind of offensive ever since I became a witch.”

“Yes, I get you. I shall be in my bedroom for the rest of the night. I hope that you enjoy yourself all the while.”

“Thank you, I will.” I reached for my glass and took another sip. As she opened the door to her room, I could almost swear that I saw her give me a suggestive wink. The door then closed behind her with an audible thump, and I returned to aimlessly browsing the web as if nothing had happened. Try as I might, though, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

“…Oh, for fuck sake!” I dropped my phone onto the table and stood up. It occurred to me that what I wanted more than anything were answers. I wanted to know who my roommate really was, and I wanted to know what her feelings for me really were. Silently I crept toward the door, coutiously turning the handle and allowing it to open ever so slightly.

The first thing I noticed were Bianca’s moans echoing from just around the corner. Is she masturbating…? Careful as to not disturb her, I slid my body through the gap in the door and then pressed my back to the wall. I knelt down a bit, making myself as small as possible, and peeked around the corner to Bianca’s bed. What I witnessed made my jaw drop.

Bianca was now covered in far more hair than she had been ten minutes ago. It covered her breasts, her neck, the tops of her arms and legs, and her crotch. The nails on her fingers and toes were both longer and sharper, while her teeth had become a bit more pointed. Her body and facial features were still that of a human, but it was obvious to me now what her hidden talent truly was.

“Like what you see, Nicole?” She chuckled and bent her cock in my direction. I had never seen anything like it. It extended awkwardly from the lips of her pussy, a full ten inches in length with a thick, throbbing knot along its base. I had taken rather massive objects in the past – soda cans, the occasional fruit – but the girth of her knot seemed to rival even those things. My cock stiffened in my panties, and my ass quivered from the very thought of having her inside of me.

“Bianca, you’re… You’re a werewolf!?”

“This is true. I have been able to adopt this superhuman shape since I was a young child.”

Panting, I spluttered, “That’s impossible! I thought werewolves only turn on the full moon! Wait… is that why you lock yourself in your room!?”

“My powers go into effect fully during the lunar apex, yes; however, during the antapex, the ‘new moon’ as you say, my powers are weak enough that I can control them.”

“Okay, that kind of explains things, but why do you have a… you know…”

“You have one too, Nicole.”

“MINE DOESN’T HAVE A KNOT, BIANCA!” I quickly realized how loudly I shouted and placed a hand over my mouth. Bianca smiled and rolled onto her stomach, licking her lips and watching me with intense curiosity. I swallowed hard and moved my hand away. “Th-That is to say that I never expected the source of the cum smell…”

“Perhaps I placed too much of the burden on your assumption. How could you know that my body did have such a unique feature?”

“I’m not sure if I would put it that way…”

“It is very much semantics at this point. That said, you have stumbled upon my talent at the rightest of times. Please, join me on the bed, Nicole.” For reasons I couldn’t explain, I swore that I felt the very atmosphere changing around me. Compelled to obey, I removed my clothes and approached her cautiously. Bianca extended her hands, pulling me toward her hairy arms before twisting so that her legs could snatch mine out from under me.

As she cradled my much smaller body, I could feel her hair rubbing sensually across my skin. It was so soft that I couldn’t help but moan into her equally hairy bosom. My nose was greeted by the incredibly thick musk which seemed to leak out of her every pore. It occurred to me that the change I felt must have come from her smell. Was it some kind of hypnotic pheromone, or did she simply know my fetishes better than even I did?

Bianca cupped my cheeks in her hands and then brought our lips together for a kiss. It was a kiss which held more passion than anything we had done prior. In my eyes, she had suddenly become the hottest woman on the planet, and I was ready to do absolutely anything to please her. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she would soon exploit that facet for all that it was worth.

Releasing the kiss with a sly grin, she positioned me on my hands and knees, my ass in the air. Her fingernails dug roughly into my exposed flesh, spreading my asshole until it was wide enough to see clearly into. “Very nice… not many humans have your level of stretch, Nicole…” Her tongue made contact with the opening, sending a shiver down my spine. I yelped as I felt her thick saliva lubricating my sensitive inner walls, prepping me for the brutal ravaging to come.

When I felt the tip of her cock for the first time, I marveled at its unique contour. It scraped along my sensitive inner walls, causing me to squirm and cry out. Bianca plunged deeper and deeper, thrusting back and forth only when necessary. I could tell that she was testing me, trying to see what my limits truly were. My whimpering grew louder and louder, muscles convulsing in both pain and pleasure.

Neither of us could say a word to each other, too focused on ourselves and the moment. Her knot was now practically flush with my hole, blocked only by the inches of shaft which had nowhere else to go. Bianca shifted from side to side in search of an opening until finally, one presented itself to her. With a throaty howl, she dug her claws into my hips and forced her knot inside.

“FUCK!” I screamed as every muscle in my body tensed simultaneously. The tip of her cock had stabbed roughly into my bladder, and I felt a warm puddle forming between my legs. Each breath sent another spasm through me, and tears formed in my eyes. Everything in my mind screamed for me to stop before I bit off more than I could chew, but with how aroused I had become, I started ignoring reason entirely. Being pushed beyond my breaking point was perhaps my darkest of fantasies. I wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by.

“Fucking hell, Nicole! Is your ass sucking me off!?” She let loose another howl, hips grinding roughly against my rear. She brought her arms around my chest, and I moaned from the sensation of her body hair bristling all over me. My muscles pulsed erratically, indeed imitating a sucking motion as Bianca had sensed. Her hot precum was dripping ever deeper into my depths, radiating waves of ecstasy across my belly.

With one last howl, Bianca arched her back and released her load. Ounce after ounce flooded through my insides, the seconds ticking by in what could only be described as a lustful agony. I watched in awe as my belly began to physically distend, so bloated with cum that I nearly fell forward on the bed. A full minute passed before the flow finally subsided, but Bianca was far from finished.

Cupping her palms against my rear, she started to tug her knot backward against my aching hole. The fluids in my belly sloshed violently as if in warning. Before I could so much as protest, she had yanked her knot free of its confines, the cum pouring out of me faster than I thought was possible. All of this culminated in a series of convulsions which knocked the literal wind out of me and made my vision turn white.

I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I could only lay there as my body went through the motions of the most powerful orgasm of my life, a mixture of cum and pee somehow milking itself from my cock. By the time it was all over, half of my body was stained ivory, and the the other half was drenched in sweat. I reeked of sex and depravity, but it had been so incredibly worth it from start to finish.

“Nicole…? Are you awake…?” Bianca had my head in her lap. Her cock had receded completely, and it appeared that some of her body hair had lessened.

“How long was I out, Bianca…?”

She smiled, caressing my cheek gently. “It was only ten minutes. You fared much better than most humans would have. You should be proud.”

“Thank you… So, what happens now…?”

“Now, we get you cleaned up. When that is over, we can talk about making changes to our agreement.”

“What kind of changes?” I tilted my head.

“Surely you didn’t think that I was the only werewolf in this complex, did you? I’m sure my neighbors could use a hole like yours. What do you say?”

I was starting to think that maybe Halloween wasn’t so bad after all.


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