The sound of crumpling snow was all I could hear around me as I made my way toward the grounds of the school. There was no breeze to speak of and no cars on the streets given the time of night. Fishing a set of keys from my pocket, I found the one for the administration building and quickly made my way through the front entrance. I was greeted by a series of dark hallways, the only sources of light being outside fixtures which reflected through the windows above the doors.

It wasn’t the first time I had arrived so early to work, yet I still felt rather uneasy each time it happened. Maybe it was due to me having walked these halls as a student once upon a time. When I gave thought to the matter, it felt as if I were breaking some sort of unwritten rule by navigating them with no one else around. My heart began to race and a tremor flowed from my neck down the length of my spine.

Shaking it off as best I could, I headed deeper inside and unlocked the second door to my left. This brought me into a large office with smaller offices orbiting it. Entering mine and turning on the light, I allowed myself a sigh of relief as those waves of unease gradually faded. In here, there was nothing to be afraid of. It was just me and my work with absolutely no distractions.

…Or so I thought.

The new semester had arrived which meant the prior semester’s performance records would need to be analyzed. Fearful of falling behind, I decided that it would be advantageous to come to work a few hours early, even if said time was unpaid. Doing so would also show considerable initiative for someone of only twenty-one, and it would perhaps propel me into greater responsibilities down the road if things came together in the right way.

Once my computer had finally warmed up, I sat down to properly immerse myself in the glorious world of spreadsheets and databases. Music played through the speakers of my cell phone as I slowly clicked away the minutes. Outside, snow was beginning to fall once more. I could feel myself occasionally nodding off, my focus drifting every so often. By the time forty-five minutes had elapsed, it became more than apparent that I was in need of a break.

The rest of the office was dark, so I stepped over to the window to more clearly observe the falling snow. A few moments later, I was jolted by the sound of a loud crash behind me. “What the hell!?” There shouldn’t have been anyone else in the building. Moving cautiously to the hall door, I opened it a quarter of the way.

“Hello…? Is anyone out there…?” No answer. This is so against my better judgment, but… I slid through the gap, allowing the door to shut softly behind me. With my back to the wall, I sidestepped my way back to where I had first entered. The hall continued in the other direction, and I thought I could make out something along the floor. Well, no turning back now…

Each step echoed and caused my chest to pound with anxiety. Closer inspection of the object revealed it to be the remains of a ceiling tile. It was soaked to the point of disintegration. A similar wetness appeared to have seeped into other tiles as well. The sheer volume of damage could only be caused by a major pipe failure, yet I couldn’t hear anything that would indicate the flow of water.

“I guess I’ll call the fire department.” As I was about to turn around, I felt something cold and slimy grabbing onto me from behind. My first instinct was to wriggle free, but whatever it was seemed to stretch effortlessly along my thrashing limbs. Before long, I was completely immobilized. I tried to scream, only for the slimy substance to enter my mouth. It felt as if I were choking, but for some reason I wasn’t losing consciousness.

What is… happening to me…? The substance in my mouth seemed to be supplying air to my lungs, though I quickly gathered that wasn’t all it was doing. A musky aroma flooded into my nostrils, clouding my mind and causing my heart to race. My entire body became noticeably warmer, flushed with a bizarre arousal that was far beyond my control. This substance was literally a walking aphrodisiac, and I had no choice but to obey.

“Just… get it over with…” As I spread my legs, the hem of my dress lifted up around my waist, exposing my tights to the creature. Its appendages made short work of the fabric, tugging down my panties to reveal a throbbing cock and gaping rear end. Everything about this turn of events was driving me crazy. I was about to be fucked by an alien creature at work – in a school, no less! – and to top it all off, the cold air flowing through the halls was making my skin more sensitive than it had ever been.

No! You can’t allow myself to think these things! You need to get away! You need to get help! The rational part of my mind was screaming for me to come to my senses, but the aphrodisiac was simply too overwhelming for anything else to make sense. Suddenly I found myself wanting to be used by this creature; letting this opportunity pass me by would be an absolute travesty. I want this… I want this… I’ve always… wanted this…

The slime creature formed a central tendril – over two inches in diameter – and then plunged it deep inside me from behind. My back arched, and I sank my teeth ravenously into the smaller appendage thrusting against my throat. I could feel the slime clinging tighter and tighter to my skin – whether it felt pain or pleasure, I could not fully discern. Its cock-like tendril advanced further up my internal organs, making a beeline for my stomach.

When I looked down at myself, I could see my belly beginning to distend. Every contour of my intestines was visible through my skin, something I thought only possible in fiction. Yet here I was, my body being manipulated like literal putty. My cock swayed from side to side, leaking enough precum to rival the climaxes of most human men. The aphrodisiac...? I wanted to touch it, to feel the sheer rigidity of my own member, but the appendages continued to hold me in place. Never had I experienced such a beautiful torture.

The creature’s tendril snaked through me until at long last, it passed through my stomach’s lower boundary. I winced from its forceful intrusion, though the discomfort was quickly met with an unspeakable bliss that took the breath from my lungs. The creature folded in on itself, appendages receding as it focused on cramming its entire mass between my overstretched anal walls. Falling to my knees, I placed a hand over my now pregnant-looking belly. Is it… over…?

Silence filled the hall, save for the occasional gurgling of the creature’s gelatinous essence. I felt almost woozy, my body still on fire and in dire need of release. I considered touching myself, stroking myself to orgasm under the cover of darkness. My gaze orbited the walls before angling upward, fixating on the faint glow of a blinking LED.

As far as I knew, the security cameras relied on grayscale images to simulate night vision. The creature and I would likely render as little more than silhouettes, nothing detailed. I could totally get away with it, but… Tempting though it was, it didn’t feel right. Yet I knew that doing nothing would have consequences of its own. If my arousal didn’t lead to complications down the road, the sudden evacuation of the creature certainly would. No matter how I looked at the situation, I was beyond stuck.

S-Screw it… got to get… to my office… Crawling on all fours, I used every ounce of strength to drag myself across the hard tile floor. With the creature’s mass inside of me, my body felt at least fifty pounds heavier than normal. The pressure crushed against my bones and tore into my joints. Still I pressed on, a dickgirl on a mission of self-preservation. I eventually made it back inside the large office, its carpets slightly more forgiving on my hands and knees.

Thirty feet to go… twenty… ten… The creature must have sensed this too, for it began to rumble violently inside my belly. My cock leaked all over the inside of my panties, and I could tell without looking that the fluids were somehow amplified by the creature’s presence. By the time I reached the door to my small room, my panties were soaked through, the excess dripping down my thighs at an alarming rate. I locked the door and collapsed onto my stomach, submitting my will completely to the creature.

What happened next was a euphoria unlike anything I had ever known. The creature pulsated as if building momentum before flooding at full speed out my mouth and ass simultaneously. Every molecule of my essence boiled over at once, this overwhelming mix of pain and pleasure causing me to scream and choke. It no longer mattered if I got myself off or not; my body was about to climax all on its own.

Planting my hands against the floor, I raised my upper body and curled my toes against the carpet. Every gyration of my hips unleashed a thick stream of cum, nearly a gallon per minute and showing no sign of stopping. As the creature re-formed in front of me, it seemed to collect every ounce without spilling a single drop. It was mesmerizing to watch, and I would have been fascinated if not for the shock coursing through my veins as the orgasm carried on and on. It wouldn’t stop, not even when the creature had removed itself entirely from my body. The effects simply recurred, my cock ejaculating until it hurt.

So much… So good… Can’t… I was growing more delirious by the second. Did I want it to stop? I honestly wasn’t sure. I knew that once it ceased, I would never feel anything like this again. I held myself in place on the floor, draining my fluids into the creature even as exhaustion crept over me. When it became too much to bear, my arms slid out from under me and I fell onto the creature, the world around me fading into white.

“…out of it… up… come on, wake up!” My eyes opened to the school principal staring down at me, a look of anguish on her face. Despite my blurred vision, I could make out the uniforms of several people behind her – three of them were law enforcement, the fourth a paramedic assembling some equipment on a folding table.

I shook my head and sat up. “How long was I out…?”

“About thirty minutes. Our security company notified us that the building had sustained damage, and we rushed over. Security cameras showed you having made contact with some kind of animal; are you okay?”

So I was right after all. “I wish I could tell you what happened, but I’m afraid I don’t remember.”

“After the animal attacked you, you crawled all the way back to your office and locked the door. Why did you do that?”

“My cell phone was on my desk,” I countered. “I must have passed out before I could dial emergency.”

“Your outfit is a mess, though it looks like you aren’t bleeding anywhere. You were lucky, but do get a look-over by the EMT just to be on the safe side.”

“I understand. My apologies for burdening you like this.”

“Just focus on getting better. You can take the day off if need be.” The principal then turned on her heel and walked over to the officers to discuss the investigation. Clutching the side of my desk, I slowly rose to my feet, surveying my office carefully.

How did the creature get away? The walls were completely dry, the ceiling tiles untouched. The carpet was completely soaked, though that meant little considering the erratic expulsion of its mass from my body. Unless… Could it have… terminated…?

Such a conclusion was almost tragic in a way. It was impossible to deny how beautiful this act of depravity had been or how a small part of me wished to experience it a second time. Not to mention I still had no clue what the creature’s purpose and origin even were. This fleeting moment felt like such a waste in retrospect.

The paramedic conducted a thorough examination of my body. There were no cuts, no bruises – nothing to indicate I had been injured in any way. All of my vitals were as healthy as they had ever been, but just to be on the safe side, I was instructed to have a police officer take me home. I went along with it simply because there was nothing to be gained by arguing. That wasn’t to say I was happy about the arrangement.

It was a quiet ride; the officer had nothing to say, and I didn’t feel much like talking either. I was dropped off rather unceremoniously on my doorstep, and that was it. I unlocked the door and let myself inside. My mother asked what happened, to which I replied that an incident had occurred and I was given the day to rest. With that, I walked to my room, closed the door, and plopped face first on my bed.

This isn’t fair… I deserve better than this… Closing my eyes, I allowed my consciousness to fade, losing myself to the world of dreams. The morning’s events began to replay themselves in my mind, tormenting me with an ecstasy that I worried would never come again. I did all i could to hold onto the dream, not realizing the effects doing so would have on my body.

Hours later, my eyes opened to a bed that was completely soaked in cum. It pooled around my thighs and hips; it dripped down my breasts which were now a full cup size larger. My cock had doubled from six inches to twelve. My skin glowed with an unnatural elasticity, almost like that of a jellyfish.

It appeared that the creature had left something behind after all.


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