“Slowly turning into rubber… merged into a single rubber being… molding you into something new… into a two-winged propeller… water’s current seems to catch… pushing us into a gentle spin… abrasions which caress our surface… becoming a set of four… begin to rise upward… a strong ocean wind sliding across our blades… time begins to lose all meaning…”

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory. (Full Transcript Below)

Before we proceed with the session, I must ask that you first prepare a comfortable position in which to relax. Filter away any background noise which could distort your mind, until my voice is all you can hear. The more you relax, the easier it becomes for my words to paint images in your mind’s eye. As you gravitate toward these words, begin to imagine that there exists a vast ocean, your body hovering mere inches below the surface. You are alone, but my voice continues to echo even beneath the waves. Nothing else matters but my voice and the images it can etch into your being.

Drifting along with the current, you feel warm bubbles popping against your bare skin from head to toe. It relaxes you; it promotes a sense of balance between you and the universe. With your thoughts growing ever distant, you begin to sink deeper into the water. The light of the sun fades to black, pulling you toward a chilly void in which all thoughts and emotions are drained from your mind. Here in the darkness, my voice has the power to completely reshape your mind, your body, and your soul.

I want you to blink a few times for me, adjusting to this darkness. With each blink, a faint shiver seems to radiate from your neck, flowing down your arms and legs. The more you blink, the more you shiver, and the more you realize you are completely under my voice’s control. Keep blinking even as the blackness becomes a lighter blue. Keep blinking… Keep blinking…

One more blink, and your eyes open to reveal me floating next to you just within arm’s reach. The surface of my body shines like a flawless rubber, and when you press your fingers to my skin, you can sense your body slowly turning into rubber as well. Every inch of you becomes looser and more malleable. You feel physically hollow, the water flooding into your body, expanding you in an almost euphoric way.

When I wrap my arms around you, my body appears to fold itself tightly into your own. Our molecules tenderly swirl and rub across one another, thoroughly mixing while vibrations of electric pleasure resonate softly along the contours of our combined surface. In this way, the two of us have merged into a single rubber being, our souls and our minds completely intertwined so that we experience an absolute trust in each other.

You can feel my energy guiding your essence, molding you into something new and unexpected. Our molecules begin to orient themselves until we have taken the shape of a perfect sphere. Everything about our shape is symmetrical, beautiful, balanced. We remain like this for just a moment before our shape begins to stretch outward, solidifying into a two-winged propeller. You sense intimately this new arrangement of our body, the wings orbiting a small, circular core. The water’s current seems to catch upon these wings, as if pushing us into a gentle spin.

We spin gradually through the water, reveling in the abrasions which caress our surface. You then feel our wings splitting further, becoming a set of four. The current presses even harder on us now, causing us to spin faster and faster. We begin to rise upward from the depths, rapidly approaching the water’s surface. Our rotating blades continue to move and change.

The four wings fold upward at an angle until their ends press together, creating a three-dimensional cone. The wings have now twisted into sharp blades, and as we leave the water entirely, you can sense a strong ocean wind sliding across our blades, a heavy scratching along our surface again and again and again. Our essence moves faster and faster, stimulated by the cool gusts of air battering us, tormenting us in this complex orientation of self.

Allow your mind to truly experience the fluid oscillations of the wind bombarding us. Its rises and falls, changing direction as it bombards us from every conceivable angle. As we exist here in a state of perpetual motion, time begins to lose all meaning. Day turns to night and then day again. Raindrops fall, cascading off our blades like glimmering diamonds. The world grows hot and then cold, over and over until we slowly forget… forget… forget when it all started or what we ever were before this.

The world is so large, yet we are just an object. The world has moved on, yet we have stayed the same. We spin during every moment, pleasured by the elements of nature which facilitate our purpose. Allow yourself to feel… Allow yourself to be… Commit to memory every aspect of this shape until it is completely natural for you… As you awaken from the dream, all that I wish is for you to return to this one day, to come back and exist with me as the windmill… Allow yourself to awaken now.


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