Do you ever have one of those days where you so completely screw things up that it causes you to just stop caring entirely? It’s like you notice that every decision is gradually forcing you toward a negative spiral, so your gut reaction tells you simply to go for broke and deal with the consequences later. After all, if you’re on your way to Hell, why not do it as extraordinarily as possible?

Looking across miles of sheer destruction – the rubble of collapsed buildings, the streets flooded in cum, and the bodies which my feet had ground into dust – I knew full and well that I would never be forgiven. If I returned to normal, I’d be executed on the spot; if I remained as I was, I’d likely be nuked from orbit. So for all intents and purposes, this truly is the end of the line for me.

I wouldn’t say that I regret any of it. This day was the most fun and the most euphoric I had ever experienced in my relatively short lifespan. Regardless of my choosing, what happened to me is something that may never happen to anyone else, therefore I should cherish it in any way I can. I’m getting ahead of myself, however. You see, it all began roughly eight hours ago, when I woke up for morning classes…

“How in the hell-!?” For some reason, my alarm clock had set itself an hour later than normal. Rushing to take a shower, I forgot to grab a towel from the linen closet. While I was grabbing one, my father walked by which led to him seeing my dripping, naked body. After that shout of embarrassment, I returned to the bathroom and discovered my favorite tights had a hole in them. Frustrated, I pulled on a pair of denim leggings instead along with pair of matching shorts. I then placed a gray camisole and blue blouse over my body. It looked kind of dorky, but it would have to do.

My hair was still sopping wet as I rushed out to my car. Brushing it one last time, I started the engine and made my way toward the highway. Getting caught in traffic did nothing to ease my mood, and when a driver suddenly cut me off, I let out a stream of expletives that would make a sailor jealous. Yet despite all of that, I somehow managed to make it to my first lecture on time, stress levels be damned.

Now, you’re likely wondering why I slept in at all if I had a morning routine to begin with. Normally that would be in full effect, but the night before had me occupied with something far too exciting to pass up. It had come to my attention that one of my good online friends happened to be an amateur hypnotist.

“A hypnotist?” I asked curiously over the group’s voice call. “So you can like, control people’s minds and stuff?”

“It’s not so much a control as it is an influence,” replied Nicole. She explained that she had been doing it to others for nearly two years. Apparently, by creating a memory and having me play back that memory, I was supposed to be able to experience whatever the memory contained. “It certainly isn’t for everyone, though I would love to see just how deeply it affects you. All data is good data, as it is said.”

“I mean… I wouldn’t exactly mind. What would you make me do, exactly?”

“You sound nervous; let me assure you that I can’t and won’t make you do anything you are morally opposed to. That would only serve to break the trance and your trust in me. Does that sound alright?”

“Yes, it does. Alright then, should I lay down on my bed?”

“Do whatever you feel is most comfortable. I’ll begin once you feel ready.” By this time, the rest of the group had fallen silent, eager to see how the night’s events would play out. There was a bit of echo noise as I moved around atop my mattress, placing my phone upright on the nightstand next to me.

“I’m ready.”

“Good. I want you to visualize an ocean of water surrounding your entire being. Slowly the noise of the rest of the world fades to nothingness as my voice becomes all you can hear. The warm bubbles pop against your skin, causing your muscles to slowly relax…”

Nicole’s words were already having an effect. I could sense my nerves twitching as they imagined every sensation, my body light as if floating lazily along. “It does feel warm…”

“Allow your body to sink a little deeper, the light around you fading to black and the warmth becoming colder and colder… At this depth, my voice has the power to control you down to the molecule… Allow my voice to mold and to shape you again and again and again…”


“On my command, the water will recede and you will awaken on your bed. However, whenever you feel yourself becoming aroused, it will invoke a surge of confidence from within you. Your desires will continue to grow, seeking more arousal, embracing lust without physical limit. You will become personified sexual power. Do you understand?”

“I… I understand…”

“I want you to commit every detail to memory. Encapsulate the image of your sexual power growing outward infinitely, and allow yourself to experience it at any time.”

“Yes, Nicole…”

“Now awaken, and allow these memories to fade slowly into your subconscious mind.” On her command, I felt the weightlessness disappear, my focus returning to the room around me. I wasn’t really sure what to think; the whole thing had been way too surreal.

Her next question was, “How do you feel?”

“I’m not really sure yet. Also, I should probably get some sleep. I just realized it’s after midnight, and I have classes in the morning.”

“Well, just be mindful of it over the next few days. Let me know if you want to try it again.”

“Thank you, and I will. Goodnight, everyone.” As the group bid me farewell, I placed my phone on its charging pad and promptly fell asleep. However, every dream was a flash of confusion which left me more tired upon waking up. I probably hit the snooze button several times without realizing it, and that in turn led to my terrible morning rush. Now I was in class, tapping my pencil anxiously against my desk and struggling to keep my eyes open.

I needed to stay awake, and I needed to calm down as well. Then I thought, What if I tried the suggestion here? It’s not like anyone would notice, right…? Swallowing any lingering hesitation, I closed my eyes and allowed my thoughts to wander. There was a boy sitting a few rows down who I had crushed on for quite a while. He had a kind of daintiness to him; I’d always thought he’d look sexy dolled up in women’s clothing, even moreso if his cock had a ring around it…

My heart was pounding, toes curling as I felt a warmth oozing outward in all directions. Something about it felt even better than normal, and I found myself rolling my hips against my chair. Part of me hoped no one was watching while another part of me wanted to see the true slut that I was. My body grew hotter, muscles tensing even more, and then… I heard someone scream.

When I opened my eyes, the person closest to me was only half my height. The ceiling was getting closer to my face until I made contact, desks toppling over to accommodate my body. I was growing, literally growing. This… This isn’t what I had in mind at all! At this rate, I’ll burst through to the next floor! Why… Why… Why is this turning me on so much!?

The more aroused I felt, the faster I grew. The entire class had already run screaming out the door, though the class above me wouldn’t be as lucky. As I crashed through the support beams, the entire room gave way and the students fell through, some getting crushed as the debris showered over them. When I broke through the second ceiling, now fifty feet in height, the terrified onlookers appeared as little more than dolls to me.

Suddenly I felt a wickedness taking root, and in my state of hyperarousal, I absolutely needed to act on it. Forcing myself free of the building’s walls, I found the nearest group of students and brought my foot down hard. I felt them struggling for buta single moment before they were squished, embedded into the concrete underneath my shoe.

That… That felt good. I had never given much thought to the idea of being a giantess, though I had known others who talked about it from time to time. Actually being one, I was starting to realize what felt so great about it. In this form… I don’t have to play by the rules… I have all the power! I have all the control!

Whether the cause was the trance itself or some kind of quirk that had long been dormant, I couldn’t tell and didn’t care. All I wanted was to let loose on a world which had fostered my wrath for the longest time. Reaching for two students at random, I slipped each of them into my shoes, flattening them until they became one with my insoles.

What surprised me most is that the peoples’ first instincts were to watch rather than flee. Unfortunately for them, running proved futile when I could easily cover the length of a football field in under five paces. Yet merely crushing people was quickly becoming tame. That’s when my gaze fell upon a professor who I had always really, really hated.

I was enrolled in two of his courses during my freshman year, and both times he tried his damnedest to fail me outright. With the tables now turned, it would be I who had the last laugh. Picking him up with my fingers, I brought him toward my face until he was only a few feet from my nose. His voice, barely a whisper, was pleading for me to spare him. All it really accomplished was making my hatred for him boil over completely.

With my other hand, I slid open the waistbands of my shorts and my tights. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so it was no trouble for me to bring the tiny man down the middle of my rear end, pressing him against my tight asshole until it sucked him deep inside. The sensation of him squirming, desperately trying to fight his way out, stimulated me in ways I never thought possible. I started growing again, larger and larger and larger still.

I could now see across the entire town, my body having ascended to nearly two hundred feet. The people below were smaller than ants, their cars about as big around as my fingernails. By this point, it dawned on me that I hadn’t exactly thought my situation through. At this size, the idea of crushing things simply didn’t feel as exhilarating. I need to come up with something even better, but what…?

My eyes scanned across the horizon from east to west, until they centered on the site of a recently renovated resort hotel. The new wing was a five story tower which housed a series of luxury suites. Something about the way it rose over everything else made it seem rather phallic, and I found myself drooling as I moved briskly toward it. What happened next would be immoral on so many levels, but I no longer cared. All I wanted was to feel bliss, no matter what I had to destroy in order to realize it.

When I reached the hotel, I brought my foot down hard against the side of the tower, severing it from its main building. Slipping my shorts and tights all the way to my ankles, I lined up my wet slit with the tower’s pyramidal roof and gently pushed. I could feel my lower lips stretching across the metal, the grooves and bolts scratching my sensitive spots and prompting screams of ecstasy which echoed for miles. My knees slid out from under me, allowing the tower to wedge itself all the way inside, my crotch pressed firmly against the rubble below.

Every nerve burned with a lustful heat, my breath labored as I rolled my hips repeatedly along this stucco shaft. The textured sides rubbed sharply against my swollen clit, causing my hip muscles tocontract even harder. I could just faintly hear the building’s integrity give way slightly, tempered glass shattering and further adding to the prickly sensation. It was now a race to see which would break first – the tower or my libido.

Digging my fingers into some nearby shops, I rolled my hips with as much fervor as I could muster until finally I could take no more. Body shaking against the ground, my crotch unleashed a torrent of hot cum into the streets, flooding in all directions. My pussy closed so tightly around the spire that it crumbled entirely. Falling to my side, I gasped for breath and waited patiently for my thoughts to return to normal.

The extent of damages my sexual rampage had caused would be impossible to repair. My stench alone would likely taint the land for years if not decades. Not to mention my body had remained gigantic even after such a powerful orgasm. How big would I become the next time my libido surged?

I watched as the town tried desperately to pull itself together. The people who survived would never be able to understand the how or why, although the same could probably be said of myself. I still had no idea whether Nicole cast a spell on me, or if it was something inside of me all along that she merely awakened. Well, it isn’t like any of that matters now.

If there is one thing I learned from all of this, it’s that life’s random encounters tend to have no meaning on their own. All of the time spent agonizing over mistakes and mishaps is nothing but a colossal waste. At the end of the day – and should this truly be the end – I want to take pride in knowing that my final actions were genuine without the need to second-guess them. Perhaps in doing so, a part of me simply has no desire to apologize to anyone. My happiness is something that I should have a right to, even if it interferes with the happiness of others.

I mean, what right does mankind have to cast judgment on matters much larger than themselves, anyway?


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