“Watch out!” Screams of panic echoed along the streets as fire rained from the sky. Anyone who dared look up for even an instant would notice a shadowy creature circling the village before another volley of flame burned their body to ash. The creature’s wings created strong gusts, further spreading the embers from cottage to cottage until nothing was spared. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over. The creature doubled back toward the mountains, seemingly satisfied with the carnage it had left in its wake.

Word of this recent tragedy would soon reach the capital building, and the people would inevitably call upon their noblemen to facilitate a response. The noblemen, of course, would delegate the matter downward to their conscripted knights, all of whom were terrified at the notion of fighting such a demonic beast. Days passed with the orders fluctuating across multiple chains of command until it eventually fell upon the jurisdiction of one woman in particular.

A soldier knocked upon her door twice and then slowly entered. “Is this a bad time, Captain Vera?”

The good captain was currently naked and doing pull-ups on a wooden beam attached to the wall. Once she saw her subordinate, she slowly lowered her feet to the stone floor and then turned to face him. Standing at more than six feet tall, her muscular arms and legs were each larger around than the officer’s head. Her chest was an impressive wall of chiseled muscle on which two melon-sized breasts rippled each time she took a breath. Those who didn’t know her assumed her to be a mini-giantess, while those who did know her regarded her as a kind of demi-goddess. It wasn’t that she disregarded the former; she merely felt the latter suited her a bit better.

Wiping her forehead with a velvet cloth, she shook her head. “My morning workout was about done anyway. I take it you have information on the latest village attacks?”

“Y-Yes, ma’am. This report comes direct from Lord Durham himself. Apparently every other vanguard in the castle has declined the call to arms or threatened to defect entirely.”

“Heathens, the lot of them,” scoffed Vera. “What of our men?”

“I surveyed them all, and it seems they too lack the necessary resolve. A life of dishonor is more valuable to them than a heroic death.”

“This is a clear act of treason, though they persist under the precedent that they cannot be executed nor exiled. I will not stand for this any longer; I shall instead take matters into my own hands.”

The officer gasped. “Surely you cannot mean-!”

“I do. I will destroy this wicked creature in the name of Lord Durham.”

“Ma’am, with all due respect, this is insane! Some stronger than even you have found themselves decimated by this foul beast!”

Vera let out a chuckle as she dressed herself in a silver chainmail armor. “My dear subordinate, what you have yet to learn is that strength manifests in more than one way. When I return to you alive, perhaps all shall become clear then.”

In under an hour, she had compiled a sack of rations, her trusted sword, and a horse from the stable. Her last orders were thus: “Should I disappear, I call upon the brave and proud to continue my legacy. Seek divinity through physical transcendence, and use your power to protect the weak. Glory to the Capital!”

Glory to the Capital!” Cheers erupted as she sped out of the gates and into the wilderness. The air was calm, the grasses lush as she oriented herself due north. She moved briskly from village to village, stopping only to rest or to replenish her supplies. By the third day, she had arrived upon the site of the previous attack.

Save for a few lingering coals, the fires had all gone out. The scent of corpses filled the air as she probed the ruined structures for survivors, unable to find a single one. I can see now why nobody desired to take on this mission, she thought to herself. Any creature lacking compassion for the weak is certainly not afraid to die!

Further she rode, fast approaching the mountains as the air around her became hot and dry, chapping her lips and stinging her eyes. Still, she pressed on. After many hours, she had finally crested the highest peaks, dismounting her horse before walking slowly into what she believed to be the creature’s lair.

The shape and the layout were eerily similar to the castles she had lived in most of her life, though these walls had all been forged with some kind of elemental crystal rather than stone. Light from the outside appeared to refract along the crystal, giving each room a subtle green hue. Treading cautiously, Vera allowed her gaze to travel far along the floor, mindful of any traps or points of ambush.

Despite the labyrinth of rooms littered with skeletons, she failed to come across a single soul – human or otherwise. There was but one room left, and it lay at the very center of the labyrinth. Pulling her sword from its sheath, Vera advanced toward the grand banquet hall. Soon the air had become so heated that she felt rivulets of sweat dripping under her armor. Every breath burned, yet she had already come so far. It was now or never.

Lunging through the opening, she shouted, “Show yourself, foul creature! Repent for your sins against humanity!”

“And what, dear mortal, makes humanity so sacred?” A loud chuckle resonated across the chamber, and Vera could make out the visage of a dragon lounging comfortably across a throne more than twenty feet in length. The dragon’s body was ornamented with violet scales from end to end, a series of barbed spines covering his back – even extending to his wings and its tail. A cloud of smoke wafted up from his nostrils, faintly masking a set of emerald green eyes. This dragon was perhaps the largest Vera had ever come across, yet she could not allow herself to show fear.

“How dare you speak as if those weaker than you are unworthy of their dreams!? What right have you to decree who lives and who dies!?”

“Silence!” The dragon flicked his tail against the throne beneath him, causing the walls to rattle and shake. “Only those with a truly divine strength shall be allowed the privilege of inheriting the world! Far too long have humans corrupted these lands with their complacency for the status quo!” He grudgingly looked her over, though for a moment, his expression appeared to soften. “You seem to emanate an aura not like the other humans. Could it be that you have come here on a quest for transcendence yourself?”

“Wrong; I am merely here to put an end to this pointless bloodshed.”

“Yet you hesitate. You understand that your sword alone is not enough to defeat me.” He was right. Vera’s hands were shaking, her sword wavering in midair. While it would be effortless to plunge straight through the beast’s scales into its heart, the decisive factor was one of quickness. There stood a high probability that any swing of her blade would be dodged in short order before a burst of flame roasted her alive. In fact, Vera had already been aware of this long before she decided to embark on her quest.

Opening her hand, she let the sword fall to the ground with an audible clang. The dragon gave another chuckle, releasing a thick ring of smoke in the process. “Could it be that you wish to die then?” Vera wasn’t finished, however. She then unlinked the shoulder blades from her chainmail before removing every component one by one until she was completely naked. Sweat dripped down her to the stone floor, while her feminine musk floated through the air until it reached the dragon’s nose.

Now slightly curious, the dragon stood up from the throne, his mass more than double Vera’s own and his long tail coiled loosely around his legs. “What challenge is this?”

“It is a challenge of will,” she declared. “You are to impale me with your sword, and if I survive, then you must vow to never again attack a human.”

“What if you are to die?”

“Nothing would change anyway, therefore I have nothing to lose.”

Roaring in laughter, the dragon spread his wings and hovered down until he was directly in front of Vera. “You are indeed different from other humans. Very well; I will accept your challenge, but be warned…” As he blinked several times, a scaly erection unfurled from between his massive thighs, sixteen inches in length and two-and-a-half inches thick. “It has been a long time since I last mated, tiny one.”

Vera’s first instinct was to reach her hands forward and slide them slowly across the scaly shaft from top to bottom. Its texture was slick and slippery, much like that of a wild snake. Yet she could also feel a kind of sharpness between each scale. In spite of its considerable length, it was actually quite flexible. Surely it would have no trouble twisting its way up her body when all was said and done. The real challenge lay in her ability to take such an immense size to begin with.

For now, her best bet was to stall for time. Placing the shaft between her massive cleavage, Vera wrapped her legs around the dragon’s waist and began to pivot her body up and down on it. The dragon’s wings curled and he let out a contented moan. “Just like that, girl…”

She adjusted, folding her thighs against the base and squeezing hard. When she opened her mouth, the tip slid right in, allowing her to pleasure the entire cock at once. She noticed that it had a unique musk to it, a burnt smell that was rather comforting. The tip was dry, though she could already taste a bit of the dragon’s precum, the bitterness almost like alcohol. All of this was culminating in a way that, for some reason, turned her on more than any man or woman ever had.

The more she immersed herself in the dragon’s texture, the more she felt compelled to take it inside her. If it wouldn’t fit in her pussy, then she would simply go with the next best option. She remembered a trick one of her friends had taught her, and having decided that now would be the optimal time to invoke it, she lowered herself from the dragon’s erection and walked over to a raised stone table. Lifting herself onto it, she rested her back flush with the surface and grabbed her ankles.

Vera had never been very flexible, though she did have enough range of motion to bring her legs in a wide “V” just a few inches above her head. As she held the pose, her rear began to gradually open itself until an entire human hand could theoretically fit inside. The dragon saw this and was quite pleased. Without a word, he lined up his tip with the opening and slowly plunged through her, the scaly length curving as it penetrated her further than any human cock ever had, let alone could.

It surprised her how she felt very little pain from something so massive. All she could feel was an elasticity of her organs as the throbbing member visibly bulged undereath her skin. Meanwhile, the dragon could only marvel at how tightly Vera’s muscles constricted him, a euphoria unmatched by even the most virile of dragons he had mated with over the centuries. Soon he was thrusting faster and faster, grunting harder and releasing thick clouds of smoke toward the ceiling.

The two of them melded their bodies again and again, the heat causing them to sweat and their musks to coalesce between them. This challenge was fast becoming something far more – a passion, a bond solidified between two creatures of a kindred spirit. Finally, those waves of ecstasy hit their crest and the two of them climaxed simultaneously, Vera leaking her juices all over the dragon’s thighs while he unloaded burst after burst of thick semen into her stomach.

Vera couldn’t believe what was happening to her. The dragon’s seed was filling her, bloating her belly until she looked absolutely pregnant. When it ran out of room, it flooded up her throat and she began to spit it from her mouth, her eyes rolling back as her orgasm rebounded against itself over and over. Nothing in the universe had ever made her feel like this, and a part of her never wanted to feel anything else.

After nearly two minutes, the dragon had exhausted himself, pulling his semi-flaccid cock free. Vera’s asshole gaped open considerably, over a gallon of cum spilling out onto the stone below. She could feel herself gaping even as she closed her legs, and she suspected that it would never again be the same. For some reason, she didn’t mind in the slightest.

The dragon looked at Vera and whispered, “Never have I experienced something so beautiful. I am a dragon of my word, thus I vow to forever spare the humans who dwell within these lands.” In response, Vera exhaled a sigh of deep relief. Against all odds, she had somehow won. So… why don’t I feel happy about it…?

“Hey, y-your excellency… I do have… one more request…?”

“What request have you, fair maiden?”

“What if I were to, you know… stay with you…?”

“Oh?” The dragon tilted his head, a claw softly tracing along the woman’s sticky body.

“Y-Yes; I was thinking that maybe what you really desired all this time… was a strong companion…?”

He thought about it, and when it clicked inside of his mind, his laughter was enough to echo across the mountains far and wide. “You certainly have a way with words. I don’t believe I asked you your name.”

“It’s Vera Atlas, and yours?”

“I have had many names over the years, though Flannchadh is perhaps the most common.”

“The red warrior, though you’re purple.” She giggled. “I like it, but I’ll call you Flann for short.”

“Flann it is, my dear Vera, though wouldn’t your companions be concerned by your sudden absence?”

“I may return in a few days just to let them know I’m alive. However, something tells me that my proper place is here by your side, Flann. So… may I stay?”

“If feel so strongly, then I have no right to object. In a way, I am rather relieved, for I felt much the same sentiments. That said, the two of us should rest. Please, join me atop the throne, my dear.”

Taking one of his claws in her hand, Vera walked with him up the steps to the ornate stone platform. They curled up together, sharing in each others warmth until exhaustion set into the both of them.

“I love you, Vera.”

“I love you, Flann.”

Closing their eyes, they drifted off to sleep, and the rest of the world no longer mattered.


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