“You were… expecting me…?” Tightly gripping the strap of my bag, I fought to remain standing as every fiber of my being screamed for me to run. It didn’t take long to realize that his outfit was one I had seen quite often on a variety of fetish websites, nor did it really bother me to witness it up close on his body. No – what terrified me was that he had somehow picked up on my fascination for this kind of taboo, and now he was exposing me to it as a sort of litmus test to see how I’d respond.

He obviously expected me to follow him inside. If I ran away now, what would it accomplish? Would anyone even believe it if I suddenly accused him of trying to seduce me? Because I approached him, he had full control over the situation. Any claims would therefore be struck down, and he would be free to drop me from his course without a second thought. The bottom line was that following him was my only option.

Though if I did follow him, what would happen? Would we have sex? Would he propose to dominate me? Was that his overarching goal? At eighteen, was I even ready for this type of thing? Thoughts ricocheted haphazardly across all corners of my mind, and I soon found myself barely able to focus. Leaning against the door frame, I tried desperately to calm myself down.

Jeremy waited for me to collect my thoughts before leading me inside. “I can tell that you have several questions. Allow me to begin by answering the most obvious of them. As you have probably realized, I am involved in the BDSM community. The reason I gravitated toward you as a prospect is because you have a certain potential about you, Nicole.”

“A potential? Y-You mean my flexibility?”

“Correct. After our introduction at the start of term, I decided to do a bit of digging into your background. An article came up from roughly six months ago where you did a series of contortion acts in a school talent show.”

“Then you… already knew…?”

“Let me finish,” he snapped. “What intrigued me about this article was the mention of a spinal reconstruction that you underwent years prior. Surely these feats of flexibility should have been impossible for someone like you, yet in seeing your performance with my own eyes, it occurred to me that there was something truly special about your body. It made me desire to learn all I could about your capabilities.”

If he’s alluding to what I think he is, then… “Jer- …Professor Steinbeck, I’m afraid that the things you would expect my body to do simply aren’t possible because of the reconstruction. I’m amazed that you’re giving me this opportunity, flattered even. I just feel like I would leave you disappointed. I’m really sorry.”

His brow softened, and he smiled. “Knowing your body intimately is an important first step, Nicole.”


“The way by which you worded your rejection reveals something considerable about your past. The only way you could suspect that my expectations were impossible to meet was if you felt them more possible by the past you.” He motioned me onto the couch. “I want to know more – if you are alright with obliging me, that is.”

Setting down my bag, I removed my shoes and crossed my legs in a lotus pose on the leather seat. I was thankful that I decided to wear shorts over my tights this time as opposed to a skirt. “W-What do you want to know?”

“If you think you’re up to it, I would like for you to tell me some of the things you may have done behind closed doors back when your spine was one hundred percent natural. The ball’s in your court now, Nicole.”

“I… I see…” Can I really trust him? Outside of the internet, only a select few had ever known of my hidden perversions and the ways in which I corrupted my own body. With a final sigh, I relented. “Very well, Professor. I will tell you everything.”

“I appreciate this very much.”

“I believe it all began with my freshman year of high school…” The memories gradually flooded back, bringing with them a multitude of conflicting emotions from euphoria to regret. Yes, everything could be traced to a single origin, or perhaps more accurately, a single question.

“Can you suck your own dick?” Barely a month had passed since the start of the year, yet I had already heard the question more than a dozen times. Flexibility was always such a universally feminine trait, but nobody at the time knew that I secretly desired a feminine body. As such, it became a scapegoat for others to tease and to bully me.

Though I had to admit there was actually something to the idea. I hadn’t really explored anything sexual before, not even masturbation. What would it feel like to have a cock – my cock – inside of my mouth for the first time? What would it smell like? Taste like? How would it respond to warm lips and a wet tongue slurping along its length?

Surely there would be no harm in trying it out. Late one night, after my family members had all fallen asleep, I stripped completely and got on my bed, placing my ankles behind my neck. Already the tip was barely an inch from my lips. Bending my spine just a little further, I soon had the entire head of my cock pressed against my tongue. My hands gripping my bare ass, I felt a depravity unlike anything I had ever experienced.

The entire length tasted warm and sweaty, its texture soft like velvet. It throbbed and twitched in reaction to the warm saliva dripping down its length, though I wouldn’t say there was much in terms of physical arousal. With a shrug, I decided simply to enjoy the moment, my fingers tracing along my legs as I lay there contorted, slurping to my heart’s content.

This isn’t enough, I thought to myself after several minutes had passed. What I wanted most was to be able to taste semen for the first time, yet I couldn’t seem to coerce an orgasm no matter what I tried. Frustrated, I decided to keep going anyway, to push until I was rewarded with something much dirtier.

My cock began tothrob uncontrollably as a torrent of bitter liquid erupted, flowing past my tongue toward the back of my throat. Fearful that spitting would leave evidence of my perverted act, I had no choice but to swallow every drop. When it ended at last, I unfolded and lay flat on my back, allowing my muscles to recover while I reflected on what I had just done.

I could still taste the remnants of itmixing with my saliva, and for some reason, I really liked the sensation. Did that make me some kind of freak? Was it even safe, for that matter? The answers would need to wait, for when I looked at my alarm clock, the time was fast approaching midnight. I quickly threw my clothes back on and passed out.

The next day, I searched the web to try and learn more about this new preference. I discovered that with the proper precautions, this taboo act was in fact quite harmless. I also discovered several related fetishes, causing my mind to rapidly fill with all sorts of new ideas. Exploring them became something of a nightly ritual in which I stripped naked, folded myself like a human pretzel, and stimulated everything within reach. Sucking my cock, fingering my ass and groping my sensitive skin brought me untold ecstasy even if I never climaxed.

Sadly, those days eventually came to an end. It turned out that the reason for my extreme flexibility stemmed from a genetic defect of my spine. I was informed that surgical intervention was in my best interest to avoid long term damage, but an unintended consequence was losing the ability to bend the middle section of my spine. I could still get my ankles behind my head, but I couldn’t bring my cock to my lips anymore.

A feeling of catharsis washed over my spirit as I reached the end of my story. It was strangely comforting to confess my secrets to someone directly.Jeremy then nodded andstood up, his hand held out to me. “Would you be so kind as to follow me into the next room, Nicole?”

The room in question appeared at first glance to be nothing more than a home gym. However, inspection of the equipment revealed several unique and perhaps dangerous modifications. The traditional handles had all been replaced with ankle and wrist cuffs, their connected weights now serving as counterbalances to keep someone held in a fixed position. My subconscious began to fantasize a bit and I felt my arousal beginning to take hold. I placed a hand over my mouth in a weak attempt to stifle an ever-deepening blush.

Jeremy, meanwhile, was grinning from ear to ear. “This, my dear Nicole, is where the art takes shape. Those who have entered these walls were able to experience a beauty which cannot be reproduced in vanilla society. I am offering you a chance to live among the legends.”

His words invoked an even deeper shade of red across my face. Jeremy was laying it on a little thick, yet I couldn’t exactly deny his point. Maybe a part of me didn’t want to. I thought back to those nights when I could still suck myself off. There were many crushes back then who I wished I could share my depravity with, butI held myself back every time. I always feared that they wouldn’t share my fascination, that it would make things awkward for the both of us. I always questioned whether I made the right choices or if it even mattered once those abilities were removed from me.

If I allowed myself to decline Jeremy’s offer, there was no guarantee I would receive another one like it within my lifetime. I did not want to look back on this with regret, therefore I knew what needed to be done. Closing my eyes, I ripped my blouse and camisole off my body in a single motion, quickly doing the same with my skirt, tights, and panties.

“Good girl,” he chuckled. My hands began to move – one to my chest and the other to my crotch – in a vain attempt to hide my embarrassment. I may have been lithe and limber and feminine, but I still had a flat chest and a very unladylike erection. He saw this and was quick to motion those hands away. “Your insecurities make you human, Nicole. Do not shy away from your body simply because there are things you wish to change. Embrace them and juxtapose them with who you intend to become.”

He motioned for me to sit on one of the modified machines. Normally, it would have been configured with a pull-up bar above and a leg swing at the end. Instead, leather cuffs were now connected to the pulleys at both ends. Jeremy placed my wrists into the upper cuffs and instructed me to place my ankles behind my head. Once I had done so, he placed the lower rear cuffs on each ankle. I could feel the cables receding, forcing the bend to maximum tightness. It was a little uncomfortable, though I found myself so incredibly turned on that it didn’t matter.

The cables suspended my body at something of a forty-five degree angle, exposing nearly every square inch of me to Jeremy. He removed the glove from his right hand and traced the tip of his index finger down from the center of my neck, seemingly intrigued by what he found. I could only shiver and look away as the full length of my scar was thoroughly traversed.

I had always hated my scar. Even now, I tended to wear outfits which masked its presence. Thus, it came as a shock when I suddenly felt Jeremy’s lips kissing against it. “W-What are you doing!?”

“What am I doing? Well, I’m just marveling at the body of a beautiful girl is all.”

“I’m not-”

“You are, Nicole. You have put so much into this body, overcoming so many obstacles to achieve your own kind of perfection. I will bring you ever further, but only if you let me.”

“Jeremy, I-”



“You alone will address me as Professor.”

“Y-Yes, Professor.” This appeared to satisfy him, for he then moved in front of me and pressed his lips to mine. The moment I felt his tongue worming its way into my mouth, I could no longer keep my eyes open. All that mattered was the electric pleasure coursing through my veins as his passionate kiss lowered any inhibitions I had left.

Jeremy placed the glove back on his right hand and reached for my twitching cock. It was a dry feeling, yet the texture nearly caused me to cry out against the tongue which continued to probe deeper. I was completely at his mercy, and it felt so good that I didn’t want it to end. I knew however that I couldn’t possibly last much longer in such a hypersexual state. The tightness in my hips was a clear indication that I would likely cum at any moment, and now that I was older, the amount of cum my body produced would be considerable.

He must have anticipated this, for he soon aimed the tip of my cock upward, sliding his hand along my shaft as fast as his wrist allowed. When the first stream of sticky fluid splattered against my left breast, he pulled his lips away with a mischievous grin. Each additional spurt traveled just a tiny bit higher, hitting my neck and then my chin and finally my lips. By the time it was over, the entire left side of my body was drenched in creamy white cum.

Releasing my tired shaft, Jeremy used his glove to wipe up some of the fluid. His fingers then plunged into my mouth, forcing me to slurp the leather clean. The sheer perversion of this extraneous act elicited my biggest moan of the night. Though no more cum leaked out, a secondary orgasm seemed to wash over me from top to bottom. With it came an exhaustion that caused me to slump against my restraints, panting heavily as the fingers fell away.

I was released from the cuffs, unfolded, and slowly lowered to the floor. My lower back muscles hurt like hell, but the outcome had been more than worth the exertion. There was a bizarre realization that I no longer felt embarrassed to be naked. So this is what it’s like to be a slut…

“Are you able to stand, Nicole?”

“I… I think so.” He held his hand out like before, and I shakily rose to my feet. White residue glimmered across my skin, a clear indication that I was in desperate need of a shower. “Thank you so much for everything, Professor Steinbeck. I… I should probably get going.”

“I would like an answer by Monday, Nicole.”

“I understand. Again, thank you.” Sliding my clothes back on, I followed him to the living room, grabbed my bag, and wished him goodnight. The drive back to campus was short yet quiet. Everything around me felt perfectly neutral, as if in a kinetic equilibrium which could not be defined by words.

Letting myself in through the dormitory’s side entrance, I soon found a vacant shower and rinsed off the evidence of my perversion. I then re-clothed myself and rushed up the stairs toward my dorm room. My roommate appeared to be elsewhere, so I turned down the lights and climbed into bed, allowing exhaustion to overtake me fully.

As they say, the more things change…



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