“Inside a dark box… body flattened between the walls… too heavy and too lethargic… synthetic hardness… turned into a doll… new purpose is to be used… control to your owner… naked doll body… place you on the bed… legs behind your neck… heat travels down… lubricant into your slit… I grab your feet… six inches of my cock into you… already beginning to leak… chest rubbing against yours… inhuman arousal… the need to experience orgasm… will never be sated…”

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory. (Full Transcript Below)

Before we proceed with the session, I must ask that you first prepare a comfortable position in which to relax. Filter away any background noise which could distort your mind, until my voice is all that you hear. The more you relax, the easier it becomes for my words to paint images in your mind’s eye. As you gravitate toward these words, begin to imagine that there exists a vast ocean, your body hovering mere inches below the surface. You are alone, but my voice continues to echo even beneath the waves. Nothing else matters but my voice and the images it can etch into your being.

Drifting along with the current, you feel warm bubbles popping against your bare skin from head to toe. It relaxes you; it promotes a sense of balance between you and the universe. With your thoughts growing ever distant, you begin to sink deeper into the water. The light of the sun fades to black, pulling you toward a chilly void in which all thoughts and emotions are drained from your mind. Here in the darkness, my voice has the power to completely reshape your mind, your body, and your soul.

I want you to blink a few times for me, adjusting to this darkness. With each blink, a faint shiver seems to radiate from your neck, flowing down your arms and legs. The more you blink, the more you shiver, and the more you realize you are completely under my voice’s control. Keep blinking even as the blackness becomes a lighter blue. Keep blinking… Keep blinking…

One more blink, and the world around you suddenly changes. The water distorts and slowly disappears, the world closing in until it encases you completely inside of a dark box. Your legs are bent upward as your arms are bent downward, body flattened between the walls. Even if you could move against the walls, your body simply feels too heavy and too lethargic. Where your body parts seem to rub together, you feel this synthetic hardness, a silicon over plastic which brings you to the conclusion that you have been turned into a doll.

This gentle period of suspended animation allows you the time to reflect on what that means to you. You can feel all sense of responsibility fading, the worries and obligations of reality no longer a part of your existence. Your new purpose is to be used, losing yourself to the pleasures of giving full control to your owner. You marvel at how sexy your body has become – so smooth and limber and sensitive to the touch of others. You eagerly await the first time your body is to be unboxed.

Thankfully, you aren’t kept waiting for long. You can feel me sliding your box across the floor, then opening it and allowing the light to shine upon your naked doll body. Lifting you by your arms, I place you on the bed and push your limber legs behind your neck, your hands resting on your spread thighs. You notice that I happen to be naked as well. When I climb onto the bed, I give your open mouth a kiss, my petite breasts rubbing against your own. My body feels so warm and soft and feminine, though my hard cock is a reminder of the raw dominance I can invoke at any time.

I decide to take my time, hands caressing your silicon thighs, making their way up your contorted legs all the way to your feet. The pose feels tight, slightly straining your plastic joints. The payoff is more than worth it as a heat travels down your legs and hips to where your pussy is eagerly waiting for something to enter it. I grab a lubricating oil from the nightstand and rub it into my hands. Just for fun, I rub it into your feet and legs first, making them slippery and causing them to slide against each other behind you. You wish you could moan, but you body remains completely silent. I keep applying the oil, now to your chest. Your nipples spasm with intense arousal that would make your knees weak if you were still human.

Finally, after hesitating long enough, I pour the rest of the lubricant into your slit. The fingers of my right hand worm their way inside you, massaging the inner walls deeper and deeper while you lay there powerless to resist. Your body is now so slick and so sensitive and so beautiful that I cannot resist you either. Splaying my legs on the bed, I grab your feet and ram the full six inches of my cock into you, hips gyrating with reckless abandon.

The tightness of your slit causes me to moan lewdly, my cock already beginning to leak. I arch my back and thrust as fast as my legs allow, my chest rubbing against yours every so often. You can feel my fingernails digging into your soles, leaving small indents in your silicon skin. My breath comes out in ragged gasps and my toes curl against the bed.

In and out, over and over, my cock slides clean through your elastic insides, wracking your every molecule with inhuman arousal. It never peaks, never crests, never releases. I fuck to my heart’s content, blind to your turmoil which makes you wish you could melt entirely, if only to escape this agonizing sexual itch. Your thoughts swirl and jumble, unable to focus on anything other than the need to experience orgasm, a need that will never be sated.

I hit my limit, moaning out loud as spurt after spurt of sticky seed flows through your opening, trickling down into your silicon womb. There it shall remain as I remove myself from you and kiss you one last time. Picking you up, I gently slide you back into the box and place you into a closet. Then I turn out the lights and leave the room. This is where you remain.

As long as this trance remains in your mind, the effects of the built up arousal will continue to overwhelm your thoughts. You will languish here, trapped in your own libido until it begins to fracture your very soul. The corruption and depravity will make you forget… forget your human form… forget your old existence, until all that matters is the euphoria of your sexdoll future. Embrace the visions I have supplied for you, and commit each one to memory. Succumb to the reality which I have provided for you…


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