“The library will be closing in fifteen minutes,” announced a man over the intercom. “We appreciate your patronage and wish you a pleasant evening.”

Setting down my pen, I looked once more at the stream of notes I had compiled. Despite filling several pages front to back, the information appeared to be lacking some crucial element. Yet I had completely exhausted the library’s archives; even now, there lay a stack of over two dozen tomes perched precariously to my left, swaying to and fro whenever the table so much as moved.

I was on a quest to learn all I could about the theories and practices used in the art of spellcasting. For nearly two weeks, these halls felt like something of a second home as I studied from morning to evening. Sadly, my hands-on experience was still rather minimal, so there was no way of knowing whether the spell I had in mind would perform as intended or backfire horrifically. Everything would be left to chance, and a part of me found that slightly unnerving.

Releasing an irritated sigh, I stood from the table, careful not to disturb the tower of books. I shuffled my notes into my bag and then made my way to the library’s exit. The street around me was bathed pink by the setting sun, a gentle wind causing the autumn leaves to fall lazily toward the ground. Cars rushed past as people made for their homes, whether to be with family or merely to shelter themselves from the October chill. I too was of mind to make a mad dash for my apartment, though there was one thing I needed to take care of first.

A butchery could be found in an inconspicuous redbrick building on the opposite side of town. Its owner was considered a key supplier for nearly all of the witches in this region, yet none of them could tell me the man’s name. Even his daytime customers would refer to him as the “Butcher on Ralston” or something to that effect. Not to mention that the source of his product was also a mystery. It was said that white delivery trucks would arrive at regular shifts, but attempting to follow one of these trucks always resulted in the chaser becoming hopelessly lost. Whatever the case, I just hoped that my request would be processed without any trouble.

I parked near the entrance, wondering if I might run into others while I was here. When the coast appeared rather empty, I shrugged and stepped out of my car. Walking through the front door caused a bell to chime, alerting the owner of my presence. When he came out and saw it was me, his brow furrowed. “Thought I told ye come at six.”

“It’s a minute to six; isn’t that good enough?”

“If I’d a customer, I’d a mind to kick ye out onto the damned street. It’s also why I told ye go around back. Whatever; can ye do me a favor and lock the door?”

He tossed a set of keys which I just barely managed to catch. Once I had secured the entrance, he motioned for me to follow him. I set his keys by the register and then walked with him into the back warehouse. Various animals hung from hooks, while floor-to-ceiling freezers spanned the entire right wall. Opposite those were various cutting and packing tools, as well as a cubicle that served as a makeshift office.

The man opened one of the freezers and pulled out the body of a pig. It had suture marks where the head and legs had all been removed. When he placed it on a steel table, the scale clocked in at over sixty pounds. I grimaced. “You said you removed all of the organs, correct?”

“Yes’m, though some witches say it’s better with ‘em in.”

“Do those witches happen to double as gladiators?”

“Ye must be new to the craft. Well, ain’t my problem. Sixty pound sets ye back roughly two-fifty.”

“That’s money up front, right?”

“Money up front.” His demeanor was professional, though a bit too aggressive for my liking. Nonetheless, I pulled the money from my bag and handed it over. He pocketed it and then began to fold the body into a foam sleeve.

“Pleasure doing business wi’ ye. Best remember…”

“Right, right; I was never here.” Heaving it over my shoulder, I thanked him and wobbled through the building’s rear entrance. Eventually I made it to my car, dumped it into the back, and headed for home.

Home was a small apartment building carved into the hills west of town. Geothermal heating meant utilities were rather cheap, though on the other hand, the units themselves were incredibly small. My own was barely three hundred square feet, essentially a room with four partitions: a main area, a kitchenette, a sleeping area and a bathing area. The unit had some ventilation pipes but no sources of natural light. Staying inside for too long was said to bring about cabin fever and other forms of madness.

Thankfully, my neighbors all seemed to be out or asleep. Under the cover of dusk, I brought the bagged animal through the door of my unit and set it down on the rough kitchen tile. I now had everything I needed for the spell, or so I hoped. Using a large plastic tub, I set about preparing the ingredients.

First came the tedious process of filling the tub with water. After reaching the two-thirds mark, I began to pour in boxes of blue gelatin, mixing it to the required consistency. There was an urge to submerge myself in the mixture, but I held back my desires. Once the mixture was complete, I slid the pig into the gelatin and began to remove the sutures. Finally, I pulled a strand of hair from my head and set it on top. All that remained was to recite the words:

Amplectere figura veritas mea identitatem. Applica ad contorquere et duplicate anima mea…” Before my very eyes, the mixture began to glow with intense heat and blinding light. I fell against the countertop, shielding my eyes until the glow gradually faded. The next thing I noticed was a woman rising from the tub, her body a translucent blue slime.

“What happened… to me…?”

“Wait, are you…?”

“Are you me…?”

“I think you are me…” Her body was very nearly a copy of my own. Like me, she stood at five-foot-ten, slender legs carrying a well toned waist and hips. Her chest was a well-rounded 36B, while a six inch cock quivered between her legs. Long strands of hair flowed down past her shoulders, though every molecule was made of the same slimy gel as the rest of her body.

“I have all of your memories. It’ll be a while before I get used to this… You know, being the copy…”

“It’s okay, sister. Right now it’s just us, so we’ll have plenty of time to figure that out.” For some reason, the situation was arousing me unlike anything I had ever experienced. Though I had just met her, I could sense a chemistry between the two of us on an almost spiritual level. From the way she bit her lip, she must have sensed the same thing. Giving no thought to my actions, I stripped off every bit of clothing and posed seductively for her. With a wink of her glassy eyelid, my clone pulled herself from the tub, feet sliding her across the tile until she was close enough to wrap her arms around my shoulders. I placed mine around her waist and then locked my lips to her own.

Immediately, I was assaulted by a flood of unique and incredible sensations. The surface of her body was perfectly smooth and just cold enough to send shivers up my spine. When I rolled my body against hers, I could feel bits of her mass sticking to me like a thin glaze, making me as slippery as she was. As we started to lose balance, the two of us helped each other toward the floor, hips and chests grinding even faster and harder than before.

Her moist kisses dripped the scent of blueberries onto my tongue, complementing a delicious musk which made me want to swallow her whole. She merely giggled and pulled her lips away. “Not yet, sis.” Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to form a massive puddle, beckoning for me to dive in. Sliding my stomach against her, I began to twist from side to side, coating every inch of myself in her slime. The rough texture was amplified by her lubrication, causing me to cry out as every nerve in my body radiated an intense sexual heat.

She was far from finished. Reconstructing her upper half, she allowed her shaft to flow into my rear end, rapidly pumping a pressurized liquid into my belly. My back arched and my tongue fell out of my mouth, leg and hip muscles spasming from such a sudden and intense fuck. As her silky hands moved from my waist to my breasts, she conjured two thick tentacles with which to pin my arms behind me, keeping my back curved upward. Her hips pivoted and drove her liquid shaft back and forth deep inside me, moreso than any human cock would ever be able to.

My legs remained bound inside her puddle as a third tentacle wrapped around my shaft, stroking slowly at first though soon gaining momentum. I felt myself squirmingerratically, desperately needing to relieve this otherworldly tension building up inside me, completely at the mercy of my twin. I could hear her moaning behind me, her gelatinous molecules swirling inside my gaping hole. With her being every bit a sexual animal as I was, I knew she had no intention of stopping until I came all over us both. I was more than happy to oblige her.

“Sis, I can’t… I can’t take much more!”

“Fuck… Just cum in me already…!”

“I’m cumming!” My fingers and toes curled into fists, arms and legs stiffening as I began to squirt a thick white semen into my twin’s puddle. She freed my body all at once, causing me to fall into the tile, gasping for breath after being so thoroughly ravaged. When I looked at her, I could see the semen being filtered through her body, the water content disappearing into her while the solids were compacted into a small cube. She pulled the cube from her body and handed it to me.

Curious, I popped it into my mouth, saliva mixing it into a salty, sticky slop that coated my entire tongue. The taste and texture felt much more potent than normal, and I clutched my chest, moaning from the arousal it invoked. My clone simply smiled as she sat on the floor across from me, legs stretched out with her toes curling seductively. It was time for round two.

Pressing my face against the soles of her feet, I began to lick between her toes, tasting that lovely blueberry flavor and craving so much more. As I looked up, she gave me an affirming nod, thus I closed my lips around both feet and began to slurp her liquid mass into my throat. It was a lot more arduous than I anticipated, having to hold her legs in place so I could breathe through my nose every few moments. Yet the wriggling of her slime and the moans from her lips told me she was loving it as much as I was.

Soon I was to her hips, her gelatinous shaft tickling my nose before it too was slurped and swallowed down. My hands traveled up her glossy surface, pulling her closer with every breath. My belly was already starting to round out, so full of her liquid mass that I felt like bursting. Still, I kept going, taking her breasts, her arms, and finally, her head. Closing my mouth one last time, I licked my lips and leaned against the kitchen cabinets, reflecting on what I had just accomplished.

If I tapped my hand against my belly, I could feel her sloshing back and forth. A psychic link seemed to form between us, her molecular ecstasy filling me with a renewed sense of euphoria. I knew what she wanted, and I knew exactly how to give it to her. Arching my back, I began to stroke my dick with my right hand.

Every stroke resulted in a spasm, jostling her further and causing her to crash against the walls which held her captive. Closing my eyes and focusing the whole of my will, I directed her molecules ever downward, forcing her into my reproductive system. My balls filled with her fluid, causing me to gasp in perfect sexual bliss. I needed to cum. I needed to cum her from my body. I needed release, to get myself over the limit. It was so close that I could taste it. And then…

“FUCK!” The torrent began. Spurt after spurt of bluish white cum-slime splattered across the tile, a seemingly limitless supply showing no sign of slowing even after a full minute had passed. I continued to scream and to swear, my cock shooting until it hurt like hell, overshadowed only by the addictive feelings of ecstasy resonating throughout my body and my mind.

I kept my eyes closed, sensing only the motions of my body as it struggled to expel all of my slime sister’s body. Time and place had become totally irrelevant; all that mattered were the mechanics of my hips rolling, my lungs fighting for air, and my cock struggling to keep the momentum. Finally, after nearly ten minutes, it was over. My balls were empty and my world faded to black.

The next thing I knew, someone was humming nearby. Opening my eyes, I turned my gaze upward to where a sapphire face was staring back, lip contorted in and expression of grave concern. “You were asleep quite a while, love. Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, I think so. It hurts to move, though…”

“I should probably get you to bed.” She oriented herself into a puddle shape, having me float atop her as she moved from the kitchen toward the sleeping area. Weakly, I climbed the rest of the way onto my bed, and she returned to her human shape in order to join me. Arms and legs twisting together, we reveled in the closeness of our bodies, minds and spirits. It was the happiest I’d felt in a long time.

Waking up early the next morning, I found myself alone. In a panic, I darted upright and felt around for any moisture on the bed, though there was none. My gut instinct told me to check the kitchenette, and when I did, my heart began to ache in the worst of ways. The tub which had produced my gelatinous twin now held what remained of her mass. Suddenly I realized what it was the spell had been lacking.

Losing her in such a way felt like a tragedy. I wanted so desperately to see her again, to hold her in my arms and to lose myself in her passion. I wanted to exist side by side with her, even if she was only a construct manufactured from my memories. Sadly, the reality was that I would never be able to acquire enough organic material to sustain her magic. Unless…

Suddenly, my thoughts clicked as I realized that there was indeed a way. Dipping my legs into the cerulean goo, I folded myself up and chanted the spell. Immediately my body was blanketed in that familiar light and heat. I could sense my essence dissolving into the gelatin, becoming one with it permanently. It took barely a minute for the transformation to complete. I was now a slime girl.

Clearing my mind of all thoughts and emotions, I began to visualize myself at the molecular level. My shape became little more than a puddle before splitting completely in half. When I reshaped my humanoid body, a mirror image of myself rose up next to me. She greeted me with a warm smile.

“Thank you for saving me.”

“Thank you for loving me.” We melted in each other’s arms, ready to spend the rest of our lives together as one.


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