It is believed that roughly forty percent of women can think their way to an orgasm, though I would argue that pretty much anyone could do it. A climax is little more than chemical reactions firing off within the brain and telling the body how to respond. If one could be thoroughly coaxed into triggering the release of these chemicals, then a mental climax is the obvious outcome. Yet as with all things, there are exceptions to the rule.

When a person is anxious or depressed, their ability to secrete these chemicals is already partially inhibited. Sending a message to invoke feelings of elation is a worthless endeavor when the target mind simply cannot understand the message’s contents. Trying to brute force a suggestion might only serve to weaken a person’s susceptibility as they become more frustrated with themselves over being unable to attain the desired result. Unfortunately, this is far from the only danger.

Scientific theories abound which discuss the idea of harmful chemicals spreading in the bodies of emotionally compromised individuals. Some researchers are even trying to correlate the presence of these elevated chemicals and the risk for suicidal thoughts. Is it possible for hypnosis to inadvertently amplify these harmful messengers? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, and what of the rest of the body?

Temperature, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure – these things and more could potentially be affected if a trance continues for an extended period. The overexertion may not even be consciously realized, but it could lead to health problems which significantly shorten a person’s life. However, even knowing the risks and the consequences of what we were doing, I couldn’t bring myself to moderate the growing addiction.

The honest truth was that I was feeling my powers more intimately through Nicole’s body than I ever did as a mere projection of her, and I had Esmeralda to thank for that. The higher my existence ascended, the less I cared about the collateral damage. I started to see this body as mine to use and abuse with Nicole being the alternate self. No objections could be felt from her, so life carried on in this manner.

“Before we begin, could you get on your bed and strip for me?” At her command, I lay there on my back, the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan sending goosebumps across my bare skin. “Imagine me as a human shaped insect, staring deeply into your eyes. Doesn’t my stare entice you? Doesn’t it make you desire nothing more than to obey me…?

“Yes, mistress… I wish to obey…”

“As I kiss you, feel your body begin to change… until you become an insect girl just like mistress… Antennae twitch atop your head, while paper-thin wings spread out across your back…”

“Ahh… They feel like no wings I’ve ever had! My head feels kind of heavy, though…”


“Just… more mass is all. They feel kind of rough when I touch them…”

“Simply relax and enjoy these subtle changes… Now then, look again into my eyes, deeply so… You know deep down that you can only ever accept me as your mistress…”

“I love my mistress… I will love her always… I want to be by her side forever and ever… to make her happy…”

“Allow your eyes to turn a hypnotic red, just like mine…”

“So beautiful…”

“Shh… You love them so much that you can think only about them… You belong fully to me, and everything I tell you is absolute…”

“Yes… I belong to mistress… I belong to her…”

“You can’t think about anyone but mistress…”

“I belong to mistress… I belong to her…”

“Your entire body, mind and soul belong to her in this moment…”

“I belong to mistress… I belong to her…”

“You belong to mistress, and her word is absolute. Your mind goes blank and obeys my every command…”

“I belong to mistress… I belong to her…”

“Good girl. Stop it before you break, but continue to obey.”

“Yes…” With every repetition, I could feel my physical changes amplifying. The wings were more sensitive to the air, while the antennae felt more natural atop my head. Though Esmeralda was only getting started.

“Whenever you hear me call upon your obedience, you shall fall into this state. My word is of the utmost importance to you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress…”

“With that, I desire for you to feel those insect features gradually evolving into succubus ones… Your wings are thicker and more pointed; your antennae fast becoming a set of horns.”

“I feel it…”

“A long, heart shaped tail raises from your lower back, and your eyes will darken even more…”

“I’m changing… so much…” This perception of being a denizen of the underworld made my skin feel hot and dry, with a burnt smell complementing my body’s natural odor. Despite my submissiveness, a sensation of inhuman physical prowess was taking hold.

“Your hands shall get slightly longer, nails sharpened into claws… Your hair turns darker, falling over your breasts which expand just a little… You shall have a cock and a pussy, so that you may capture the lust of both men and women…”

“Ghn…” The changes were becoming overwhelming. “Tch… perm…ent…”



“…Stop, before you break again.”

“Mistress, if we go further… it might be permanent…”

There was a period of silence before she responded, “Wake up completely.” Blinking several times, I readjusted to the familiar surroundings of Nicole’s room. “How are you feeling, Latexa?”

“I feel like I blacked out… and I’m kind of sick…”

“Sick? Darling, what’s wrong?”

“My head and eyes hurt. I also feel like I just got fucked sixteen ways to Sunday…”

“I hadn’t even done anything… mass euphoria?”

“You made my body change a lot… I feel twice as heavy… like I’m over two hundred forty pounds…”

“Your senses must have piggybacked off something other than what I commanded. Hrm…”

“It feels like I could toss a human across a football field…”

“A human… wait, Latexa… don’t you… feel mortal?”


“Then what do you feel like right now?”

“…Like a succubus? I mean, wings and tail and horns, clawed hands and feet, extreme muscle density – all of that is rather basic succubus anatomy, isn’t it?”

“I actually turned you…?”

“It’s just as present as it had been during the trance, Esmeralda. I mean, I did feel like it could become permanent but I didn’t expect it to come this quickly.”

“I can’t say I expected it either.”

“We’ll have our answer if it remains after a few days, but I can’t exactly say that I’m against this turn of events.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was already a witch, so this might actually amplify my existing powers.”

“I see your point. Let’s just play it by ear then.”

We waited a day and then another. The effects remained, dulling slightly though still incredibly potent. My new form did amplify my abilities as a witch, plus it also seemed to grant me new powers I hadn’t had before. I could now secrete a psychic energy from my horns, and I could also use my smell to better hypnotize others. At first glance, this little mistake had left me a lot better off than either of us could have imagined.

Yet that false bravado was something I should have been extremely weary of. All it would take was one screwup or unintended overexertion, and Nicole would be forced to endure the anguish of her body breaking down completely.

There exists in the very back of my mind a room the size of a sports stadium. Floor, walls and ceiling are all made of a beautiful purple tile, giving it an almost digital aesthetic. Items can be generated at will, and there is even a large swimming pool off to one side. I used to bring my friends here during roleplay sessions because it was the best place in which to conduct lewd experiments on each other. In fact, much of Laete’s rubberwitch form came about as a result of experiments done in in this very room.

With me ceding my body to Laete more and more, I soon found myself returning to this old place which had collected dust for many years. Even now, I can remember the beautiful and unique relationships I had here with my many guests. The only reason those memories ended at all was because there just wasn’t enough time to properly devote to them..

Time is always the enemy. There is never enough time to accommodate the needs of every person who is close to you, nor is there enough to ensure that all of your needs will be met. You find yourself making judgment calls, sacrifices to preserve what little sanity you have. Ultimately, you just feel like a burden all around, a disappointment to your peers, your friends, your family, and yourself.

Laete never seemed to have that problem. Her perceptions as an object allowed her to indulge in her sexual appetite for days or even weeks without any physical or psychological damage. Even as a presence occupying my physical body, her tolerances have been much higher than those of a normal human. When she plays, she does so until she quite literally drops. She has always been the kind of woman never to decline a good session, whether it be a casual fuck or intimacy at the molecular level.

While she was cognizant of the responsibilities designated to me, she never allowed herself to agonize over them. She did only what was necessary before resuming her role as a sexual being. If something in reality was somehow overlooked, she would merely shrug it off and move it to the following day. She was by no means lazy, but you could easily tell at first glance where her priorities were.

So I have a theory,” she relayed to Esmeralda one night. “I think the mental fast-forward has something to do with the context of the memories already present. Could it be that my mind gravitated toward my normal perception of what ‘inanimate form’ is?”

“Well, what exactly do you consider ‘normal’ to be?”

“In its purest sense, it’s the concept of being worn, washed, stored and then worn again. This would go on for a few weeks or even months.”

“It sounds like something you desire greatly.”


“Perhaps we can attempt something like that in the near future.”

“You could very well have me perceive several years passing, maybe even decades in a matter of hours. Actually, I do recall a story someone wrote with a similar premise.”

“Care to enlighten me?”

“It’s the story of a girl who transformed for three days but was made to believe that an entire year had passed.”

“What exactly is it that entices you to be clothing for so long, Latexa?”

It’s a bit hard to explain, but it’s like all of my senses reach this level of acuity which absolutely dwarfs my human self. I can see, feel, hear, taste and smell all at once, using every molecule of my being. The sheer amount of spiritual or psychic energy brings me to a dimensional plane that transcends time itself.

“With the right triggers and the will to submit…”

“…we could even simulate a hundred years… Fuck, that is such a temptation. A hundred years as your ankle boots, for instance – the miles you’d walk, the slaves you’d step on, the heat and sweat clashing with the cold ground… all of the filth…”

“Do you have anything to do over the next few days?”

“It’s nothing I couldn’t put off.”

“The thought alone deserves the execution, and I’m pretty sure you can already feel what I’m about to say, love. Shrinking… becoming hollow rubber…”

“I’m… shrinking…” Laete’s desires were beginning to manifest in the form of adrenaline coursing through our shared body. I couldn’t feel everything she was experiencing, but I had a general idea of the pleasure.

“You shall be my perfectly shaped, black ankle boots… tenderly massaging the soles of my feet and cleaning between my toes…”

“Ahnn… how is it… I know your shape so intimately…”

“You love being on my feet…”

“I… can only be worn by you…”

“I shall wear you every day… You shall serve me… forever…”

“I love… you…” With that, Laete whited out. All mental activity emanating from her had stopped, but her senses continued to take in the stimuli of Esmeralda’s trance. She seemed happier than she had ever been, and while I was slightly jealous, I wanted her to enjoy this fully. Curling up in the tiled room, I allowed myself to relax in hopes that I could maybe get a little more sleep.

*Kaahaa-thunk! Kaahaa-thunk!*

My eyes immediately fluttered open. I was back in control, and I found myself struggling to breathe. An anxiety attack? That shouldn’t have been possible. Rushing to grab a blood pressure cuff from my dresser, I sat at my desk and slid it over my left arm. The first reading showed a stage two hypertension, so I tried again. The result was almost the same.

Whatever Laete had subconsciously invoked was rapidly destabilizing our body. Frantically, I rushed back to my bed and reached for my phone. “Mother, stop the experiment! Quickly!”

“Wait, Nicole?”

“Mother, this is bad! Please!”

“Wha- …Okay, if you say so. Latexa, awaken.” At her command, Laete abandoned the visualization of being inanimate. Our heart began to slow down again and I could finally relax. “What’s the matter, Nicole?”

“Our body… almost collapsed…”


“I don’t know how much of the hypnosis was responsible for it or if other factors were in play. Ugh, I still feel incredibly dizzy from it…”

“Dammit… This is my fault again…”

“No it isn’t, mom. Latexa is supposed to be the responsible one.”

“You don’t know the half of it. Who do you think made her think like this? I turned her into a fucking duplicate of you, Nicole.”


“She feels a comfort around me that makes her not want to do anything, and it’s all my fault. She isn’t responsible anymore; fuck, I have to press her to get out of bed!”

“…The three of us are pretty fucked up, aren’t we…?”

“Don’t remind me… Look, it’s late for you, so you probably should sleep. When you wake up tomorrow, can you please try to push Latexa back into being her old self?”

“I will try.”

“Sweet dreams, Nicole. I love you.”

“I love you too, mom.” Dimming the lights of my room, I eventually fell into a fitful slumber. The summer heat did nothing to help, causing me to toss and turn throughout the night. When I awoke at six, the sun was already shining brightly in the sky. Downing a bottle of water, I took a moment to first get my bearings.

My presence in this world had essentially vanished for more than a week. Already, I could see that things had changed during my absence. My father had been away on business before the mind swap though had recently returned, his personal belongings strewn about the kitchen counter. Knowing Laete had been the one to welcome him home was mentally unsettling, though understandable given our situation.

When I looked at the chat logs for the week, what I found was a bit surprising. Laete had begun to consolidate her list of sexual parters, something I could only assume was Esmeralda’s handiwork. I should have been angry, yet I was more impressed that it had only taken a week for Laete to completely drop her guard. Countless others had tried over the years, and all of them had failed – well, with the exception of Valerie, of course.

Morning was spent cleaning with a bit of writing thrown in, for it was simply too hot to do anything outside. I would occasionally catch glimpses of my real family and say hello, knowing they had no idea about what was really happening to me behind the scenes. Around mid-afternoon, Esmeralda finally showed up online.

“Are you there, Nicole?”

“I’m here, mom.”

“It feels like I’ve been neglecting you for some time now…”

“I allowed it. I wanted Laete to be happy for once, though maybe that was also my mistake.”

“Why do you think that?”

“She threw everything she had into this. She burned everything she had built up just to be coddled by you. You said you turned her into a copy of me, but why would she ever want something like that in the first place?”

Esmeralda commanded, “…Laete, awaken.”


“I need to know. Why are you suddenly neglecting Nicole’s needs? Is it jealousy?”

“I was so happy… I had never known such happiness… I only thought… I could use her body… It’s not like I knew any better…”

“You wanted to switch places with me, didn’t you?” I asked.

“I thought if I was you long enough, you’d just… you’d…”

“She’d come to see the position you were in,” finished Esmeralda. “She would see the sacrifices you’ve made and your anguish would be validated by her.”

“My intentions were pure… honest…”

“Latete,” I began, “I’ll admit that when this all started, I felt like you had it easy. I may have leaned on you a bit too much in life, and I am deeply sorry. I also get how hard it is to have to share with me all the time.”


“If you want to use my body, I really don’t mind. I just want to make sure both of us can survive in it.”

“And no more secrets,” Esmeralda interjected. “From now on, I want to know everything there is to know about what happened between you two going back as far as you can remember. I promise to return that honesty in kind. Is that fair?”

“Yes, mom.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good. Let’s adjourn for now; it’s late here and I need sleep.”

“Goodnight, then.

“Goodnight.” With Esmeralda gone, Laete slipped into a dormant state at the back of my mind. I wondered if she had ever made use of the tiled room and what kinds of things she might have been up to there. The rest of the day was exceptionally quiet, and I found myself questioning what could possibly come next. Maybe Laete and I eventually would switch places, or maybe…



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