“A small pendant… to wear around your neck… I seem to become even taller… your body is shrinking… barely the size of my foot… tiny self completely exposed… I know what you are deep down… my foot hovers over you… forcing you to your knees… intense pressure… coating you in my thick sweat… picked up in my palm… bring you to my lips… my hot breath upon your naked body… letting go… falling… falling… falling into my mouth…”

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory. (Full Transcript Below)

Before we start, I am going to ask that you find a comfortable position in which to relax. The more you relax, the more you can focus on the sound of my voice and the messages my words contain. Filter away any background noise which might distort your mind, so that my voice becomes the only thing your mind can latch on to. As you focus more and more on the words I speak, imagine that you are floating just under the surface of a vast ocean. You are alone, but my voice continues to echo even beneath the waves. Nothing else matters but my voice and the images it can etch into your being.

Floating along with the current, you can feel warm bubbles popping against the skin of your arms and your legs, your waist and your back. It relaxes you; it promotes a sense of balance between you and the universe. With your thoughts growing ever distant, your body begins to sink deeper into the water below. The light of the sun fades to darkness, pulling you toward a chilly void in which all thoughts and emotions are drained from your mind. Here in the darkness, my voice has the power to completely reshape your mind, your body, and your soul.

I want you to blink a few times for me, adjusting to this darkness. With each blink, you feel a light spasm flowing from your neck all the way down your spine. It radiates either side of your waist and hips, just a faint shiver each time. The more you blink, the more you shiver, and the more you realize you are completely under my voice’s control. Keep blinking even as the blackness becomes a lighter blue. Keep blinking… Keep blinking…

One more blink, and the world around you suddenly changes. The water distorts and slowly disappears, leaving you in a white room. As the door opens, I step forward to greet you. You can see that I am wearing a blue leotard and matching blue tights, with silver ballet flats on my feet. In my bare palm is a small pendant, which I ask you to wear around your neck.

At five foot ten, I am already quite tall; though when you take the pendant and adorn yourself with it, I seem to become even taller than before. However, when you look at the door frame, you realize this simply isn’t possible, as it seems to be growing in proportion to myself. The only answer, the only explanation is that your body is shrinking, smaller and smaller until you are just barely the size of my foot.

As you look at yourself, it dawns on you that your clothing didn’t shrink with you. It now lays strewn around you on the floor, your tiny self completely exposed to me. Staring down upon you, I cannot help but give a wicked grin. I know what you are deep down, why you approached me. Being a powerful witch, I desire only to give you an experience that you shall never forget.

Slowly I remove my left flat from its foot, the sole of my tights absolutely drenched in sweat. The pungent aroma radiates outward, and the moisture condenses before falling onto your skin. My foot hovers over you, large and terrifying, before slamming down, forcing you to your knees, the ball of my foot applying intense pressure to your back and neck.

If I wanted to right now, I could crush you in an instant. It would be so easy, like eradicating a mere insect. However, I have better plans for you. First, allow me to roll my foot around and around and around, coating you in my thick sweat. Once that’s done, I suppose you’re ready to be picked up in my palm. Oh, how soft and light your body is as a plaything! Watch as I bring you to my lips which are larger than your head, and then feel me give you a warm, wet lick.

You taste so good with all of that sweat on you. I don’t think either of us would mind if I were to just… open my mouth wide like so… You can feel my hot breath upon your naked body. All it would take is me letting go… Whoops! Feel yourself falling… falling… falling into my mouth… sliding across my tongue, grabbing for whatever you can but… it doesn’t matter. For a moment later… you feel me swallow you whole. The warm sliminess of my throat offers no resistance, nothing to slow your rapid descent toward my waiting belly.
Losing yourself to the darkness of these depths, allow your consciousness to fully enjoy the moment, the experience of being consumed by someone much larger than you.

Remain here, bound by these sensations as you lose yourself to the desires of your mind. Commit these visualizations to memory until they are an integral part of you. Play this recording again and again and again, for each repetition shall allow you to fall ever deeper into the experience. Even as the recording ends, allow the process to further sensitize your mind to the manipulation of memory. Accept each alteration of your reality as natural. Relax and embrace the reality which these words have created for you…


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