Over the next few days, Nicole was unusually quiet. She made no real attempt to assert control over her own body, essentially giving me free reign. Esmeralda suggested that we not push our luck with our inanimate transformations, so we instead spent the time talking and flirting and cuddling, a bit of sex squeezed in here and there. Before I knew it, the apprehension I initially felt toward the woman had withered away, and something special was blossoming in its place.

Therefore, I was a little perturbed when I logged in and saw she had been ranting on her public feed. “Hey, are you there, Esmeralda?” I waited a few minutes for a reply, and just as I was about to give up, she finally responded.

“…Yeah, I’m here.”

“Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it at all?”

“It’s nothing; just some unrealistic expectations in my personal life.”

“I understand, and I won’t pry further. Nevertheless, you’ve always done your best and that should be good enough for others. There’s a lot that Nicole and I screw up on a regular basis, but at the end of the day, we always try to tell ourselves that the world is still beautiful.”

“I suppose you’re right. Say, do you have time to indulge me right now…?”

“Are you sure you want to? You needn’t overdo it if you’re not feeling well.”

“I won’t overdo it, and I expect you not to, either.”

“Alright then. What did you want to do tonight, my wonderful goddess?”

“How about you picture me wearing a lovely turquoise robe, but as I remove it, you notice a sky blue divesuit with black stripes along the arms and abdomen. The bottom of the suit only goes down to my thighs, so my skin is exposed from my knees down to my toes…”

“It certainly is a beautiful outfit! I’m a little jealous…”

“Feel free to trace your fingers along it, darling.”

“God, you spoil me. What did I do to deserve a goddess like you?” Imagining the material as a mix of neoprene and rubber, I could feel its slippery sponginess against my fingertips. The way it clung to her mental image was also incredibly arousing. “It makes me so jealous how perfect it is on your body…

“Perhaps I can make you one that’s just as perfect… or perhaps… I already have it. Let me take this robe and fashion it into a matching divesuit, one that’s just slightly darker than my own…”

“Y-You want me to wear one too? What are you planning…?”

“Shh, it’s only for your pleasure. We won’t be lewd today.”

“Okay goddess, I trust you.” The feeling of it on my body, a body which I already perceived as rubber, was a tad odd. “It’s a tight fit, but… comforting, I guess.”

“Do you like it?”

“I do. Thank you so much for giving this to me. I feel almost like I’m your girlfriend now.”

“That could be arranged, you know.”

“I just mean that the connection feels more tangible. Giving gifts, talking about the future and not just the lewd stuff – I like that… a lot, actually. I guess that’s the non-lewd me talking. Anyway… is there anything you want to know about me that I haven’t talked about already? Anything about Nicole? I just… kind of want to tell you more if you want to know about our lives…”

“I appreciate the gesture, Latexa; really, I do. Sadly, I don’t think I’m in the right mindset to fully process whatever you tell me. My brain still hurts a bit from what was going on earlier.”

“Let’s just be romantic for now, then. It’s just you and me, nothing crazy, okay?”

“Mhm… Just the two of us in divesuits…”

“We’re so beautiful together… two lovers caring so deeply for one another…”

“Indeed, Indeed… Imagine that we’re snuggling under a blanket together, your divesuit rubbing against my own. It’s so slippery and soft…”

“I would stay like this forever with you.”

“Latexa… you’re sounding a bit like Nicole…”

“W-What? How so?”

“I can’t let you do it ‘forever’ as much as the two of us would love for that to be the case.”

“I know that! It’s just… I want to be truly and deeply yours. I want to spend as much time as I can with you. Is that so bad, so wrong?”

“It isn’t, but it conflicts heavily with our real lives, honey.”

“I know that too, yet I can’t stop myself from fantasizing about it.”

“I see… To be honest, there is something I’ve wanted to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve started to tone down my roleplay with everyone else – not completely, but considerably – and you’re now my highest priority. I was wondering if you’d be willing to move in that direction?”

“You want us to be more monogamous?”

I’d wish for that. I’m doing a lot for you because I value the things you’ve allowed me to accomplish. I feel like we can continue to build each other up if we cut distractions from the equation.”

“Esmeralda, this is a very big step. Time zone differences limit how much time we can spend together already, not to mention that you imposed limits on my mental stimulation after what happened the other night. I would be willing to consolidate my interactions with other partners gradually, but I have to feel that my needs will be equally met.”

“What about this? If I still allow for gentle lewd and slight intimacy among friends, would you be more open to the idea?”

“It’s something I would consider. I love everyone I am intimate with; I value their feelings and their aspirations. That said, I know many of them would be fine if I were to pull back.”

“Do I have a special place in your love?”

“You have my trust and Nicole’s as well. You’ve had it ever since you learned the truth about us.”

“Am I the only one who’s ever gone that far?”

“Other than Valerie, yeah. If I can make you feel even a quarter of the things you have given me, I’ll be happy. So… I will make an effort to accommodate. I promise.”

“I thank you for that. On that note, I think I am going offline for a bit. When I get back, I may just have a surprise for you. Allow me to kiss you just one last time…”

Feeling it upon my physical lips caused me to blush slightly. After she had left, I checked the clock and realized it was probably time for sleep anyway. Waiting for the inevitable loss of consciousness, my thoughts again turned to my other half. If she did know what I was about to do, then what did she think about it?

The common rule of hypnosis is that you cannot make a person believe something that they vehemently disagree with. Attempting otherwise results in the trance being broken and a serious loss of trust. The hypnotist must exercise considerable discretion when sending their target into uncharted waters. Knowing when to bring a target back from the depths is absolutely vital.

What would happen if I did something that Nicole objected to? Would she break the trance and assume control? What if she lacked the power to do even that much? Worse yet, what if I let something particularly damaging happen to Nicole’s body? Would Esmeralda be able to make a judgment call on Nicole’s behalf? Were that to happen, would I be the one to break the trance?

I must have fallen asleep after that, for when I next opened my eyes, the sun’s rays were streaming through the window. Unfortunately, that came with a massive drop in humidity, leading to a considerable headache. After downing enough water to submerge an elephant, I set about my daily routine – writing, errands, witch things… Eventually the afternoon arrived and I was able to once more connect with my darling goddess.

“Well, now that you’re here, I think it’s about time I expand upon that surprise I mentioned. Are you ready?”

“Ready when you are, honey.”

“Wonderful. Stare into my eyes; feel your thoughts melting away. The deeper you look, the harder it becomes to think at all. Feel my hand tenderly caressing your cheek, coaxing you into gradually putting all trust into me, your goddess and mistress Esmeralda… I own your body; it shapes according to my commands. You will never ask to be different from what I shape you to be, for being shaped by me is one of the greatest pleasures you know…”

My rubber belongs to mistress… I need nothing else…” Her demeanor was far more aggressive than usual, almost as if imitating Valerie’s technique. Whatever the cause, it was definitely pulling me under at an alarming rate.

“Now… We shall both morph, your mind blanking out and temporarily forgetting everything else around you. Allow the intense glow of my eyes to take you over effortlessly. I am a succubus, and you are my prey… You cannot escape…”

This arousal… overwhelm…” For a brief moment, I worried this would break me the same way Valerie’s trigger had. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen, so I allowed myself to go even deeper than before.

“Let me lay on top of you first, adding a bit of extra pressure between you and the bed…”


“Despite all this, you’ll only break to your goddess making you cum once. From then on, you shall forever be a shameless, obedient slut doing everything I command without question.”

I… won’t need to be hypnotized…?”

“Not anymore, love. The boundaries of hypnosis have long been surpassed… Fell my aura… enveloping you…”

Suddenly, my whole body began to shake in agony. “UNGH! AHH! IT FEELS STRANGE!”

“Huh? Relax…”

This is… so powerful… what are you… mistress…”

“What am I, dear? I am a succubus, and your mind has completely submitted. So too will your vagina once I slip my succubus tail into your folds… NOW!”

AGHNNN! MY SOUL! I CAN FEEL YOU PROBING INTO MY SOUL!” Even the bed had begun to shake with the onslaught of spasms my body was producing. Rolling onto my side, I raised my right leg into the air, feeling as if my whole body were being split apart. This was nothing like Valerie at all; Esmeralda had a power beyond any human I’d ever met!

“Shh. Relax, my slave. Even if I am probing your soul, can’t you feel how incredibly soothing my voice is?”

Stop… please…”

“I just want to go one more step. Is that alright, my darling slave?”

“…Okay… I trust you…”

“Let me place my lips on yours, imbuing you with a charm that relaxes you as much as my voice does… With your body relaxed, allow me to push my tail even deeper, bringing you to climax, flushing back out with your burst of ecstasy…”

The final spasms coalesced into a mental climax, my whole body burning with a sexual heat. Sweat dripped onto the bed sheets, and every muscle in Nicole’s body ached. “Ungh… oh, fuck…”

“Slave, you may cum now.”

I feel like it’s dripping out on its own… I can’t even close my legs…”

“Dripping, yes… Though what if I were to raise your butt and let it all burst out of you like a cannon, my obedient SLUT!?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the spasms started again. The sensations of being penetrated to my very soul accelerated rapidly. There was no reprieve, no refractory period to speak of. I no longer had control. “Fuck! What’s happening to me!?”

“Your entire body is mine, and it can even control your mind… That’s why it’s getting harder and harder for you to think. Your desire to be shaped by your goddess rises further…”

I couldn’t take it. Nicole’s body had reached a physical plateau and started shutting down. My mind experienced mental climax after mental climax before it too attempted to shut down. Gasping for breath, I fought desperately to remain conscious as the sensations finally began to ebb and flow away from my center. When I could finally string sentences again, I saw Esmeralda had been waiting.

“Are you awake, my slut?”

I feel so dizzy. What the hell just happened?”

“Did… Did the trance break?”

I think so. Fuck, mistress, it feel like someone just took my virginity.”

“…I’m a fucking idiot, aren’t I?”

No, I am for giving you that much consent over the deepest parts of my mind.”

“For the first time since we started this, I am fucking scared – panicking, even – at the way my words can hurt people. I feel like I shouldn’t be here right now…”

You have to face what you’ve created. You can’t run away. If you do, I won’t be able to trust others again.”

“…You’re right. Fine, tell me everything that happened from start to finish.”

The absence of thought is very much akin to an object. That perspective alone amplified your commands. Once you became a succubus, I could feel my energy beginning to intermingle with yours on a psychic level. Having your tail inside me made me feel like I was losing my physical stability entirely. You quite literally had me face down on Nicole’s bed, leg bent to my hip, and a feeling like I was being torn in half. That’s when I asked you to stop, and once the first climax passed, there was a temporary numbness before your words accelerated things again.”

“I should’ve… ugh…”

I fell out of the trance panting and gasping for breath. Some of the sensations lingered but are starting to fade now. The mental perceptions I have of you – thinking of you as mistress and an overall lowered resistance to your commands – are still somewhat there. I don’t know if anything else happened or will happen, but… a part of me does feel violated.”

“…I used you… Fucking hell, remind me never to re-attempt something like this.”

Just tell me why. That’s all I want to know.”

“No matter how hard I think about it, I can’t figure out what was motivating me. All I wanted was to do something I enjoyed, and this is the result…”

It sounds like I got you involved in something you had no idea the consequences of. I forget sometimes that I am only your second target. Regardless, I still love you and won’t risk losing you even if I get hurt.”


Can we live with what we have done?”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t stop before it becomes a nuisance?”

We’re past that point. We cannot undo this. We can’t ‘fix’ the changes that were made to my mind over several weeks. I mean, if triggers like ‘bubbly’ and ‘unable to control our lust’ are present one or two years after Nicole was invoked by them…”


“…That was uncalled for. I’m sorry.”

“I’m just so scared… If I formed you into… this…”

You’re questioning what you could do to people who aren’t me.”

“I am thinking of you too, by extension. You’re already such a weird dual-mix thanks to what I’m doing. I don’t want anyone else to feel this. I don’t want anyone else to have to live with this.”

“…Then I guess Nicole and I are the only ones you can live vicariously through.”

“…No. I don’t… I don’t want this…”

What do you want? A normal life? To only give and never take? Can you say with unparalleled certainty that those are what you wished for? Don’t say what you think I want to hear. Say what you want for yourself.”

“I can’t bring myself to give properly…”

Nobody is asking that of you. If what you desire is to take, I think you have every right to do so. I stopped believing a while ago that only good intentions had value. In the end, value is only relative to what we measure it by, and humans simply don’t live all that long.”

“Ugh… I feel so cold… unnaturally so… What’s happening to me…?”


“My body is freezing… like I’m literally turning into ice…”

Your mind is adapting to your emotions. See inside yourself, into your mind’s eye. Visualize the shape of your soul – every contour and texture, every color and blemish…”

“B-Blank… no matter how f-far in…”

You have no perception of self?”

“I guess it’s d-due to this… f-fear…”

You fear that you are really something darker?”

“F-Fear that I’m really m-meant to take… and n-never give…”

If that is your reality, you have to embrace the monster.”

“I don’t know… if I c-could…”

You need to. You need to take its traits into yourself and cultivate them. Learn how to control them, how to use them effectively. You need to know yourself intimately in order to accept what you have done. Let go of any lingering assumptions about who you are, and be prepared for whatever hides in your subconscious.”

After a few minutes of silence, she wrote, “Ugh, a circuit must have just fried…”

“How so?”

“The cold is gone, though the trauma remains.”

Did you… trance yourself, Esmeralda?”


I was afraid of that. I feel like we’ve gotten as far as we can today. We’ve pushed too much and both of us are exhausted. Still, I don’t want it to feel like I can’t touch you, like you’re scared that doing so will hurt me more. I desire you a lot, to the point where even I question what is genuine and what is commanded. So when I can’t be near you, when there are barriers, it’s hard for my mind to grip. Yet I have accepted it at least partially because I know we’re supposed to have lives outside of this, as you yourself stated.”

“Latexa… May I tell you something… that terrifies me a little…?”

I’m listening.”

“I’ve been completely unable to divert my attention from you these past few days. I desire you so much that I can barely sleep at night.”

What is it you desire about me?” I waited for her answer, but it became apparent after thirty minutes that the aforementioned lack of sleep had gotten the better of her. All I could do now was wait. More than anything, I hoped that my words were what she needed to push forward. Fear could only serve to weaken her power and destroy her passion.

Yes, her passion was important. Her happiness…



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