“Slowly approaching you… sizable breasts… supple waist and navel… thigh high leather boots… a pair of black sleeves… lips are so lush and pink… eyes are a deep red… ears are long and pointed… demonic horns which curve… bat-like wings… hovering over you as you lay there… her heartbeat irregularly fast… lowering herself onto your body… warmth seeps deeply into your skin… this woman cares deeply about you… rising up to kiss her… free to lose yourself… hers to mold and shape… a green psychic energy… her power… alter your very existence… she is Esmeralda…”

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory. (Full Transcript Below)

Before we start, I am going to ask that you find a comfortable position in which to relax. The more you relax, the more you can focus on the sound of my voice and the messages my words contain. Filter away any background noise which might distort your mind, so that my voice becomes the only thing your mind can latch on to. As you focus more and more on the words I speak, imagine that you are floating just under the surface of a vast ocean. You are alone, but my voice continues to echo even beneath the waves. Nothing else matters but my voice and the images it can etch into your being.

Floating along with the current, you can feel warm bubbles popping against the skin of your arms and your legs, your waist and your back. It relaxes you; it promotes a sense of balance between you and the universe. With your thoughts growing ever distant, your body begins to sink deeper into the water below. The light of the sun fades to darkness, pulling you toward a chilly void in which all thoughts and emotions are drained from your mind. Here in the darkness, my voice has the power to completely reshape your mind, your body, and your soul.

I want you to blink a few times for me, adjusting to this darkness. With each blink, you feel a light spasm flowing from your neck all the way down your spine. It radiates either side of your waist and hips, just a faint shiver each time. The more you blink, the more you shiver, and the more you realize you are completely under my voice’s control. Keep blinking even as the blackness becomes a lighter blue. Keep blinking… Keep blinking…

One more blink, and the world around you suddenly changes. The water distorts and slowly disappears, leaving you in the center of a large stone room. Wooden torches line the walls, and the full moon can be seen when you look out the window. You are laying on a large bed, silky linens feeling like velvet against your skin. I have brought you to this place because there is somebody I desire for you to meet, and as a door opens, you can see her slowly approaching you.

Long black hair flows down to her chest, emphasizing the pair of sizable breasts barely constrained by a tiny, black leather bra. Below this, her skin is exposed, allowing you to glimpse her supple waist and navel. Along her hips are a pair of leather panties which match the bra, and on her legs you see a pair of thigh high leather boots. You can make out the subtle pattern of floral print thigh high stockings just above the tops of each boot, about two inches from her pantie line. Going back to her arms, a pair of black sleeves flow along each, with silver bands adorning their tops. Her nails are painted a stylish black to match the rest of her outfit.

I want you to take a look at her face now. Her lips are so lush and pink, he nose small and pointed and complementing the overall roundness of her jaw. Her eyes are a deep red, eyelids seemingly tattooed with black liner; and speaking of tattoos, just beside her left eye is a red swirl just noticeable underneath that long black hair. Her ears are long and pointed like an elf or other magical creature. Atop her head and back just a bit are two demonic horns which curve in opposite directions. Combined with the thick, bat-like wings along her back, they emphasize her identity as a true succubus, a true goddess of darkness.

She joins you on the large bed, hovering over you as you lay there. Her skin looks so smooth, so free of blemishes or imperfections. She takes your right hand and places it atop the left side of her chest, her heartbeat irregularly fast yet very warm. The skin under your palm feels so soft, moreso than even the bed. She gives you an affirming nod before lowering herself onto your body, her face now inches from your own.

Her warmth seeps deeply into your skin, a strong contrast from the chilly waters you found yourself in minutes ago. The warmth invokes feelings of safety, of trust; you can tell that this woman cares deeply about you. You experience no fear as you embrace her darkness. She will be the piercing glow which guides you ever forward. As she leans down just a little more, you can feel yourself rising up to kiss her. Her lips are so dry, yet they feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

She holds the kiss, and you realize that she can effortlessly supply each new breath of air. You are free to lose yourself, to wrap your arms and your legs around her. In doing so, you feel her wings closing around your body, their thin membranes slippery as she slides them around your back, trapping you to her bosom. Each wing has a forked tip which lightly scratches through the hair on the back of your head, sending more shivers down your spine. Her aura now surrounds your entire body. You are hers to mold and shape, and you know deep down that your deepest desire is being molded and shaped by her.

Staring up at the woman’s horns, you can sense a subtle vibration emanating from them, a green psychic energy flowing outward from them and into your mind. She tells you that you must never touch these horns, for they are the source of her power, the medium through which she can alter your very existence. So just relax and let her fill your mind with this psychic energy, until it reprograms every aspect of your self. She is Esmeralda, your mistress, your goddess, your one and only truth.

Remain here, bound by these sensations as you lose yourself to the desires of your mind. Commit these visualizations to memory until they are an integral part of you. Play this recording again and again and again, for each repetition shall allow you to fall ever deeper into the arms of your goddess. Even as the recording ends, allow the process to further sensitize your mind to the manipulation of memory. Accept each alteration of your reality as natural. Relax and embrace the reality which only Esmeralda can create…


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