Whenever I talk to my mother about the things I get up to in the lewd verse, her response is usually along the lines of, “Your generation is weird.” For her, taboo really only extends to the supernatural – sex with vampires, werewolves and the like. (Note: This does not include Twilight; like most people, she wishes for that series to burn to ash.) The point here is that she wouldn’t quite fathom the appeal of the content in this blog. Depictions of giantess vore, inanimate transformation and mind control would likely go over her head.

Since she is far from the only one, I would to take this time to explain some of the appeals of my own preferences – my “Fetish Fourteen,” so to speak. This article also coincides with my recent milestone of attaining 500 followers on Twitter. Fetishes are listed in no particular order. Alright, here we go!

1) Sweat/Filth – Let me begin by saying that I have been a neat freak for most of my life. I shower one to two times a day, I sanitize everything in isopropyl alcohol, and I shave literally my entire body to minimize personal odor. That said, I get turned on by my own musk. I get turned on by quite a few other peoples’ musks. This fetish developed after I spent an excessively long time roleplaying as living clothing. From sweat came dirt and grime as my “rubber/fabric” was further exposed to the wear and tear precipitated by my human wearers.

Like, go into your closet and pull out your favorite shirt. It likely has a mix of sweat and deodorant stains. Look at your shoes. The insoles are likely discolored and falling apart. Imbued within the filth are all of the memories of being worn, being used. Speaking of which…

2) Inanimate Transformation – So this one is probably pretty obvious. I went from wanting to stretch around people to wanting to be worn by them. You must be wondering what my favorite forms are, then? Spoiler Alert: Most of them are related to the aforementioned filth. Ballet/Dance flats are generally the top of my list thanks to all of the sweat, grime and the pressure of being walked in. Stockings and tights can be fun, but only when footwear is worn over me to maximize the heat and sweat. What else? Well…

In terms of underwear, I love being thongs because it gets me right up in my wearer’s ass. I have been bras, though on particularly busty women I always adjust to have an X-strap. I have been corsets and arm gloves, but while those are very sexy, they aren’t as fun. Being nail polish just feels like a constant tightness as I stick to the person’s nails. Being lipstick is surprisingly orgasmic, and I never did figure out why. Lastly, and perhaps the most squick-inducing thing of all… I have been a tampon.

3) Vore – The topic of vore is surprisingly quite vast. Not only do you have a range of openings to be swallowed up by, but there’s also a range of outcomes once you’re inside another person. You could be trapped forever, climb back out at some point, or even be digested. I have to admit, few things are hotter than the idea of a cock wrapping itself around my body, swallowing me up, dropping me into a set of balls and churning me into cum.

One thing I have noticed is the sheer amount of interplay between macrophilia (giant/giantess) and vore. Straddling this line is the idea of a person being put inside of a giantess’s underwear, at constant risk of falling into their vagina or anus. There’s also the idea of a giantess having a tiny person on her tongue, with the same fear of being swallowed up. While I am ambivalent to giantesses, the fact that they are willing to vore me allows me to get along very well with them.

4) Feet – Sweat and filth aside, I absolutely love the shape of feet. When I roleplay as flats or any other kind of footwear, my favorite part is the “imprinting” process. This is where if you wear a pair of shoes for long enough, the shape of your feet gets etched into the insoles. To me, there is just something so absolutely hot about it. Since I can’t be shoes in reality, I satisfy this fetish by giving foot massages which almost always lead to wrapping my tongue around the person’s toes!

What do I look for in a pair of feet? First, the skin needs to be soft with no calluses or cracks in the skin. To keep my own feet soft, I usually soak mine in hot water mixed with coconut oil or olive oil, then use a PedEgg or pumice stone to scrub the calluses away. Second, nail polish is a plus only when it places emphasis on the toes. If it’s too subtle, then there’s no point in even having it on. Lastly, I love when a person shows off how dexterous their feet are, especially the toes.

5) One-Piece Clothing – You can also call this a skintight fetish, but the more skin that is covered, the better. There’s actually a funny story to this one. When I was in elementary school (early 2000s), the TV show “KaBlam” was very popular. In the “Life With Loopy” sketches of the show, the mother was a secret agent who wore this green skintight catsuit. A friend of mine at the time had a green dress and tights which combined looked almost identical. This was also around the first time where I thought girls had a better fashion sense than boys.

When I really opened up about my flexibility, I started wearing leotards, unitards, and zentai. I loved the texture because it was a lot slipperier than human skin. It even amplified my ability to stretch because I could slide my limbs into place. During my high school years, a girl I was dating soon fell in love with the outfits as well. I recall she had spent the night one time, and when I woke the next morning to do dishes, she came up behind me wearing one of my zentai. After I finished, I quickly changed into another one and we proceeded to rub up against each other all morning. Hottest. Makeout session. Ever.

6) Exotic Cocks – Before I get into this one, let me just point out that I have no desire to imitate this one in real life. Not only can you be arrested for it, you can end up in the hospital or worse. That said, it’s pretty obvious that evolution was not kind to men. Not to brag, but I can take a soda can anally with enough preparation. This means that I could theoretically take 80-90% of the human cocks on Earth. If I’m going to get fucked, then I want it to push my limits.

A cock with a knot fascinates me; the idea of having it stuck inside until orgasm is pure adrenaline, especially if it were to take several hours. Likewise, the fantasy of a horsecock flooding my belly with cum makes my knees weak. Supposedly there are humans with two cocks, but it is such a genetic rarity that you’re more likely to be struck by lightning. Seven times.

7) Flexibility/Contortion – I was a little torn on how to discuss this one as it includes so many unique sexual acts and perspectives. Ankles behind the neck is my favorite pose to both fold into and watch others fold into. When thoroughly practiced, it can provide the essential flexibility to perform autofellatio (self sucking) or autocunnilingus (self licking). When I was younger, I did have such a talent; unfortunately, my thoracic spine can no longer bend the right way to accomplish it (but that’s a story for another time).

Something I have always loved is being tied up using only my limbs. There are poses which put pressure on the ankles and wrists, making it impossible for them to be separated without assistance. Another part of the kink is being held in a less extreme pose, but for much longer. Bonus points if the pose puts provocative parts of the body on display.

8) Extreme Anal – I mentioned earlier that with a proper warm-up, my ass can take the thickness of a soda can. While that might be impressive to some, it still pales in comparison to countless others. I have seen videos of people who can take objects nearly twice as thick, dildos more than two feet long, or a person’s entire arm. Some people can even prolapse at will. I don’t think my body will ever get that far, but to watch others push the envelope like that is just the hottest thing.

While we’re on the subject, I have admittedly been a victim of having an object stuck inside me not once, but twice. The first time was a travel size squirtbottle, though it was thankfully short enough that I could use my fingers to twist it against the kink in the bowel and pull it out. The second was an actual dildo with a rounded handle that prevented me from getting a proper grip on it to twist it properly. That one did require medical attention. Basically, if you’re going to be putting something that deep, you have to be sure it moves and bends with the contours of the inner body. Also, don’t let the risks necessarily deter you from pushing yourself; if done correctly, the pleasure can be indescribable.

9) Cuckold/Infidelity – This is an interesting one for me. I find it really hot when I am with someone and they’re telling me about the people they wish they could fuck. It gets even hotter when I can watch them masturbate to the thoughts/images of that person. So, I think that I would actually really enjoy watching a lover be pleasured by or have sex with someone else while I watched. I would also be okay with pleasuring someone else’s lover in front of them.

Recently, I wrote the script for a visual novel in which cuckold fetishism was at the forefront. That project should hopefully be released around September of this year, so I will be sure to talk about it as the date approaches.

10) Watersports – Yes, this is on the list. This one actually predates the sweat/filth fetishism by a considerable margin. Recall how I mentioned selfsucking a little bit ago? I couldn’t stimulate myself to climax for whatever reason, so I decided to relieve myself in my own mouth instead. The taste ranged from salty to bitter, but I somehow found myself addicted after a while.

What makes it particularly erotic for me is the idea of consuming a lot of water (diluting everything first), relieving myself, swallowing it, and then doing that again two or even three times. You can physically feel the temperature of the water rising each time. It’s just so kinky! I would definitely let someone relieve themselves in my mouth if they wanted.

11) Condom Filling – This one has something of a fetish overlap. Watching a condom be filled to the point of forming a balloon is sexy as hell. We’re talking unrealistic amounts here, like enough to fill the volume of a mattress. When I do inanimate TF, if I become a condom, this is usually what I want done to me.

One of these days, I would really like to test the limits of a condom’s elasticity. There was a video long ago where a person rolled condoms up their legs like a pair of latex stockings. I’d love to try that! I also wonder if it’s possible to make a massive dildo out of one!

12) Slimy/Sticky Fluids – About a year and a half ago, I found a recipe to make slime. After filling a water jug with the ingredients, I mixed them thoroughly and went to my shower with a bathing suit on. I spread plastic sheeting along the shower floor and proceeded to pour the slime all over myself, especially the inside of the bathing suit. As it collected, the feeling was so orgasmic that it brought me to my knees.

I did more research, and there is a type of concentrated lubricant known as J-lube. Supposedly a bottle of powder is twelve dollars and the local farming supply store, but can make almost six gallons of slime! I would just need to find a container which can hold it all! I bet it would feel a lot like being digested. So hot!

13) Chastity/Orgasm Denial – I have never had the opportunity to do this one in real life, and fucking hell, do I want to. The most I’ve been able to do are improvised cockrings (which add tactile sensation) and edging (which adds sexual heat and nerve stimulation). Having arousal build without release and without limit would be mind-breaking, and I want it badly.

People have offered to buy me one in exchange for being the keyholder. The only reason I haven’t gone through with it is because if I lost contact with that person, I would need to take bolt cutters to my cock and that’s no fun. I need someone I can place the whole of my trust in if I ever want to achieve something like this.

14) Mind Alteration – I saved this one for last because it encompasses hypnosis, mind control, and mental orgasm. Hypnosis is one of the more obvious ones due to its presence on this blog. Standard hypnosis practices are like guided meditation and entirely dependent on the listener. The listener invokes the manipulations of memory which they desire, and they reap the sensory responses which cater to their kinks.

Mind control is a significant step upward. It involves putting all control into the hands of another, so to speak. At that level, even if it is something you might not like, you’ll find yourself doing it anyway out of sheer dedication to your master or mistress. The fear of breaking completely fills you with an unimaginable rush as you slowly forget your old self. All you are is a puppet for someone else.

One of the perks of these two things is the ability to climax mentally. Studies have shown that around 40% of women can think their way to an orgasm, but I believe that literally anyone – female or male – can do it. If you can capture the global sensation of heat and stimulation using only your mind, you can experience pleasure that is identical or perhaps even greater than a physical orgasm. Not to mention that you can do it repeatedly in one sitting.

What I have found is that my mental climaxes amplify the physical climax I have later on. If I invoke a hypnotic trance for one or two hours, having several mental orgasms throughout that time, the physical orgasm which follows produces a lot more cum. So, if you’ve never tried it before, see if you can find a hypnotic suggestion that speaks to you! It may be the sexual boost you need!

That’s all for this Fetish Fourteen post! If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or ask me on Twitter! Current blog plans are to upload a new hypnosis recording by Sunday, and then I will either post the next chapter of “Pseudonym” or a second recording by Tuesday night. Stay tuned!


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