The following day, Nicole agreed to Esmeralda’s proposal. She gave no indication as to why, so I decided not to press the issue either. I’ve always believed in the importance of trusting oneself; as Nicole is my other half, that means trusting in her judgment too. Plus, if she felt that Esmeralda had her best interest in mind, then why should I have doubts?

Even so, I found myself growing worried after just three days in. Esmeralda’s technique was aggressive and relied heavily on probing Nicole’s deepest secrets. Things which Nicole wouldn’t tell her own mother were suddenly laid bare, and Esmeralda even went as far to refer to herself as Nicole’s second mom. I was no stranger to the woman’s love of incest and had even engaged in it personally in the weeks prior. For Nicole to do so, however, felt like it could only lead to problems in the long run.

I had to confront Esmeralda about this. After a powerful session in which Nicole was slowly unbirthed, I took advantage of the sudden loss of consciousness. “I think you might have overdone it, mother.”

“Oh? Then how are you still here?”

“I decided to watch from the sidelines just in case. I’m going to check something real quick. Can you give me a moment?”


Moving from the bed, I went to the dresser and pulled out a blood pressure monitor. Setting it on a desk, I slid the cuff over my left arm and slowly inflated it. The device gave a few clicks before deflating and returning a response. Satisfied, I placed it back in the dresser and returned to the bed.

As she waited, Esmeralda asked, “What is it? I’m genuinely worried now.”

“Chill! I was just checking Nicole’s blood pressure. It’s a little lower, but not as much as I would have guessed. Seems my theory is still up in the air.”

“Could the effects be temporary?”

“Well, duh! Blood pressure is constantly changing, and it’s not like you killed her or anything. All I’m just saying is that she isn’t reachable right now. God, she looks so cute like this, though. My perspective of her, I mean. It’s not something you can see from behind the screen.”

“I kind of wish I could. Can you describe it for me?”

“You know, I’ve noticed you’ve been spending a lot more time with her these days, not that I care or anything. Alright, how to describe her…? She’s curled up in a ball with a bit of drool on the side of her lip. I want to say she’s projecting based on the image of something else.”

“Latexa, you sound a little jealous. I had plans to go Liliarune with the two of you, so we can move to that now if you want.”

“It’s fine, and I’m not jealous. I mean, well… fuck, maybe a little. I guess I am and am not at the same time. You know, it doesn’t really matter, does it?”

“Latexa, come here and let your skin turn human. I have an idea.”


“Please… Can’t we be together…? I want both of my daughters to be happy…”

“I mean… It’s not like I just want sex. I just… I see you coddling her so much and… maybe I wonder what that would be like…”

“I know you don’t just want sex. Please, let’s just hug and kiss for now, okay darling?”

“Alright… I’m going to sit on your lap then, my legs wrapped around your waist just like this… You know, you’re a lot smaller than you look, mom.”

“Size doesn’t matter, honey. Just imagine me placing my arms around you, giving you a comforting smile as we lay together.”

“It’s kind of weird. Nicole’s perspective is a lot smaller than she herself is, though when I’m in control of her body, I feel so much larger.”

“Is that why she fell subject to the unbirthing so easily?”

“Maybe it is. I dunno; she’s always had something of a mother complex. I think she actually told one of her therapists this a while back which takes some serious guts.”

“So what you’re saying is alongside my suggestions, she was invoking this of her own will?”

“Here’s my understanding of the situation. At some point during the night, you gave her your breast milk, a very maternal act. This allowed memories pertaining to her mother complex to gradually engage. It’s entirely possible she herself failed to realize what her mind was doing, as there was a time delay in effect.”

“Hold on a second. What do you mean by a time delay?”

“The first time that Valerie put her under, Nicole did not feel the effects until after the trance had concluded. Not to mention it happened again with the memory merge earlier in the week.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner! In a way, I’m Valerie all over again to her. In that case, if either of us suggest unto her that she’s still in my womb as a full-fledged contortionist girl, it might still take a while?”

“I’m honestly not sure what will happen. I understand what you’re trying to do; Nicole made me a rubbergirl in order to transcend the limits of her real-world flexibility. She may already be at the level of an amateur contortionist, but she’ll never be able to do what I can, even with the merge and the rebirth. In the worst case scenario, she’ll realize this and it will pull her from the trance for her own safety. If you put her in again and invoke the suggestion rapidly enough then perhaps? Gosh, this is confusing.”

“So once she wakes, I should make her recall the events, putting her in a second trance to make her believe she is a new girl…?”

“As far as I can tell, that sounds plausible enough. Is it bad I can already predict what that image will be? …Actually, forget I said anything.”

“…Tell me, Latexa.. I won’t kiss you, otherwise.”

“Ugh, you’re making me think all the wrong things! The form is that of a girl who is about fourteen or fifteen. Her body is wearing a pink leotard and silver tights. Plum brown hair falls down to her shoulders with a wavy curl. She’s svelte and a bit flat chested, only ninety pounds…”

The more I fixated on this shape, the more I realized this girl looked familiar. Staring at this figure for even a moment began to fill me with a growing sense of dread and then anger. Suddenly this conversation was no longer fun for me, and I just wanted out.

“Ooh, I think I see where you’re going with this, Latexa! In that case, why don’t you go and shift back?”

“For the love of… Fine! Have her!” This wasn’t right at all. Who was this girl and what did she mean to me? Wanting nothing more than to be alone, I returned control of our body back to Nicole while I tried to figure it out.

At the time, I didn’t really know what was up with Latexa either. Perhaps if I had been paying attention, I may have figured it out sooner. Am I a bad person for not being able to assess myself in that way? Yet all I could think about was my new mother…

“Alright, Nicole. I want you to lay down on your bed and tell me as many details as you can about the actions executed on you.”

“R-Right! I will do my best!”

“Good! Oh, and if you get weak while relaying the information, simply allow the weakness to happen. The more details you can churn out, the better. For now, though, take a look. I’m in my succubus form but completely nude… my stench already reaching out to you…”

“Ungh… I can recall everything… How Latexa felt the first time she experienced this form… I see your black wings, your leather boots, the tribal markings on your face… Your body is so warm for some reason, and the smell is coming from your arms and legs and breasts as well as your pussy… Your breath is rancid but I like it…”

“Mhm, you remember it all, but… Have I ever let you taste my milk…? Here, lean in and taste my produce along with my arousing skunk…”

As I felt my mouth begin to fill with it, I had to stifle my moans. “Fuck, it’s so sour like a mix of mango and alcohol… Your chest is so soft, though, so I guess I don’t… mind… ungh…”

“Getting weak already? Here, let me rest on top of you, my breasts level with your face. You can feel me smothering you with them as my feet wrap around your ass. My stench is becoming even stronger, the warmth simply unbearable…”

“Why is this happening…? Why am I losing myself to you…? What is it… about your smell… that breaks me…?”

“Does it really even matter, Nicole? Feel me lean up just a bit, spreading my pussy lips so you can see inside of me directly. Pressing my hips to your face now, you can feel the aroma rewriting your mind… turning you into my loving and lewd daughter…”

“It’s… It’s terrifying how I break so easily… I can’t stop myself… I want to be your little girl, and I don’t know why! I want to kiss you and taste your rancid breath; I’m unable to control these feelings!”

“Nicole… You know that mother has your best interests in mind, don’t you?”

“Will… Will you take care of me…?”

“I shall do so forever if you wish.”

“Then I give my soul to you… I will do any sick thing imaginable…”

“Mhm… If you really want to give me your soul, then with me being a succubus, I can take ownership of it… Whenever you aren’t with me, you can have a fresh, clean soul; yet in those times, you will be intimately aware that your mother holds the real one. Thus we shall always be connected.”

“I want to exist for you, to give you pleasure at all times and to be bound by you even when I’m away…”

“So it shall be, then. Just relax and revel in the sensation of our souls connecting… mother and daughter sharing an intimate bond…”

The two of us lovingly shared in that bond until we passed out for the night. My fears and doubts had slowly begun to fade. I found myself putting more and more of my trust into Esmeralda, though I failed to realize the consequences of doing so. Latexa must have realized it on some level by then, even if she wasn’t quite sure how to respond to those subtle feelings of apprehension.

“Good morning, Nicole,” wrote Esmeralda. “Did anything happen in your sleep?”

“I had a few strange dreams, but I don’t know if they were suggestion related. Sorry, mom…”

“No worries; there will be other nights. How about your flexibility? Do you feel more at ease with harder stretches?”

“My back may feel a bit more limber, but my hips are sore from the extended pose you had me hold a few nights ago. Things like this are just really hard to measure.”

“To be honest, I doubt that my suggestions actually help anything, Nicole.”

“Well, even if the suggestions are limited to the mental perception, they’re still fun. For what it’s worth, i have enjoyed all of this thoroughly. Even with things as crazy as they were the other night, I don’t regret any of this.”

“Though if it’s just the mental layer, who’s to say it helped anything at all?”

“Why are you suddenly doubting yourself, mom?”

“Despite the fascination I have for trapping others under my spell, I have serious doubts when reality gets involved. It feels surreal, so my mind writes it off as fake.”

“Hypnosis is like an ordering process for the brain. It arranges thoughts and ideas in a way which can make one believe something is happening and trigger a response even when nothing is there. That said, it’s very much like the placebo effect, thus there are limitations.”

“Perhaps I am more skeptical than I like to admit.”

“Then why did you seem so interested in the first place, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Minutes passed in silence before she finally answered, “One of my roleplay buddies got so into it that he felt himself changing through it. I didn’t realize that he meant his physical self was changing as well. I gradually became his dominatrix, and he pushed himself far into depravity for the sake of impressing me. Sometimes I worry that I violated some sort of unwritten rule, that I unwittingly enslaved him and negatively impacted his whole life.”

“Esmeralda, you need to understand that whatever happened was entirely his wish. It was something he desired to believe, something he felt the placebo effect could help make real for better or for worse. You never could have made him do anything that he subconsciously did not want done to himself. The very most you could have done was to make him want to try those perspectives for himself, but that is still very indirect.”

“Nonetheless, why would he want to be my toy in the first place? I was such a novice back then…”

“I’m not him, therefore I cannot definitively say what those reasons were. It is very likely that he was seeking something which you appeared to have knowledge and experience of. In essence, he was living vicariously through your guidance.”

“Can’t the same be said of you and Latexa?”

“Yeah, it probably could. Do you mind if I tell you something that happened to me four years ago?”

“Go ahead.”

“During my first year of university, I saw a licensed hypnotherapist for a short time.”

“…Go on?”

“One of the things discussed at length was my gender identity, which led to us doing a session based on that. When I was put under, I began to go back to the time when I first felt my gender identity called into question. I remember her as the manifestation of a fourteen year old girl, though in the trance, her body was covered in wounds from head to toe. I came to the conclusion that those were wounds I had subconsciously inflicted upon her. At the time, it was incredibly moving; I even cried from the guilt of feeling like I had traumatized someone. The reality of course was that the ‘someone’ was actually a manifestation of myself.”

Waiting for Esmeralda’s response, I thought back to the manifestation of that girl. In some respects, I had completely forgotten about her existence until now. Given the path my life had taken since then, I wondered if her memory had ever found peace. If I thought to go searching for her, would I even be able to find her after all of this time?

Esmeralda finally answered, “After hearing of your experience in that way, I’m starting to think my past interactions left a similar trauma on me.”

“If you don’t mind, what exactly happened with this guy you mentioned?”

“Sadly, it was so long ago that it’s a blur. I can try connecting the bits and pieces, but no promises.”

“Just do your best.”

“Basically, when we started out, it was a more general roleplay. I did notice him talking dirtier and dirtier through his character as we went on, though I wrote it off as him picking up experience. Eventually, I attempted hypnosis to amplify his character, and that’s when I noticed his entire attitude was changing. When I pointed it out, his response was simply that my words had ‘touched him.’ That’s when things got very complicated very quickly.

“If at any time I attempted to hold back, he would immediately take notice and urge me to bring him deeper into trance. The roleplay aspect ceased; every interaction started and ended with our real-life selves. He sought the entirety of my time and my affections to the point where it become utterly uncomfortable. At one point, I asked him what he really wanted. You know what he said? His ultimate wish was to please me, for me to dictate his entire life.”

“What happened after that?” I asked.

“I told him to stop, though it never really left him. He continued to behave as if I was the only one he needed to care about. When I started getting into hypnosis, I never truly believed this kind of control was possible. I guess that witnessing it for real scared me a bit too much. I couldn’t handle it.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s still on the Net, and he still calls me Mistress to this day. While he’s getting better at understanding that he needs to care about more people than just me, I’m afraid to do anything beyond simple talking.”

“It’s possible that he doesn’t know himself all that well and he was subconsciously grappling to fill a void. As for me, I’m still relatively certain that my mind would have pulled me back if your suggestions became dangerous. Either way, I’ll do my best to not be a burden on you.”

“You aren’t a burden, Nicole. You’ve helped me a lot by doing all of this, and I wish I could do more for you. How about… I open up the folds of my pussy once again…?”

“Ghnn… The smell is so strong that I can almost taste it too…”

“Doesn’t it look so warm and inviting? This is the place where you were created… Or rather, this is the place where you will be recreated…”


“Yes, honey… I want you to approach it… Feel yourself becoming smaller, compressed into a tight ball… shrinking and shrinking just like your sister Latexa can…”

“My body… feels hot… mother…”

“Focus intently on the shape your body is taking… You are so hot that it’s like you’ve melted completely… your molecules further shape themselves into this perfect ball… just small enough to be pushed inside of me…”

“I can’t… focus…”

“Just like that… deep inside… falling into my womb… to be remade into the rubbergirl of your dreams…” Her voice echoed into my very soul, the canvas that was my reality once more fading to white.



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