When I next awoke, it was the middle of the following day. My bedroom light had been left on, and coupled with the sunlight streaming through the window, it’s surprising I hadn’t woken sooner. I got out of bed to turn out the light and then checked my phone. There was a message from Esmeralda wishing me good morning.

“Ugh, my head…” I replied back.

“Are you… feeling better?”

“Kind of. I’m still kind of sleepy so I can’t tell if I’m tranced or not.”

“We can easily figure that out. However, I want you to promise something. You cannot get upset at Latexa or at me. Is that fair?”

What was she talking about? Why would I get mad at Latexa of all people? “I promise, Mistress. I’ll even kiss you deeply to show you I trust you.”

“That’s a good girl. Now then, let me slowly remove my jeans and see if you are still weak to the stench. Crawl under me just as I remove my panties… How does it feel?”

Just like the night before, the memory of the aroma created an imagined odor which filled the air around me. “I can smell it… your womanhood seems so warm and inviting… Mistress…”

“Is it as strong as last night?”

“Not quite, but it’s definitely still there… I want to run my fingers along your slit… my tongue and my nose as well…”

“Your nose? Hrm… Get a very good whiff of that aroma, it’s so much stronger deep inside…”

“I feel comforted by it… is this what Latexa feels when she does it…?

“Yes, but do you know what’s even better? Go ahead and lay on your back for me. Feel me sit down right on your face, my vaginal lips directly over your mouth…”

“Mhmmph…!” The sensory assault I experienced was coming back strong as I imagined her above me. It was as though I could see her – thighs spread either side of my face, the sweat and musk coating her slippery smooth skin. Pressed upon my mouth and nose, her slit felt prickly as if it hadn’t been shaved in a few days. The vision seemed so real that I wished to reach out and place my arms upon her ass and bury my face within her folds.

“You can feel it even behind a screen, and you love it… Your only desire is that of the pleasure I can give you…”

“I love you so much, Mistress…”

“I love you too, Nicole. Shall I let you go all the way inside? Shall I invoke Latexa’s power and compress you until your entire essence is trapped inside…?”

Her words were tempting, and under any other circumstance I might have done it. However… “I… I need to take a break. I’m still very tired and a lot of things are bothering me about this. I’m sorry.”

“To be honest, I expected as much. I’m going to ask you to allow these sensations to gradually dissipate, Nicole. Relax and allow yourself to return to normal.”

“Th-Thank you. So… what exactly happened after I passed out?”

“It might help if I have an idea of what you do remember, and what you are experiencing right now. How is the stench able to affect you, when it really is nothing more than words?”

“I know that when my consciousness faded, Latexa took over in my place. I remember that she told you a lot of things about me, but I have no idea what was actually said. When she finished, my body fell asleep and the fuzziness wasn’t as bad upon waking. As for the stench, it’s like my mind can convert it to a memory and just play back the sensory response.”

“How is that possible? It’s just words on a screen!”

“That’s not how this works. Suggestion is all guided response; delivery doesn’t matter. I mean, you did know that, didn’t you?”

“Well… you’re only the second… one who I’ve made this happen to…”

Externally, I let out a deep sigh. She was doing these kinds of things despite being an utter novice? “I feel like Latexa would ream you for that but… I’m not really that kind of person. All I can say is that’s how this kind of thing happens.”

“Hold it. Is Latexa an entirely separate being? She wasn’t quite clear about that when I talked to her last night.”

“It’s hard to explain. I guess you could say that Latexa is who I wish I could be. We occasionally share thoughts and feelings but our consciousnesses do in fact have differences.”

“Then am I right in saying that the flood of memories was invoking part of that other consciousness?”

“When I roleplay as her, I intentionally do things that would kill a human because that is a side of me which literally cannot be broken. The other day, someone else did a scene where their cock was the size of a planet and Latexa – being the rubbergirl she is – took it all while still remaining mentally sound. I can’t say that my personal consciousness has been stimulated like that. At least… not often.”

“So when Latexa’s memories of me flooded your mind, that mind-numbing scent took center stage?”

“It was as if I had seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted you before. My mind filled in the blanks and that made it seem real. Parts of my body were getting really hot from the pure tension of arousal.”

“One last question. If it is possible to put you into a long term hypnotic suggestion, one in which I hold the key to break you out of it, would you want to try something like that?”

“Esmeralda… As much as I would, I know myself well enough to realize that if I became too dependent, I would have trouble functioning in the real world. I’m sorry, but I need to exercise a bit of restraint here.”

“No, I understand. It’s just… I want to be able to give you these things because I know how badly you crave them. Will there be risks? Maybe so, but everything has risks. Hell, there are things we’ve done that I’m afraid of, but I’m still here! The potential and the possibilities that can come out of consensual hypnosis are so thrilling! Don’t you feel the same way, Nicole?”

Seeing it presented that way reminded me so much of the feelings I used to harbor, the things that I loved about hypnosis before I temporarily gave it up. Though if I were to proceed, there were things I would need to know for certain. “Esmeralda, do you love me?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I want to feel safe with you. I want to feel like you’ll protect me and have my best interests in mind. I want to be able to put my trust in you and rely on you should we decide to do this. There can be no boundaries or reservations or hiding of our feelings. Does that make sense?”

“I see… You’re worried of a repeat with Valerie, aren’t you?” As she said that, my heart lurched in the worst of ways.

“…So Latexa told you after all.”


“I understand now why you asked me not to get mad. However, I’m not sure I trust you enough to tell you the truth, so maybe that in itself is an answer. Sorry, but I need time.”


“Please, Esmeralda.”

“Very well. I’ll give you a day. Read through Latexa’s logs, and use that to make up your mind.” With that, she left the conversation. I scrolled back up to the last messages I had sent before the whiteout, unsure of what I would find or really what to expect from this. I had always considered Latexa’s behavior to be dictated by my thoughts and emotions. Could she truly have a set of her own? Even I struggled with that possibility.

I mean, it wasn’t like I could ask her directly.

Fuck! I thought she was trying to kill me!”

“Latexa, relax! Let Nicole rest for a while and tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m supposed to know or something!? She just started freaking out all of the sudden and now she’s not talking to me.”

“Your memories merged… bodies, slightly… That’s why.”

“Wait, what? You lost me.”

“I hypnotized Nicole and made your minds connect as one. What you feel, she feels and all that. Your memories probably flooded into her and that became overwhelming.”

“Okay? I always thought that would be something she’d want. God, this is making absolutely no sense. Last I remember you two were playing and suddenly she’s having a fucking fit. Halfway through, she distances herself and I can’t access her memories.”

“In a way, she overdosed on the sensations and that triggered physical symptoms of agony and ensuing exhaustion. Even if it’s something she wanted, it’s just not something she was ready for. Say, Latexa, has this ever happened to her before? Has she ever been literally mindbroken?”

“Well… I’ve probed her memories every so often, and I do know of something that happened almost two years ago. She may hate me for telling you but… should I?”

“It might help, but… I won’t press you – either of you – if it’s too much to recall.”

“I don’t mind. A long time ago, Nicole knew a girl named Valerie who was also very into hypnotism. The two of them decided to do their sessions over voice calls. Valerie would try out different effects, such as having Nicole take on a verbal tic, or temporarily taking away her intelligence. There were also times where Nicole would do things to Valerie. In an extreme case, she put Valerie under for more than an hour, and it took nearly ten whole minutes for Valerie to come back up. Nicole was terrified, but she was also thoroughly convinced of both her susceptibility and the power of her own words.”

“She was hiding her true ability this whole time… And I broke through…”

“It gets a little crazier from there. The memory that stands out most to me is a session they had late one night. I think it was around three or four in the morning for Nicole. She had work that day so I dunno for the life of me why she decided to do this. The session was entirely text based, and it started with this long detailed thing where Valerie was slowly making Nicole more and more depraved. I think it was trying to invoke a rubber transformation of some kind but I don’t know the details.

“At one point in particular, Nicole started to act really fucking weird. I mean, I’ve never seen this before in her other than in the memory. She started to type the same phrase over and over and over. This went on for a good three to four minutes. Ugh, it’s freaking me out just thinking it. ‘Unable to control our lust?’ I think that was it. I mean, it filled up her computer screen with how much she wrote it.”

“Fucking hell, that… That sounds so extreme…”

“I wish I knew what was up with her. Months ago she went onto some fetish site and decided she would write hypnosis transcripts for a few people. She was told that her delivery was more powerful than some of the pros, so I guess that egged her on a bit as well. She was also doing it here but then all of a sudden things happened, and she got so pissed at herself she deleted them all. Maybe she’s just afraid of herself?”

“I… I can’t see this anymore. Get her body to bed and I’ll talk to her tomorrow when we’re all calmer. I can’t handle having done this to her. I just can’t.”

“I’m a slut by nature, but I’m not real; I’m a figment of her personality manifesting a character. If she were to break in reality… I mean, she’s thought about it. If she were to like, go to a modeling agency and strip for them, or if she were to… I don’t know. I guess it’s not important. The point is, I think she was like this long before she met you, and this is what she deserves for being a fucking moron. Please don’t agonize over us.”

“This is the second time I’ve hypnotized someone like this, and the first time I’ve seen such excruciating results. I just feel really conflicted by seeing it.”

“My advice? Don’t be. From what I’ve heard, Valerie had always wished she could feel what Nicole felt. Something tells me you’re the same way, but could you handle this psychologically if Nicole had done it to you?”

“I probably couldn’t. Outside of roleplay I am incredibly shy when it comes to lewd things.”

“That may not always be the case, Esmeralda. This place is not one you can easily walk away from, and the things you do here will end up becoming a huge part of who you are. Nicole started doing this at a young age. Years of building a persona through sex are now culminating into something truly abstract. Pain and sacrifice are simply a price one pays.

“Whatever you desire, whatever your reasons are for controlling others through hypnotism – it comes from a very spiritual part of yourself. That means in order for your very soul to be at peace, you will have to test your full potential at some point. I hate saying this, but Nicole genuinely believes that someday she will be able to put her consciousness into a pair of shoes, be it through technology or through divine intervention.”

“I… I still haven’t figured out what I want to get from this…”

“That’s why you find yourself in this place every day. Case closed.”

“Probably… There’s just so few people I can experiment with, it’s laughable.”

Nicole feels the same way at times. She’s had to extend herself, and me by extension, countless times in order to land roleplays with people.”

“Is that why you two are here so often?”

Sadly, that has more to do with her real world problems. She has her roadblocks and insecurities, so she relies quite heavily on this place as an outlet. It allows her to live vicariously through others to achieve a dream that, in the real world, she fears she’ll never reach no matter how hard she tries. Honestly, I do pity her at times.”

“You pity her? For what, being real?”

It’s like, I get that the world has been kind of unfair to her, but I think that a lot of things she does come back to bite her. She’s also royally stubborn. I dunno how to word it, but it’s like I can see her mistakes and be objective about them when she can’t.”

“Why don’t you jump in for her at those moments? Or is it so sudden that you can’t?”

This is the first time I’ve been able to be so far forward into her physical self. All other times I’m rather limited, so I guess I don’t have the opportunity to corral her even when I should.”

“Latexa… Don’t you think that may slightly change now? I mean, the trance did connect you two, and I don’t know that it will wear off any time soon…”

Maybe it will change. Maybe this will be an eye opener in all kinds of ways. Though if the trance does wear off and she goes right back to her usual impulsive self, I would not be at all surprised. That is how she’s always been. Forgive me for being such a fucking downer.”

“Honestly? I’d actually do it again for her if it would help. Being impulsive can be good sometimes, but it can cause a huge mess at other times.”

We’ll have to see, I guess.”

“Latexa… I need sleep. I’m sorry.”

I know. I’ve kept you up too long. I’ll probably fall asleep in the next hour or so. Glad I could do something for what it’s worth. Sucks that it wasn’t necessarily what you wanted to hear.”

“At least I got to know you both a bit better?”

Thank you all the same for putting up with us. Lord knows it’s a skill dealing with her.”

“Wait… what do you mean?”

“…Nothing. Just my personal feelings talking. Go sleep.”

“Fine. Goodnight, Latexa.”

“I love you, Mistress. See you tomorrow.”



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