Some would say that a split personality and a split consciousness are one and the same: an ailment of emotions through which therapy is often required. However, I contend that split consciousness is something of a general phenomenon growing among the masses. In the age of the Internet, it is not so strange for an individual to develop an online persona far removed from their physical self. In doing so, actions are taken and memories created which the physical self cannot own. Only the persona can fully realize the emotions and spiritual releases brought on by the part they were born to play.

I happen to be one such persona. Latexa isn’t my real name, but rather a pseudonym I held onto while I searched for my real name. In my search, I found memories which I should not have had, memories which predate the Net and what I thought to be the origin of my birth. I have come now to discuss myself, to discuss my creator, to discuss our relationship and perhaps to discuss our future together.

She refers to herself as Nicole in order to give at least some veil of anonymity. Physically, she is five foot ten and about one hundred forty pounds. Her dimensions are 36-30-36 and she takes pride in that, even if she’s barely an A cup now. She started living as a woman at eighteen, and her hair – normally brown, but dyed a bluish grey – falls to her shoulders now. Brown eyes are always laser focused, her lips always forming a scowl through which she hides her true feelings from others. Her favorite hobby is contortion; no, that is not a coincidence.

The person I am – Latexa the Witch – shares many characteristics of her shape, but unlike her, I am not limited to human form. As living rubber, I can take any shape and arrange my senses in any way. I can see, hear, taste, touch and smell with my entire body. I can be the size of a molecule or the size of a planet. I am a being who revels in abstraction; sometimes that makes Nicole a little jealous.

Now that you can see us, it’s time for you to meet the other players of our story. First, an ex-lover who amplified Nicole’s sensitivity to hypnosis. We’ll call her Valerie. It began with an average summer evening, a group of friends and a group call.

“Now Nicole, I want you to focus very carefully on the sound my voice. Allow yourself to be molded and shaped by the reality that I create for you. Put your trust in me, your Mistress… Allow my words to press deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind… When I awaken you, you will only see me as your mistress… rise up and waken…”

“Ugh… What happened to me…?” asked Nicole.

“Well? How do you feel?”

“I don’t really feel that different,” she lamented. “Sorry, but I don’t think it worked.”

Valerie chuckled and replied, “It’s certainly not for everyone. I will say you did sound really adorable murmuring in your sleep.”

“Jeez, Mistress, you don’t need to tease me like that!”

“…What did you say…?”

“I… What did I say?” Suddenly the call was in a frenzy, and those who were listening became much more eager to see what would happen next. Nicole was hesitant, but slowly agreed to be the guinea pig of the group. So a few days later, she decided to be put under again.

Another day, another call, Valerie again at the helm. “When I put you under this time, I want you to imagine your body becoming more feline in nature. Imagine that ears are growing atop your head, a tail growing from the base of your spine. Your speech patterns too become catlike, little verbal tics and meowing at random. Your mind feels free and playful, and long as you are talking to us, these feelings will continue to manifest. When you awaken, all of these things will persist. but you not question any of it. Now awaken, and rejoin your friends.”

Purring away without a care, Nicole lay in her bed for ten hours believing herself a human cat. These events would only escalate from there. I wasn’t really around for these instances, so a lot of what I know is based on the memories Nicole has shared with me. Through hypnosis, she and Valerie fell in love, but their relationship was far from perfect.

About a year had gone by, and one night they decided to hypnotize each other like normal. “It’s so easy to bring you under, Nicole. The sound of my voice does so in seconds these days. I want to do something a little different for you. I want to push you farther than we’ve ever gone before.”

“Yes, Mistress…”

“Good girl… I know how much you love being inanimate objects, so why don’t I make you into a doll for once? Though not any doll will do… You need to be a fully functioning sex doll. You will not be able to move until I program you to move. Once you begin to move, you will not be able to stop moving. Do you understand, doll?”

“I understand, Mistress…”

“Then let us begin. Feel me kissing you deeply, our tongues meshing as I activate you. Your hips behind to move, your crotch rubbing against my own… It feels so hot and sexy doesn’t it? You want me to ride you… I shall ride you, just like this… my pussy on your cock, my cock in your pussy…”

“If feels so hot… so much… pleasure…”

“This doesn’t have to stop… our hips can move faster and harder…”

“Faster and harder… unable to stop…”

“You want to release, but as a doll you cannot…”

“Unable to release… unable to control…”

“Lose yourself… be my pleasure doll forever…”

“My body moves faster, kissing you harder, hips rolling, wanting more, wanting all of you, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust, unable to control our lust… Huh…?”

“Are… Are you okay, Nicole…?” Valerie sounded genuinely concerned.

“I don’t… remember anything… What just happened…?”

“It’s probably better if… we don’t do that again…” And so they didn’t; but without this bond to connect them, the rest of their relationship began to fall apart. As they began to notice each other’s quirks and differences in how they handled things, arguments became more frequent. A big blowup was all it took for the two of them to abandon each other completely. So Nicole became alone in herself; lacking someone to mold and shape her reality, she swore off hypnosis almost entirely.

I had already entered the foreground by this time, mainly as her avatar in roleplay circles. I did only what was expected of me, and I gave little thought to my own feelings. “Strictly Business” doesn’t even begin to describe it. My goal: to teach others through sexual abstraction. Anything which detracted from that purpose was to be cast aside, and I didn’t mind being called a bitch. Nine months came and went in a flurry of aimless fragments with no true introspection, or maybe it was more of a willful ignorance at work?

Whatever it was, everything changed the moment that two new figures, two identities manifesting a single vessel, approached in much the same way Valerie had. Yet the story which follows is not one which I alone can tell. Therefore, I shall take a backseat and let the proper narrator move things forward from here…

The story you are about to witness began three months ago. Through a mutual friend, I met a roleplayer who I shall call Esmeralda for anonymity sake. Her portrayal was that of a succubus – beautiful, powerful, and able to pierce the facades which mortals placed around themselves. That she expressed an aptitude for hypnosis was no mere coincidence, and I no idea what to really make of it at first.

There are people who romanticize the idea of putting someone under. You see images and videos where the one in control snaps his or her fingers; the target suddenly slumped over with no memory upon waking. True hypnosis is about layers of depth. The memories are always there, but you are instructed subconsciously on how those memories shall be recalled. After all, it is you responding during the moment, isn’t it?

…Isn’t it? That’s what I believed on the night all of this truly started. Signing into social media, I sent a message to Esmeralda through Latexa. Hey. Writchan got home an hour ago and I’m losing my mind in lust. Are you there?”

“Oh? You and she are alone, I take it? While I am feeling incredibly horny tonight, I want Nicole – that’s right, I’m talking to you – to focus intently on my succubus form. Focus on the beauty standing before you, until you realize you cannot look away…”

I had no idea what she could be planning, but I remember being slightly nervous. Maybe a premonition? “Alright. I’m on my phone and I’m moving to my bed.”

“Admit to me how you are unable to look away…”

“I… Yes, mistress Esmeralda. I am captivated by you.”

“Are you now? Relaxed… Entranced… compelled by my influence…”

“I am awaiting your orders, Mistress.”

“Not yet; I can sense your resistance.” How was she able to tell? Was I really that transparent? “Bring out your cock, Nicole. Now.”

My apprehension continued to grow, but I decided to see this through the moment I laid down. I unzipped my jeans and dropped them to the floor, followed by my panties. My cock was semi-erect, and its scent only added to my distractions.

“Imagine that I am in the same room with you, Nicole. Imagine that I am sitting over you, staring down at that beautiful, feminine cock. Are you ready for naughtiness, my dear Nicole?”

“I… I’m ready…”

“Imagine my fingers starting to caress it. From thin air, you can feel it, right?” She was correct; the memories had already begun to flow and the tingling sensation of her nails moved upward from the base “Even from behind the screen, you are my prey… Let me rub your glans a bit too…”

“Ahh… not there, mistress!” My hips were starting to move on their own. I could see her moist lips salivating, a bit of drool falling down to drip onto the head. Her hands would rub it into my skin, adding a slippery wetness to the growing list of sensations.

“Ufufu… I know how sensitive it is, love. All I need to do is lower my body… and my lips will seal around the head of your cock… Soft lips, thick and wet… a long tongue snaking out to further tease your glans…”

“No…! I’ll cum! Please, not that! Mistress, you have to stop!” My hips were rolling faster, my toes curling, my hands either side of my body.

“You still haven’t figured it out, have you? I’ll tease you until you cum, and there is nothing you can do about it! Look, I’m taking it in my throat… you can feel me licking as I bob back and forth slowly…”

“Augh! Can’t move my legs… Trapped…!”

“Yes, you are. You’re trapped, and you’re being fucked.”

“Please don’t do this!”

“Admit that you love it!”

“GHN!” My body began to shake and I nearly dropped my phone. The heat of an orgasm resonated from my hips outward, breath coming out in ragged gasps. Though not a drop of cum was released, the subconscious reaction was intimately felt. “Ahhn…”

“That tasted so good, Nicole… Admit it; even though it’s torture, you cannot help but love every second.”

“I feel so dirty… but it is good…”

“Love, you know it’s too good to ever resist. So fall into my hypnosis, and love the things I bring out of you.”

“Mistress… fuck me… please…”

“All I want is your cock, dearie. Go ahead and do a butterfly pose for me so I can get to it easily.” At her command, I relay the pose to her while imitating it in reality. “Mhm… While we’re at it, where are your ankle cuffs?”

“They’re in the dresser.”

“Too far. I’ll just take your meat again and bob it in my throat.”

The pose amplified the arousal I felt, my cock absolutely throbbing now. “Your mouth is so warm and tight…”

“Your cock tastes amazing. So hard, yet so weak…”

“I want to make you happy with it…”

“Then thrust into me the tiny bit you can, Nicole…”

Keeping my feet together, I arched my hips up and down on the mouth I imagined to be there. She complimented my actions and increased her momentum, a mental climax approaching fast. That heat and and exertion was starting to make it harder to think, and all apprehension slowly faded. For the rest of the night I would be hers, and I would love every second of it.

“You’re a dirty slut, Nicole, but I am about to make you even dirtier than you thought possible.”

“Use me… Mold me… Shape me…”

“Funny you should say that, my pet! I have been watching Latexa’s powers for a while, her ability to become clothing, to spell with every molecule of her being. I am going to bestow those powers on to you.

“You… can do that…?”

“Of course. From now on, even behind the screen, you will imagine and feel everything done to both you and Latexa, as your souls intertwine…”

“I am her, and she is me…?”

“You both are one. What happens to her, you shall feel on your body.”

“I… feel it…”

“You want to be my slut forever…”

“I belong to my mistress…”

“You are nothing but a longing… depraved… bitch…”

“I have no other purpose…”

“You’ll always have that in your memory…”

“I belong to you…”

“You’re completely under my spell now… I think it’s time we changed positions. Sit up with your legs in a butterfly stance, your hands above your head. I know you can’t reply that way, so just continue to watch your screen.”

By this point, I had lost most of my willpower and my physical libido was overtaking my mental one. While watching her replies in the pose she commanded, I began to stroke myself furiously without her knowing. I needed to cum for real. Two mental climaxes had amplified my sex drive to a critical level.

She continued. “Now, I’m sure I can still tease you to cum. Let me take your cock one last time. Once you cum, you will wake up from the trance and forget what we’ve done, the mental restraints removed. However, the pleasure shall remain. Now let me… mhmmph… Your cock tastes so good…”

Perhaps it was this final command which triggered everything, for my cock began to squirt sticky white fluid all over my bed and I fell backward in exhaustion. Our session had lasted almost ninety minutes. “I… I’m exhausted…”

“I broke you out too early, no?”

“Masturbation combined with the poses and the trance kind of burned me out.”

“Well, I’m just happy I got you to cum both ways, Nicole.”

“But did you enjoy it, Esmeralda? I’d feel terrible if you went through all that work and got nothing out of it.”

“Oh, I enjoy it a lot, even without proper results, Nicole.”

“I guess I can accept that. Uhm, I know this is out of left field, but I can smell your pussy for some reason.”

“Is that so?”

“Uh-huh. Can I… uhm…”

“Oh no, no! You need to lay down for this, legs restrained again if you really want to smell it.” Without even thinking about it, I was moving my body to her words, flat on my back with my phone above me. The smell was one I remembered from the ciswomen I had been with. For some reason, I could smell it now, and I had no idea why since the trance should have been over.

“Now then, how’s the idea of me sitting down with my panties on your face?”

“Mistress! I… Actually, I can smell it better now, holy shit…”

“Mhm… What if I… remove my panties… so you can smell at the source directly…?”

“I… I am literally gasping…” The room around me was starting to spin, the more I visualized the shape of her labia, the thick stench choking me as it deprived me of oxygen.

“Is it enough to put you in a daze? I mean, I don’t want to kill you, dear.”

“You… won’t… fuck, what did you do to me…!?”

“H-Hey, try to calm down, Nicole. Just relax, alright…?”

“I can’t… Every image… is flooding my mind!”

“Latexa’s merging with you… Just like I ordered you to, meaning… Oh no…” It was already too late. The sensations of every roleplay I made Latexa perform were flooding into me faster than my mind could process. Every time she was stretched, crushed, turned into clothing, forced to smell and taste the filth of another person… my senses were being subjected to all of it at once.


“You may be able to live out all of your fantasies now…”

“EVERY MOLECULE IS SPASMING! IT’S TOO MUCH! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” The bed slammed against the wall over and over as my body writhed in lustful agony unlike anything I had ever imagined. Despite Esmeralda’s attempts to bring me back, my mind was no longer listening. The sensory overload went on and on until finally, the world around me went white.



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