“Laying on your bed… your body cannot move… arms and legs feel heavy… you hear the door open… sitting on the bed with you… feeling me pull you more upright… see yourself more clearly… your skin is no longer real… made of a glossy plastic or rubber… become a doll… completely at the mercy of my touch… making you wish that you could scream your feelings out loud…”

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory. (Full Transcript Below.)

I am going to ask that you take a moment to relax your body and mind. Allow the rest of the world to slowly fade away, all of the sounds around you becoming distant until my voice is the only thing your mind can latch on to. It is as if you are floating in a vast ocean; the only ones here are you and me. Nothing else matters but my voice and the images that it can etch into your being.

Imagine now that your body is resting just below the surface, bubbles popping against your skin as the warm current carries you along. You are relaxed, at peace with yourself and the water around you. Your mind grows more hazy the more you float in this water, more susceptible to my words and their effects on your senses.

Allow the light of the sun to gradually disappear as the water pulls you deeper and deeper into its depths. The darkness is warm and soothing as it drains you of all thoughts and emotions. All that matters is my voice, which can shape your mind, your body, and your soul.

I want you to blink a few times for me. Each time you blink, you feel a light spasm flow from your neck down your spine. It radiates either side of your waist and hips, just a faint shiver every time you blink. The more you blink, the more you shiver, and the more you realize that you are completely under my voice’s control. Keep listening to my voice, and allow me to shape you again and again and again.

When next you blink, you find yourself back in your room, laying on your bed with a pillow under your back. You try to sit up, only to realize your body cannot move. Your arms and legs feel heavy, and so you lay there helplessly. All you can do is stare at the ceiling while the minutes pass by gradually. It is a calming passage of time, though a tad bit disconcerting.

After just over an hour, you can hear the door open. My voice greets you tenderly, and I am soon sitting on the bed with you. You watch me reach for your shoulders, feeling me pull you more upright so you can see yourself more clearly. That is when you notice that your skin is no longer real.

What little skin you can see appears to be made of a glossy plastic or rubber. White nylon stockings cover your legs, and matching gloves go up to your elbows. A pink gown covers your chest and navel before stopping just shy of your hips, which are covered by panties of an equally pink shade. Your height has adjusted itself to exactly five feet tall.

I hold up a mirror, allowing you to see your face now. Your lips, painted a deep purple, are forced into an “O” shape. Pink blush has been painted on your cheeks, a light blue eye shadow and matching eyeliner above this. Every feature is flawless, crafted, emphasizing that you have in fact become a doll, a toy for someone else’s amusement.

I set the mirror down and then rub my index finger around the rim of your lips. This touch feels warm, almost electric as it arouses your mind. Getting on top of you, I use my other hand to rub down your waist. You feel the friction of my fingers and the gown, the heat inside you beginning to grow more intense.

The urge to curl your fingers and toes, to rub your thighs together, is overwhelming. Yet your body continues to lay still. You are completely at the mercy of my touch, my fingers tracing across the gloves and stockings, down to your hands and feet, caressing them, teasing them, making you wish that you could scream your feelings out loud.

I reach over and grab a bottle from the bedside table. When I squirt the contents into your mouth, you can feel a thick, slimy lubricant dripping down your throat. The smell and taste of vanilla begin to fill your mind. You then feel me pressing my lips to yours, sliding my tongue into your mouth and licking the slimy lubricant from your plastic tongue.

My moans send vibrations into your mind. You feel them further teasing your senses, further sending you into trance, further bending you to my voice’s control. I keep kissing you, my right hand sliding the panties down to your knees and a lone finger tracing across your rubbery slit.

Your entire body is burning hot. Every touch is like being electrocuted, a torturous ecstasy with no relief in sight. I take the bottle and inject the lubricant into your opening, getting it nice and slick before plunging two of my fingers inside, thrusting slowly at first, but getting faster by the second.

You can feel it, see it, sense it. It makes you wish that you could move your hips. It makes you wish that you could moan deeply. It makes you wish that you could cum over and over until you simply collapse from exhaustion. But those things shall not occur.

You shall remain here, bound by these sensations the more you lose yourself to my voice’s commands. You shall commit these visualizations to memory until they are an integral part of your being. As you play this recording again and again, you will fall deeper and deeper each time, more and more connected to the images my voice has etched into your mind.

Even as this recording ends, allow the process to further sensitize your mind to the manipulation of memory, the implantation of subtle changes and effects which you can feel at the back of your subconscious throughout the day. Relax and accept these alterations as natural, as if they had been there all along. Relax… Relax… Embrace your new reality…


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