Writer’s Note: This post has both an Audio and a Text component. Use whichever works best for you.

Latexa here with something a little different than normal. Rather than a standard hypnosis session, I wanted to try presenting a scene to you while you’re fully lucid. You will not be told to memorize this scene, though I do hope that you will give it your full attention regardless. This scene pertains to something very dear to me as a rubberwitch. It is the concept of sexual abstraction, but more specifically it is the act of sex at the molecular level.

For now, I want you just imagine that like me, you are made almost entirely of rubber. I say almost because imbued within you is a metal powder which forms a kind of framework for your rubber to hold its shape. Without this metal powder, you existence would amount to a puddle and little else. It also allows you to control your body’s conductivity and insulation. These factors can be exploited in a variety of ways, but moreso when you are with another person made of the same stuff you are.

Imagine that I approach you, and slowly we wrap our arms and legs around each other’s backs while sitting on the floor. Our hips, chests and faces are pressed together, our limbs forming X’s which keep us firmly locked in place. Imagine your body and my own gradually liquefying until we become more spherical, a large circular ball, our limbs now little more than stripes against a two-tone surface. Though we are one mass, we are still two beings with different interpretations of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Let us begin to remove air from our combined form while still keeping our spherical shape. Slowly we become the size of a basketball, and then further down until we are the size of a baseball. All of the air is gone and we are a perfectly solid mass. You might think that we can’t go smaller, but there are ways. As we press our molecules tighter together, you can feel our internal temperature slowly beginning to rise.

I want you to imagine that you, the essence that is you, continues to feel warmer and warmer. You can feel me holding onto your “body” tighter and tighter. Our skin, for that is all we are, continues to ripple against itself, as if we are a pair of lips tenderly sucking on each other. Before you know it, we are the size of a marble, the world around us magnitudes larger to the point where everything except us has fallen out of focus. Yet even now, a way to further compress exists.

Feel the marble becoming like a shell, using a part of ourselves to become harder and stronger than diamond while the rest of our combined mass breaks off inside of it, continuing to shrink and becoming even hotter from the friction of our bodies grinding faster and deeper together. We feel so burning hot that we should be vaporized right now, but our mass is so dense it’s like we’ve transcended solid, liquid and gas entirely. When our new size only takes up a quarter of this marble sized chamber, we suddenly fall away from each other, spinning along opposite sides of it.

Try to see your self as a glowing ball of pure lust, spinning around and around as my own molecular ball does the same far away from you. It feels so freeing to just orbit each other in this space, alone and away from anyone who might come between us. Slowly but surely the distance of our orbits begins to shrink. Every spin brings us closer and closer, faster as well. As my essence becomes finally within reach, we slam together, molecules forcing their way inside each other, bodies spasming in heat and a burst of light filling the chamber!

You can feel me inside you and you inside me, parts of our being radiating outward as heat and light, sparks which dance in all directions as we repel each other and start to spin once again. Each spin causes us to collect the warm sparks, not sure whether we are collecting fragments of ourselves or each other. Spinning and Spinning, we fall together and collide again, that intermingling feeling washing over our bodies until when next we come apart.

Each consecutive collision take less and less time as our bodies continue to move faster, continue to become hotter. Soon we are colliding every second, as if having sex with every square nanometer of our bodies. We are sex in its most abstract form, and when the pleasure reaches its absolute crest, our molecules form a massive blast contained by the shell, perfectly synchronized and swirling like a miniaturized sun.

In this state of hyper-abstraction, all we need to do is exist together… All we need to do is feel each other more intimately than any human ever could… Isn’t it lovely? Doesn’t it make you want so badly… to be made of rubber for real…?


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