Writer’s Note: This is a story based around “Ingress,” an augmented reality smartphone game available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. Special thanks to @Malkythera (Agent Mal) for help with lore and terminology.

At the northern edge of the Sierra Nevada, forty miles east of Mt. Lassen National Park, a dozen low-flying UAVs make their flight across a territory of four hundred square miles. Omni-directional thermal cameras scan the ground, picking up signs of wildlife, people, and vehicles. Those who enter this territory are often clueless to the control field generated by the six exotic matter portals forming an eighty mile perimeter between Bogard, Westwood, Susanville, and the north shore of Eagle Lake. The longer these travelers stay within the field’s confines, the more brainwashed they become, gradually bent to the will of the Shapers.

It’s 2021, and I have guarded these portals for nearly half a decade. Stationed at the Antelope Mountain Fire Lookout, I keep a watchful eye year round, as both a guardian of these portals and a dispatcher for the field researchers who use this vast territory for experimentation. Lately there have been attempts to control animals using exotic matter, but subjects of that nature tend to be beyond my pay grade.

Sometimes it can be rather boring. Whenever a portal is threatened, it’s usually some lone wolf trying to make a name for himself. Keeping the resonators charged until the assailants run out of ammo usually takes care of them. The ideological war continues in the cities – Reno, Redding and Chico to name a few. At the end of the day, I’m merely a babysitter for field researchers who visit the region, and my only human contacts are the Internet or the sporadic supply deliveries to my lookout.

[WARNING: Ultra Strike Detonation Detected.]

So much for piece and quiet. Looking out the north-facing window revealed a large pillar of light about fifteen miles away. “Computer, calculate detonation value.”

[Calculating… Detonation value of more than three thousand detected. Direct hit established with no triggering of resonator turret defenses. Damage has been sustained at a rate of ten percent. WARNING: Ultra Strike Detonation Detected.]

As the next flash of light pierced the sky, I moved to my desk and began to execute remote recharge commands. A satellite dish outside began to beam exotic matter to the site of the blast, and I sipped a cup of coffee watching this pointless war of attrition commence. After ten minutes, the pillars of light ceased and it appeared to be over. Well, I guess that’s all the firepower they had on them.

Then again, it was a little weird that this portal in particular had been targeted. It was well within the control field, so not only would it fail to disrupt the field, but it would put the assailant at risk of falling to the field’s control. Why would someone using a high-powered arsenal make so many novice mistakes?

“Computer, pilot UAV three to point Epsilon.” I watched on my monitor as the drone approached the attack site. The thermal camera seemed to pick up only one sign of life directly interacting with the portal. However, moments later the camera picked up a huge amount of thermal heat before whiting out entirely, followed by the words “Connection Lost” on the display.

That son of a- did they fire off a flare!? Now I was pissed. Locking up behind me, I left the lookout and drove down the mountain toward the highway. Soon I was doing seventy miles an hour, green lights flashing and sirens blaring as I went.

The lake’s northwest shore was my destination. There were a few year-round residents, though many of the houses were predominately occupied in summer. It would be another two months before the real recreational traffic kicked in, so my target would – in theory – be quite easy to spot. I parked about a half mile away and walked down the main residential street. All was quiet save for a faint wind gust which had blown in from the mountains. My right hand rested on a holstered coilgun, and I kept looking around me as I reached the portal.

There was nobody in sight. I could see sparks flying out of the damaged resonator units, but beyond that the entire street was vacant. Swearing inwardly, I decided I might as well make use of the trip to salvage the UAV that had been shot down. According to mobile radar, it should have landed near or in some trees over by the shore…

Sure enough, the unit was easily found after having fallen out of one of said trees. With a sigh, I reached down with two hands to pick it up, and that’s when I felt cold steel pressed against the back of my head.

“One move and your brain matter becomes fish food.”

“You must be new here,” I countered. “This side is too low for the trout to thrive. Though more importantly, did you really orchestrate this all for the sake of killing me? Has the Resistance become so broken they started condoning genocide?”

The assailant holstered her gun, allowing me to turn around. She stood a few inches shorter than myself, though a bit wider overall. She was wearing a Resitance blue catsuit which showed off her bust and rear end. White boots made her short legs appear slender, giving her whole body an overall roundness. Perhaps the most defining feature to me was the slight bulge between her hips.

“It’s been a long time, Laete,” replied Agent Mal. “To answer your question, we’re still told only to kill when necessary. I just knew that if I didn’t, you’d have turned yours on me first.”

“We may not be blood related, but you will always be my sister. All the same, what brings you out west?”

“The Resistance held a global summit in San Francisco. With my current standing, it’s something of an obligation that I go. While I was here, I decided to look for you. As it stands, you’re making quite a name for yourself as well.”

“I’m merely a dispatcher, Mal. It’s the scientists on the ground who make this possible, taking my theories and verifying them through real-world data.”

“Of course; can’t have your name on the Most Wanted list, can we? The science of human-animal telepathy through memory manipulation – mankind was never meant to have such a power and you know it.”

“If you have that kind of intel, then why did you come alone?” I asked.

“Perhaps a part of me feels there’s a chance to bring you back,” the Resistance member answered. “A lot of this information is classified, but it appears the powers that be are tempted to just level this mountain and be done with it. I am, quite literally, your final lifeline to civilization and a peaceful life.”

“Mal…” Were her words genuine? Had she truly been thinking about my well-being all this time? “Very well; I’ll listen to what you have to say. Come with me back to the Lookout. We shouldn’t be disturbed there.” With a nod, she walked back to her vehicle and I to mine. Lights flashing, I gave her a proper escort around the lake and up to the top of the mountain. We parked in front of the lookout steps and I had her follow me inside, motioning for her to make herself at home.

“It sure is cramped in here. How do you not go crazy in a place like this?”

“People come by with supplies every so often, and cell towers to the northeast allow me to check what’s going on in the world each day. It’s not like I’ve needed much else.”

“Sis, you have to use an outhouse. That’s insane.” She plopped down on the corner bed, legs bent upward with her cheek against the pillow. “Not to mention it is half a day’s drive just to find this place.”

“Do you have to make your return trip from SFO?”

“RNO. The arrangements were made in advance.” That means she was planning this well before the summit. Mal looked to me and said, “I reserved a second seat just in case.”

“In case of what?” I scoffed. “Are you convinced you’ll get me to return to the Resistance?”

“Well, it’s that or I take you back in cuffs. I think that would be kinky, don’t you?” Her words hearkened back to the old days when she and I were on terms far more intimate. For a moment, I felt myself starting to reminisce.

It was May 2015, and I had just finished studying university level linguistics with minors in sound engineering and applied psychology. Mal was a pen pal from the East Coast who I met online. Both of us were transwomen, shared the same interests and perhaps the same libidos as well. Things were fun and life seemed so simple; then it all just changed.

I received a text one evening from someone calling herself Jahan. Jahan instructed me to drive out to a nearby trailhead, and my phone suddenly received a hack which allowed it to detect exotic matter portals. Suddenly I was a part of the war, fighting a force I knew nothing about. When I told Sis, she was ecstatic, bragging how she had been enlisted for more than a year. Though she was the younger of us, I soon found myself looking up to her for advice and insight to this brave new world.

Fast forward to 2018. The war continued to drag on, but strange things were beginning to happen. I would occasionally intercept messages from the enemy, originating from this woman calling herself “The Acolyte.” Who was she? Her words lined up almost identically to the words Jahan had spoken, yet the subtleties of her speech patterns gave her this hypnotic charisma with which she could more deeply convert others.

I brought my findings to Sis. She told me not to fall victim to it, but I wasn’t satisfied by that answer. I began to look more deeply into the speeches Jahan had given, and while she lacked the euphoric rise and fall of speech, Jahan’s rhetoric was in all cases too Utopian to hold any iota of truth. I started to lose trust in the Resistance.

In December, Mal got married to her longtime fiancée. They had their honeymoon in Reno and invited me. It was our first physical meeting, and the three of us got very intimate very quickly. Then on the last day, an argument broke out over dinner. It ended with me questioning whether she had been straight-up lying to me all this time. Rather than answer, she left with her husband and they returned to the East Coast the following day.

A part of me just snapped. I drove back home, wrecked a few things in anger, and finally walked into an Enlightened church. I don’t know how or why, but inside, I could feel the presence of the Acolyte comforting me. She told me that my struggles would be over, that my talents would shine through and I would go on to do a great thing for mankind. In the dawn of 2019, I defected and gave control of the Eagle Lake area over to the Enlightened. Sis never spoke to me again.

Now she was back in my life, in my personal space, taunting me. “I want you to be honest with me. Why did you come here after two years? What is it you’re really looking for?”

Suddenly, she sat up, mouth bent in a wicked smile. “Revenge…” The metal bracelet on her right hand began to glow. As she pointed it at me, it fired off a blue pulse, sending a burst of painful electricity through me.

“UNNNGH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?” My body began to move on its own, forcing me to my knees with my arms behind my back. As she stood, her crotch was inches from my face.

“This is a holding frame. It does deplete my scanner at a rate of five XM per second, but I should still have enough to contain you for a few hours, at the very least. Now then, what do I remember about big sis Laete? Oh yeah! You had a huge fetish for smell, didn’t you?”

“Sh-Shut up…” Regrettably she had me figured out even after all these years. I watched as she undid the crotch zipper of her catsuit, the musky scent of her dick and balls quickly wafting into my nose. It was so much stronger than I remembered, and losing myself to it was so very tempting.

“Come on, Laete… you know you missed me, and you know that by rejoining the Resistance, you can have this and much, much more… Be one with me like before…”

Her words were gentle, nurturing, yet they reminded me so much of the Acolyte. Recognizing this broke me out of the attempted trance, and I blinked a few times. If this was her foolproof plan, she was in for a rude awakening. All I would need to do is bide my time. Leaning forward, I closed my lips around her shaft, allowing my tongue to roll against the veined underside. “Mhmm…”

“That’s it, Sis…” She was clearly enjoying this as well, biting her lip and sliding her legs against me to pull me closer. Her length was small, a mere four inches, but it had a succulent taste amplified by the catsuit’s rubber. My mind began to wander, imagining her body with the catsuit removed – slick from head to toe, especially her breasts and underarms. Such a perverse visualization caused my own shaft to tent my green catsuit, and I blushed deeper.

She whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

“I… I want… you, Sis…”

“You want me… how?”

“I want you… naked…” My wish was granted when Agent Mal reached behind her back and undid the zipper on her catsuit. It fell off her chest and halfway down her arms. She grabbed my head and forced my face into her exposed breasts, which had matured to the size of grapefruits in the years we were apart.

“Lick.” She had no intention of finishing early. For as long as her XM reserves were sustained, she would continue to tease and torment my libido. She must have believed that she had me in the palm of her hand by this point. My tongue moved between her breasts, across her collar from one underarm to the other, and then back down around each nipple. Sexual haze filled my mind from the smell and taste, but I held on to my senses with as much willpower as I could muster. It would be just a little longer…

Each sensual stroke of my tongue on her nipples sent a shiver up her spine. She was gasping more and more, finding it harder to stay upright until finally, she began to fall. “Why am I… so dizzy… all of a sudden…?”

Those blue electric ropes which kept me bound suddenly shattered, allowing me to stand up and stretch my sore limbs. “It would appear I have you in checkmate, Agent Mal.”

“My scanner… how can it be…”

“Empty? I want you to listen very carefully. Do you hear that faint vibration along the walls? You probably thought it was from water pipes or something, but you’d be wrong. Your biggest mistake was not remembering how a low-frequency soundwave can amplify hypnotic effects. Your scanner is tied to you as an individual; it was the influence being pounded into your brain which caused your scanner to exhaust itself faster. The tables have turned, and it appears you won’t be able to make that return flight of yours after all. So sorry.”

“Damn you… I trusted… you… to the very… end…”

I let out a menacing laugh as I dragged her off the floor and back onto the bed. “You can still trust me, dear sister. Only now you are trusting in me as your mistress…”


“That’s right,” I chuckled. “Allow Mistress Laete to mold and shape you slowly, so you may one day be a perfect associate to the Acolyte herself.”

“The… Acolyte…”

“She’s like a caring mother tending to the needs of her family. Now, you’ll be a part of her family too!” Kneeling with my legs slightly spread, I grabbed a hold of Mal’s boots and slipped them off; rolling the blue catsuit off completely, I cast it aside like a used towel. Naked and glistening with sweat, she was much more beautiful this way.

Opening my catsuit’s crotch zipper revealed a cock two inches longer than her own. It throbbed lustily against her quivering pink asshole while I held her legs together above her. A bit mockingly, I whispered, “Tell me what you want.”

“I… I want… you, Sis…”

“You want me… how?”

“I want you… inside me…” Hers was a request which I was more than happy to oblige. Slamming all six inches into her rear forced a perverted moan from her lips. Her fingers gripped the blanket and her toes curled in the air. Between her legs, that tiny cock began to twitch with obvious pleasure.

“You can’t fight it, Mal… You feel your memories growing hazy, the old life you lived nothing more than a dream…” This was my subtle reprogramming method, aided significantly by the XM. The implantation of memories could completely warp a person’s senses, making them feel things that were never there. “I want you to imagine that the Acolyte is with us right now… You can see her flowing red hair, her sapphire eyes, that gentle mother’s smile as she presses her bosom to your own…”

“My… mother…” Memories of Mal’s incest fantasies would slowly become her undoing. “I can feel her… how is this happening…?”

“This is the Acolyte’s power, my darling pet. She gave me the power to alter memory, so that I may remove the bitter past in favor of a brighter future…” My hips moved faster and faster as I throbbed inside of her. I would have to time this just right, or this would be all for nothing. “The Acolyte is telling you to give in to the pleasure… you should allow yourself to climax, to feel the pleasure of release, the pleasure which will erase your old life and evolve you…”

“Evolve… Evolve… Evolve…” She began to chant it to herself, her entire being shaking as I continued to hold her legs in place.

“The moment you feel your mistress climax within you, it will cause your own, and you will embrace your new reality. Embrace your new reality…” I repeated it to her, gasping a little as I felt my pleasure begin to crest. The subtle rippling of her muscles constricting around my length continued to assault my nervous system. Yet I was confident the gears had been set in motion to their fullest.

Arching my back, I shouted, “Cum now!” before unleashing my full load inside of her. This set off a chain reaction in which she climaxed as well, spraying sticky white fluid all over her breasts and neck. I was a little disappointed that she hadn’t quite reached her lips, but I knew I would have all the time in the world to condition her. “Agent Mal, tell me who you serve.”

“…Mistress Laete…”

“And who do you aspire to serve?”

“…The Acolyte…”

“Good girl…” Lowering her legs, I gave her a kiss on the lips before tenderly licking the cum off her body. Everything went exactly as my theories had predicted. I kept Mal occupied until she drifted off to sleep, and then submitted the data I had collected.

The Resistance now faced an impossible obstacle. Enlightened victory was all but assured.


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