“A temple buried in the sands… the depths of a massive labyrinth… the gentle hum of a woman… breasts and arms adorned with purple scales… below her waist is a long tail… fall into her embrace… her tail begins to undress your body… slowly wrapping around your legs and hips… slit is much larger than a human’s… her slit has opened up fully… tendrils which grip your feet tightly and slowly pull… consumed by this lustful creature… consumed by this snake goddess…”

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory. (Full Transcript Below.)

I am going to ask that you take a moment to relax your body and mind. Allow the rest of the world to slowly fade away, all of the sounds around you becoming distant until my voice is the only thing your mind can latch on to. It is as if you are floating along in a vast ocean; the only ones here are you and me. Nothing else matters but my voice and the images that it can etch into your being.

Imagine now that your body is floating just below the surface, bubbles popping along your skin as the warm current carries you along. You are relaxed, at peace with yourself and the water around you. Your mind grows more hazy the more you float in this water, more susceptible to my words and their effects on your senses.

Allow the light of the sun to gradually disappear as the water pulls you deeper and deeper into its depths. The darkness is warm and soothing as it drains you of all thoughts and emotions. All that matters is my voice, which can shape your mind, your body, and your soul.

I want you to blink a few times for me. Each time you blink, you feel a light spasm flow from your neck down your spine. It radiates either side of your waist and hips, just a faint shiver every time you blink. The more you blink, the more you shiver, and the more you realize that you are completely under my voice’s control. Keep listening to my voice, and allow me to shape you again and again and again.

Just one more blink, and the water is gone. Instead, you find yourself in a vast desert, sand dunes on all sides of you. The sand is carried by the wind, and it pelts against your skin just enough to be felt. You can taste how dry it is, you can feel it in your nose and between the layers of your clothing. You walk briskly in an attempt to find shelter.

Over the next ridge, you spot a temple buried in the sands. You double your pace against the rough sandstorm, sliding down the steep dune, and falling into the temple’s depths. The stone steps are cold against your skin, and you crawl on all fours until you make it to the bottom.

I want you to imagine that you are now in the depths of a massive labyrinth. Torches line the ornate stone walls. The air is damp and it chills you to the bone. Every step causes a low rumble to echo all around you, distorting your sense of direction. Getting more and more lost, you soon come across two branching paths.

The gentle hum of a woman can be heard on the path leading right. Combined with a faint musky smell, it tempts you to push yourself toward the source. As you enter the right pathway, you quickly discover her.

Her upper body is that of a beautiful goddess, her breasts and arms adorned with purple scales that glimmer under the light of the torches. Below her waist is a long tail also covered In these purple scales. This snake woman, this lamia, is incredibly dazzling and it is that beauty which drowns out any fear you might have.

Against your better judgment, you find yourself compelled to approach. She even opens her arms to you, allowing you to fall into her embrace. She then pulls you tighter against her scaly bosom, allowing you to rub your cheeks against those beautiful breasts. The soft scratchiness is soothing, perhaps a little arousing, distracting you while her tail begins to undress your body.

You can feel her tail slowly wrapping around your legs and hips. It feels so soft, so scratchy and so warm that you can’t help but moan. The lamia smiles and kisses your forehead as her tail guides your body, orienting you so that your crotch can grind against her own.
Her oversized slit is much larger than a human’s, yet each time your hips brush against it, the pleasure assaults your body like an electric shock. Your arms and legs go completely limp, and all you feel is heat starting at your hips and radiating to every inch of your skin.

Without warning, a moistness begins at your toes and works its way up your feet. As you look down, you can see her slit has opened up fully, a thick purple ooze lubricating hundreds, if not thousands of microscopic tendrils which grip your feet tightly and slowly pull.

You realize that no matter what you do now, you will be unable to prevent this fate. The tendrils, though, feel so soft and so pleasurable as they climb up your ankles and your lower legs. Their warmth and their tightness stimulate your nerves in a way that you have never felt before. The smell is absolutely erotic, a lustful musk that causes you to abandon all reason entirely.

You want to enjoy this for as long as it remains. You want to be consumed by this lustful creature, this lamia who has so effortlessly made you her prey. You are willing to give everything – your body, your mind, your very soul – to this woman, if it means you can feel this sensation forever and ever.

The tendrils have reached your chest now. Over half of your body is gone, lost to the thick purple ooze. The heat is so much more intense now, as if you’re simply going to melt completely. This is all that you are, all that you need. As your head slowly vanishes into her slit, you return to darkness once more, utterly consumed by this snake goddess, lost to the abyss of your mind’s creation.

I want you to relax now, to allow my voice to paint these images into your subconscious mind. I want you to take my voice and commit it to memory, so that you may more easily gravitate toward my suggestions every time you hear this recording. I want you to open yourself to me…

Even as this recording ends, these effects will linger… with every repetition, this recording will slowly reshape your mind… Listen to it continuously, and allow yourself this desire each time…


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