“I’m pulling off at the next exit,” radioed Malin to the pair of pickup trucks behind her. Each carried a slew of geological equipment and an attachable camping pod, their occupants having recently come from the rural backcountry. Five days were spent conducting a major research project, and layers of dirt now coated the vehicles from top to bottom. Their drivers had also become quite filthy during the trip, Malin personally desiring nothing more than a hot shower and a soft bed to ease her aching muscles.

“Come on, we’re only a hundred miles out, Malin!” This teasing protest came from Connor, driver of the rear truck. He was often very reliable, but hotheadedness tended to be an issue with him. Malin wondered if such behavior stemmed from a deep internal struggle for validation or something to that effect, though she tended to be tolerant of it save for when it caused disruptions in the work.

“Yeah, only a hundred miles. Did you forget it’s been twice that long since we last stopped?” Driving the middle truck, Emily was both the youngest and the least experienced. She signed on as an intern courtesy of the state conservation corps. While her heart was in the right place, this whole week had been a true test of her endurance and willingness to push forward. In a way, it was she who Malin worried about the most.

Malin let out a sigh before clicking the talk button on her radio. “You both know the way home, so if either of you want to split off, it’s not like I’ll stop you. Over and out.” The dashboard clock showed nine in the evening. Their trip home started at one in the afternoon, pausing only briefly for dinner and to refuel. That was at five-thirty.

She turned onto the ramp for the rest area and parked along the building’s far side. Emily stopped about fifty feet away, but Connor appeared to have gone ahead. Malin turned off the engine and stepped out, stretching her arms behind her neck. Though the heat of August lingered, the gentle breeze which flowed down the mountain chilled the sweat which coated her skin, causing her to shiver just a little.

“I’m so exhausted!” Emily cried as she closed the door of her own vehicle. “College didn’t prepare me for this kind of tedium!”

Malin let out a chuckle. “True to your city girl roots, aren’t you? Didn’t you have any part-time jobs growing up?”

“I was too focused on school and extracurriculars to really take on work! However, I did make a bit of spending money helping one of my teachers with data entry.”

“All of the cushy desk jobs are seniority-based, dear. If you want to stay in this industry, you’re going to have to become stronger.” It was something she herself knew quite well, this being her eighth year in the Department. Hers was a career founded on blood, sweat and tears. She never went to college; at seventeen she started as a mere campground maintenance worker. By twenty-one she had risen to forestry aide, and she was now a full-fledged forestry technician. While not necessarily against formal education, her firm belief would always be that life was the best teacher.

Emily lowered the tailgate of her pickup and sat down, fishing two water bottles from an ice chest and handing one to Malin. “It’s not like I’m asking to be an engineer or something. When I decided on this it was to do digital mapping.”

“Well, someone has to go out and collect the data; the Department won’t always be able to afford you subordinates.” Malin was grateful for the water, quickly downing half of the bottle. “As it stands, you and Connor were mainly brought on for training purposes. I would have been fine alone, even if my superiors may have screamed about accidents and liabilities and other bullshit.”

“That kind of pride can be dangerous though. There was a story a few years back about a free-spirit who made his way into the deep tundra. He got sick, had no way to return to civilization, and that was the end of him.”

“I remember hearing about that,” Malin replied. “He wasn’t far from a place of refuge, but he was simply too delirious to ever get there. Had he been able to detect the symptoms and respond to them faster, he might have actually made it.”

“Who knows?” Emily set her water bottle down and arched her chest forward, her 34C breasts jiggling slightly in her blouse. “So… now that Connor’s away, maybe the two of us could do something together?”

Over the course of the trip, Malin found herself taking to Emily in more ways than one. They hadn’t technically discussed the matter, though they had already kissed more than a few times while Connor wasn’t looking. These interactions certainly couldn’t be called professional, but when you’re alone together at the top of a mountain – or a roadside rest area for that matter – who exactly is going to know about it?

“These pods aren’t exactly made for two people,” she reasoned. “Though since I have a camper shell, perhaps I could make a bit of room for us. Just how badly do you want it, darling?”

“Oh Malin, you have no idea how much I crave you!” Emily’s shout echoed across the rest stop, very nearly causing Malin burst into laughter.

“I cannot believe you just shouted that! You really are something else, you know that?” Malin pulled a blanket from her camper pod and, after moving some of the equipment out of the way, spread it out so they would have something soft to lay on. She then closed the tailgate but opened the glass window of the camper shell. “After you!”

Emily giggled softly and climbed onto the rear bumper. As she slipped her leg through the open window, she had to arch her hips which gave Malin a perfect view of her shapely butt. Once Emily had situated herself on the blanket, Malin crawled through and fell atop her. The two began to rub against each other, lips connected in a deep and passionate kiss.

As their tongues swirled around and around, they unbuttoned each other’s blouses and tugged their bras out of the way. Malin’s 38B chest, though smaller, was rather sensitive as she rubbed against Emily’s rounder orbs. The sweat and dirt which formed a membrane on their skin was slippery yet rough, adding to the excitement. The two of them held the kiss as long as they could, only pulling away when the need for air became too great.

“Where did you learn to kiss like that!?” panted Malin. Emily merely shrugged and moved her hand further down. Unzipping each other’s shorts now, the two of them lowered their hands into the exposed panties, movements matched as each placed a lone finger across the other’s slit. “Oh, fuck… I feel so perverted…!” Malin used one of her feet to lower the window shut, hoping that it would be enough soundproofing for them to really get wild.

Their hips bucked in unison as they fingered each other, going back to kissing as if their lives depended on it. The air began to heat up, making them perspire more and causing their bodies to get even more filthy. Emily motioned for Malin to move back and used the space to slide her shorts and panties to her right leg. In the dim moonlight, her pussy glistened with arousal, the scent filling that cramped cargo hold.

As Malin licked away the drool from the side of her mouth, she contemplated what the kinkiest position for their situation might be before settling on one in particular. She worked quickly to slide her own shorts to her left leg, and then she laid herself backwards atop Emily so their feet would be in each other’s face.

Feeling the other’s tongue along her soles made Emily yelp. “Ahh! S-So dirty, Malin!” Not that she was complaining, for she would do the same thing but a moment later. They each licked and slurped to their hearts content, fingernails scratching the delicate backs of each other’s calves, bodies perfectly synchronized in every way.

Malin giggled, sending vibrations into Emily’s soles. The time for teasing was at an end. Setting her hips down in just the right way caused her pussy to rub directly against the younger girl’s, a sensual shock resonating across them both. Flashes of scarlet covered their faces and chests as they rolled their hips harder and faster.

They could hear the squeaking of the pickup’s suspension, though it in no way deterred them as they rocked their hips together, faster and harder with each passing second. Emily had begun to bite down hard on Malin’s toes, which Malin countered by nipping the balls of Emily’s feet. All the while, their hands erratically scratched and squeezed any body part within reach, eyes forced shut from the overwhelming pulses of ecstasy which filled them.

The air in that metal chamber grew thicker and hazier from the sexual juices which boiled off their thighs, each thrust more labored than the last. The overwhelming aroma burned the inside of their nostrils as they gasped against each other’s feet. Panting, moaning and finally screaming ensued as they climaxed together; further soaking themselves, the blanket beneath them and the steam above.

“That was…”

“…Incredible…” The two of them spoke nearly in unison as they sat upright to the best of their ability. Their bodies were achy and sticky, yet the two of them felt absolutely perfect in that moment of mutual bliss. Eager to make the most of it, Malin pulled Emily into her lap and began to lick her nipples tenderly.

Arching her back, Emily let loose a high pitched whimper, digging her nails into Malin’s shoulders. “I can’t… It’s too much…!” Of course, that did nothing to stop the older woman from licking more haphazardly from breast to breast, and faster at that. Still sensitive from her earlier climax, Emily brought one hand to her mouth in an attempt to stifle the screams welling up from inside her.

Malin was quickly losing herself to the smell and taste of Emily’s depravity. Her hands pinned the girl against the rear wall as her tongue moved to the girl’s navel. Like an animal tending its young, she stretched her tongue along to thoroughly clean the girl beneath her, feeling so dirty but so turned on at the same time. That Emily too was reveling in it made her realize just how much fun the two could have once they were back in the city. The fantasies echoing across her mind made her that much more aroused and she proceeded to finger the girl again, using more fingers and faster strokes.

Emily felt like she was going to break. Each spasm of her muscles caused her to bang against the metal wall behind her, and the thrusts of Malin’s fingers were tearing viciously at the nerves lining her inner sensitive insides. Delirium was setting in, making it impossible to release though see wanted and needed it desperately. Releasing she took on way more than she bargained for was exhilarating if just a little terrifying.

Right as she was on the edge of climaxing a second time, the flash of red and blue lights snapped her back to reality and she pushed Malin away. “Fuck, fuck! We need to get dressed!” Malin had to do a double take, but seeing the lights as well caused her to immediately change gears. The two of them rushed to get dressed as the police cruiser parked nearby, an officer shining a flashlight through the window from afar.

Malin opened the window slowly with both hands to show she was unarmed. “We’re coming out, officer!” Lowering the tailgate, she had Emily slide beneath her so that they could step onto the asphalt simultaneously, hands still visible as to show they meant well.

The officer was a man in his mid-thirties. He took a look at the two of them and smelled the remnants of sexual steam before sarcastically asking, “What in the seven hells were you two doing in there?”

“We, uhm… didn’t expect anyone to find us out here,” stuttered Malin. “Are we in, uhm… trouble, officer…?”

He sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “I received a call about twenty minutes ago from reports an animal may have broken into a government vehicle. I didn’t think there would be two.”

“We’re really sorry!” exclaimed Emily with a bow.

“Look,” he began, “there is technically no law saying you can’t have sex in a car. It’s a little different though when you’re using government property to do it. That isn’t even to mention how dangerous it is to do at a place where anyone can come by and break in! What if something had happened and you two ended up kidnapped or worse? You’re adults; you need to think things actions through!”

The officer continued to lecture them for a solid ten minutes before letting them off with a warning and driving away. Alone once again, Emily turned to Malin. “We probably should air out the back when we return to the city.”

“Yeah, I know. In any case, I don’t regret any of this. Do you?”

“Not in the slightest, Malin!”

The older woman gave another chuckle and then kissed her newfound lover. “We should probably get going now.”

Malin closed up the camper shell, and the two of them got back in their vehicles. Starting their engines, Emily soon fell behind Malin as they pulled back onto the freeway. Their lovemaking had lasted about forty-five minutes, and they still had another two hours standing between them and their destination. Thankfully, the lingering effects of their intense session had given them renewed energy. A different kind of rest, it allowed them to push forward in that final leg of the trip, so that they could finally and deeply relax after a truly incredible week.


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