“Star Maiden: Prologue”

“Presenting her majesty Isabella, fifth caretaker to the Castilian throne!” Erupting far and wide across the Plaza de Tordesillas, a crowd nearly three thousand strong greeted their queen with an unparalleled fanfare. As she descended the steps of Santa Clara, the applause which followed could be described only as genuine admiration. Church bells rang out from every tower while flower petals danced in the afternoon breeze, scattered from nearby rooftops. Isabella turned to either side of her, flashing a determined grin which seemed to rally the crowd even more.

Trundling up the boulevard were a royal carriage and caravan of armed knights. Joao II, ruling king of Portugal, had requested an audience with Isabella to debate the legitimacy of her ‘New World’ expedition set two years prior. As its chief financier, the Castilian queen had taken full responsibility, but doing so had left her with an ultimatum. Going on the offensive would satisfy the interests of her people though risking war in the process. Yet to relinquish what were clearly her territorial rights would all but destroy her credibility, and that came with its own lion’s share of consequences.

That said, the people of the Castile were quite willing to place their full faith in the woman. Win or lose, they would stick by her until the very end. This turned the negotiations into something of a festive atmosphere. A plethora of booths lined the streets peddling food and drink to young and old. Sailors could be seen gambling while scholars pored diligently over the latest maps and charts. Children orchestrated their make-believe battles, while those of experience sipped upon wine and reminisced about the blood and sweat which had culminated to make this very moment possible.

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“Star Maiden: Foreword”

Under normal circumstances, I place a writer note or author note at the top of certain pieces to give something of a background as to their content. For example, in “Real Talk” segments, I do so as a means to identify potential spoilers for anime/games/whathaveyou. On the other hand, the notes I leave before a story or hypnosis recording usually tell of who or what inspired me to create it. If I’m using artwork to augment a particular piece, this section also allows me to give credit to said artist.

“Star Maiden” was a novella which I attempted to publish in 2015 via NookPress. An utter flop, I largely forgot about it as I moved onward to newer ideas, one of which would evolve to become “The Path”. It was around the time I finished writing “The Path” that a friend suggested I create this blog. “latexathewitch” happens to be my third blog, the first two attempts having been failures as well.

When I look back upon these failed experiments, it occurs to me that my ability to write was not the thing which weakened them. Writing is incredibly simple; if I can write a quarter of a million words every year, so can anyone else. The root of the problem came from my inability to ‘see’ inside of the world I was creating on paper.

Sequencing is perhaps the most important aspect of producing anything which is to be viewed by other people. Every action or emotion is prompted by the scenario which came before it, even those on the very first line of the very first page. This is something I just could not wrap my head around in 2015.

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Hypnosis: “The Iron Maiden (Mk. II)”

Implicit stimulations… gentle pulsations… the you that exists… veil of white light… the looming silhouette of a castle… a spiral staircase leading up… contraption you have never seen before… something so very inhuman… moist and surprisingly pleasurable… a choice has opened up to you… will give you everything you have ever desired…

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory.

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Hypnosis: “The Forbidden Catsuit”

Something new, something abstract… fixated upon your skin… fog seeming to permeate all… black bodysuit is waiting for you… obscured by a much greater design… sexual power… desperate to explore your new body… unlike anything you have experienced before… mind slipping ever deeper… addiction… validation which only the presence of others can bring…

Please listen to my voice, and commit what you hear to memory.

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Real Talk: “A Johto Journey Part Three”

When Pokémon Gold and Silver came out, they brought forth 100 new pokémon to catch and do battle with. These games also improved the context of wild pokémon encounters, with some species only being found during the morning, afternoon or nighttime hours. Today’s pokédex features well over 700 different species, some of which make it look as though Game Freak was trying a bit too hard to come up with new ideas. How well did Johto in particular manage to do? Let’s find out.

To accomplish this, I am actually going to pull my criteria from the third generation’s “Pokémon Contest” dynamics – five pokémon per category, five categories in all. “Cool” pokémon are those with badass designs; “Beauty” pokémon are those which, if human, I’d like to fu-; “Smart” pokémon are those which have a sophisticated aura to them; “Tough” are pokémon you do NOT want to fuck with; and “Cute” are pokémon you could hug for days on end. (Note: The original 151 are ineligible even if native to Johto. Gen 2 pokémon found exclusively in Kanto remain eligible.) With all things now accounted for, LET’S DO THIS!

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Real Talk: “What’s on My Music?”

Should all of the world’s technology be suddenly and thoroughly destroyed, whether by an EMP or solar flare or unstoppable malware attack, I believe the lack of music would be responsible for my untimely demise. Not a single day passes without me donning at least one earbud – half of my perception observing the world around me, the other half lost in an ocean of melodies. I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile, but music is the only way I can regulate my thoughts to prevent them from getting out of control.

I mean that in a very literal sense. As a writer and as a hypnotist, my mind is capable of encoding and interpreting countless images at once, layering them over each other until the stress begins to crack me like an egg. Music allows me to clear my thought processes, effectively suppressing one half of my mind. Without it, I would fly completely off the rails, no longer able to function like a normal human being.

Fortunately, such a dystopia has yet to sweep the globe, and I can enjoy this simple pleasure of mine for a while longer. It is my belief that all genres (yes, even Country) hold within them songs worthy of enduring the test of time. In this post, I am going to be examining as many genres as possible and giving my top picks. Hopefully you, the reader, can find new and exciting melodies to expand your own library! As the old saying goes, “3, 2, 1, let’s jam!”

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Real Talk: “A Johto Journey Part Two”

As a region, Johto presents itself as being more traditional than most. It is my understanding that the its capital city (Ecruteak City) is inspired from the city Kyoto, which was the capital of Japan prior to the Tokyo relocation. From there, other parallels can be drawn – Goldenrod City is akin to Osaka, Violet City is akin to Nagoya, Lake of Rage is akin to Lake Biwa, and so on. Much emphasis has been placed upon historic monuments – Sprout Tower, Tin Tower, Burned Tower, Olivine Lighthouse, Ruins of Alph… You didn’t see as much of this in the first generation (Red/Blue/Yellow).

Indeed, Kanto’s emphasis happens to be far more modern. Saffron City (the game’s ‘Tokyo’) is home to the Silph Co. megacorporation. There are research labs in Pewter City and on Cinnabar Island. The Cycling Road is considered a feat of modern engineering, forging a direct line from Celadon City to Fuchsia City. The only true historic site in that region appeared to be Lavender Tower, a pokemon cemetery filled to the brim with ghosts. This dichotomy has been moreso expanded in Gen2, as completing the Johto League Challenge allows the player to visit an even more developed version of Kanto.

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