Hypnosis: “Perfect Esmeralda”

Writer’s Note: I prepared this recording for the wonderful Esmeralda (FlareoWhite). You may remember her as one of the key players in the “Pseudonym” series. She has been my mentor for nearly two years, and it was she who inspired me to begin this blog. I owe so much to her, and I hope that you too shall enjoy everything she is able to provide.

Heavy words which weigh down your body… a wonderful lucid dream… augmented reality which the syntax has created… a woman has been sitting there… legs are long and slender… fingernails are a shade of scarlet… eyes are staring in two entirely different directions… its movements into the deepest reaches of your subconscious mind… fallen under her spell… committing her name to memory so that you will never forget it…

Please listen to my words, and commit what you hear to memory.

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Real Talk: “Worth It!? Sony’s XA1”

A few weeks ago, I was going on and on and on about how the Sony Xperia L2 was going to come out on February 16 here in the United States. I mentioned in that post how I was strongly considering ‘throwing my money in its direction,’ and now that I finally have a chance to, I… am not going to do that because I ended up buying an XA1 instead.


THE SONY XPERIA XA1 – Given that the XA2 was also set to come out on the same day as the L2, one of the Amazon vendor listings had the XA1’s price lowered to $228. There were only a handful available at that price, so I decided that I would go for it while I could. The XA1 originally retailed for $300 while the L1 was $200 (the L1’s price has now dropped to $150).

Taking their original costs into account, does this mean that the XA1 is 1.5 times the phone that the L1 is? Well… I’m not entirely sure. Having used the XA1 for a few days now, I can already see most of the ways in which the L1 was similar, things that the XA1 does better, and even a few things that aren’t as good as they are on the L1. Here is my comparative review of the Sony Xperia XA1.

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Real Talk: Being Real in Politics”

Writer’s Note: This article discusses the nature of gun violence in America as well as existing gun control policies. Reader discretion is advised.

It can be hard sometimes to limit myself when it comes to discussing politics on the blog. People do not come here with the purpose of hearing me complain; that is what Twitter is for. My content is required to be simple: to entertain others or to help in getting them hot-and-heavty. It isn’t my place to push an agenda on people who want nothing more than to escape the harsh realities of the world we live in.

Yet in discussing literature, we have to open our eyes to the fact that writers saturate their works with agendas of all varieties. There were political agendas involved in the writing of “The Path,” in the writing of “Star Maiden, and especially in the writing of “Pseudonym.” A political agenda is, by definition, the pursuit of a specific political outcome. It is, by definition, a means to get others to see the things which need to be changed – or even the things which need to be re-affirmed.

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“Star Maiden: Forbidden Fruits”

Port City of Tangier [November 2015]

Cynthia had never been one to rebuke the notion that some things were simply out of her control. She couldn’t, for example, prevent the Sun from rising and falling each day. Supernatural abilities the likes of telepathy and telekinesis would forever remain beyond her reach. Most of all, she recognized that being the leader of a group of people would do little to prevent those people from acting solely toward their personal best interest – even when such actions resulted in the harming or killing of others.

Back in her teaching days, her students would often ask about what kind of person she felt Akantha Lazarukh to be. Her response was typically one of ambivalence: “These textbooks have been going back and forth about her ever since I was your age!” It motivated her students to dig deeper into the history for sake of finding their own answers, though her true intentions for answering in this fashion were actually a little bit less sincere.

Cynthia’s greatest fear was that giving the wrong answer might destroy her career.

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“Star Maiden: Albedo Effect”

Location: ???

Akantha opened her eyes to a realm the likes of which she had never seen before.

There were no walls, no ceiling, and no ground to speak of. Vectors of light could be seen traveling in all directions around her body. Occasionally, a pair of them would collide and coalesce before radiating explosively in all directions. Yet each reaction was short-lived, not quite enough to chain together other, more complex ones.

When one such vector suddenly found itself careening toward her body, she thought to brace herself against it. Before she could, it halted just shy of her skin and then radiated in the opposite direction – as though she herself had been formed from the very same light. Had she? It was impossible for her to tell.

A voice echoed from far away. Akantha knew not the distance, nor could she decipher the words. The pitch and the tone were akin to that of a child, but this too was something of which she could hazard only a rough guess. She wished to find the voice and to go toward it, but she had no idea where to point her body – if she even could.

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Real Talk: “A Good Witch Stays Fit”

When it comes to living the life of a rubberwitch, there can be a few drawbacks. Though the mind finds it quite effortless to invoke sensations of the impossible, the body often struggles to keep up. If you have read through the “Pseudonym” series, or if you have listened to the hypnosis sessions posted to the blog, then you probably have observed this for yourself. The same might also be said if you happen to be a roleplayer.

I’ve been on something of a fitness kick for the past six months. Part of it is to maintain my overall good looks, and part of it is to prevent the spread of some degenerative conditions (as have also been discussed in the “Pseudonym” series to a degree). This post will cover some of the routines I have settled into, and it is my hope that this information will help you too! Read more

“Star Maiden: Roundabout”

District of Carthage – City Streets

After the last of the rockets had fallen, and after the initial shellshock had begun to subside, the city had taken on something of an eerie ambiance. Thick clouds of dust and smoke swirled underneath the cyan streetlamps, staining them with a murky veil of amber. The throngs of people had all gradually aligned into specific movements; some fled through the streets toward their designated shelters while others used the wreckage itself as fortification. To the witch Akantha, all of this was certainly a sight to behold, but it did nothing at all to surprise her.

The great folly of mankind – from her perspective, at the very least – was their indescribable attraction to the places in which they lived and worked. She couldn’t understand why anyone privy to the approach of a great disaster would cling so desperately to a patch of land that they risked their very life for it. Yet this phenomenon had persisted for as long as she could remember.

Nor was the phenomenon limited to periods of war. Great fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes did nothing to deter the stubbornly foolish from hunkering down wherever it was they called home. Akantha had walked the globe many a time throughout her life and simply watched from on high as these events would play themselves out again and again. The loss of life, no matter how avoidable, was often inevitable.

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